Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya cries and tells Gopi that she knows the truth now and is with her. She asks Ahem, why did you lie to us. Why did you kept us away from mum for 10 years. She asks what did you get it. Gopi says Vidya. Vidya says Papa has to answer her. Ahem says because your mum didn’t care for you at all. She didn’t care for us. She cared for family more than us. She didn’t think about us before going to Jail. I kept you both from her. Vidya says this is ridiculous. Vidya says you would not have done that Mamma had done. We would not have hated her else feel proud of her. She asks who is more selfish, you or my mum. Gopi asks her to keep quiet. Vidya stops her and goes to bring something. She comes back and apologizes to Gopi. She says I didn’t have the strength to face you. She says I am sorry

and love you. Gopi gets emotional and hugs her. Kokila, Urmila, Mansi and Ahem looks on.

Vidya says Papa and Meera loves you very much, but didn’t say. She promises her to unite the family. Mansi gets shocked. Gopi hugs and kisses her. She calls her maa. Gopi says her ears yearns to hear it. She says you used to call me mamma when you was a kid. Meera reaches there. Kokila asks Ahem why you are silent till now. She says why you are making your heart voice unheard. She asks him to accept Gopi and complete his family. Mansi thinks no. Vidya asks Ahem to accept Gopi. Ahem gets thinking. Meera says no ways dad. She says Dad will never accept liar woman in his life. Vidya says maa was not wrong as they were wrong. Kokila asks what are you doing? Meera asks Kokila not to say inbetween them. She says to Gopi, you thinks yourself clever and have trapped Vidya. She says we are not emotional fools.

Meera tells Vidya that Gopi has snatched her childhood and then her family. She didn’t even call and enquire about us. She is using us to live a lavish life. Vidya tells you are thinking her wrong. Meera says I will never accept her. She will never get forgiveness from me and dad. She asks Ahem, if he accepts Gopi. Ahem promises not to leave Meera. Meera hugs him and cries.

Meera asks Ahem not to forgive Gopi. Ahem asks him to go home. Meera asks him to promise. Vidya tells you have taken wrong decision always. Meera asks her to stay out from her decisions. Gopi tells that she is feeling that Ahem will accept her. Kokila gets scared of Meera’s hatred towards her. She says Ahem filled their heart against you. Vidya tells Ahem that he is responsible for Meera’s hatred towards Gopi. She says you lied to us about her. She asks him to take right decision and says she will convince Meera. Gopi says she doesn’t have any complains from Ahem. She says Meera won’t be upset with me for long. I will try and convince her. Mansi hears them. Kokila prays for the best. Vidya tries to convince Meera. Meera gets angry and says she won’t forgive that woman. Vidya says talk her with respect, don’t regard her as woman. She is our mum. Meera says she will behave badly with Gopi, if she tries to talk to her. Jigar comes and shouts Meera. Meera says she don’t want to talk to them regarding Gopi. Pari asks Meera to listen to her once. She says Gopi isn’t wrong.

We have to understand even unseen things. Meera says nobody can change her decision. Jigar says we didn’t tell you because……Meera says I will not understand. Vidya asks why? Meera says my perception is different. She asks them to leave. Kinjal overhears them. Mansi thinks what she should do, so that Vidya, Meera and Ahem doesn’t leave her. Kinjal calls Mansi. Pari asks Vidya to take care of Gopi. Hetal asks Vidya to be Gopi’s strength. Jigar says you have made us proud. Hetal says that day will soon come.

Kokila asks Ahem to tell the truth to Meera, so that Meera’s perception about Gopi changes.

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  1. Liya

    Meera what is this yaar??vidhya u r so sweet.i wönder how u got nice manners frm that stupid mansi..

  2. hi Rashi babie…. so sorry Maine tumhe bht hurt kiya… pehle… tumhari vidya di ko sach pata nahi tha na Gopi mom ke baare mein…Vidya di ko maaf kar do na please…… @*riya(sweet)

  3. rosy

    mira u shud b thrown into a well for misbhaving wid gopi ma. Khanikar u dirty pest leave d page, i cnt tolerate it nemore.

  4. *Sonia*

    riya y r u being polite to khanikar? He is a bad 75 yr old man. Khanikar,i killed u. U rot in the grave

  5. khanikar

    cv is a thing only adults understand i feel ashamed to explain here. Come as my maid riya , i will explain u everything

  6. janu (john ka beta)

    i am going out for some days will cm on 25 any cmmnt aftr this will nt be mine any disgusting cmmnt fake ka hi hoga
    bye everyone tc good night
    be happy…..

    • Ann(athu)

      Anna,i will also not be here for 3days.I came here to say that to u.Atleast come to say gudbyee anna

    • janu (john ka beta)

      fake man why 25 i warn u leave this page for forever got it n stay away frm my name u idiot

  7. Liya

    Bye athu.i ll wait 4 u.luv u miss u sis.nammal allelum manasukondu sis aanallo so seperate aavan pattilla.c u soon.

  8. Liya

    Broak,u too ha…ll miss u my fan.who is hr to listen my super duper songs than u.cum soon.

  9. kajol

    Hi evryone
    aaj kya hua sabko?? Koi nhi h yaha…
    Akshay, sara, liya, shweta, jkb, evryone???

  10. kajol

    Akshay n riya u bth on leave??
    Riya we bth dnt knw each othr still cm soon bye… alshay u too cm soon will miss u bye bye…

  11. Liya

    I meant i missed to talk with u…oh yeah dr.possibility is there.may be fake want us to fight with real broak.

  12. kajol

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  13. ??Sara??

    hmmm aftr readng cmnts I can say dis bro z real who came later nt d 1 wgo tld he vl cm aftr 25th

  14. Nishaanth

    Such a irritating character Meera after revealing the truth she didn believe her mom what d hell :@

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