Jodha Akbar 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laboni makes Jalal lie on bed, he caresses her face, Jalal listens Jodha voice, she is singing Bhajan in her room, he looks at Laboni and gets up. Dammo says how my magic in not succeeding? Jalal ask Laboni what i am doing here? he leaves from there, Laboni gets angry, she listens Jodha’s bhajan and is not able to listen it, she comes to Jodha’s room and sees her doing Aarti of Kahna, Jodha says to Kahna ji that keep protecting my family, she says to Moti that i am going to Jalal’s room.
Hoshiyar thinks what has happened to him, how can he say things to Ruks, he comes to doctor and ask her to give him medicines, she ask what happened to you, Hoshiyar gets under effect of magic again and insults doctor, he says to her that you look like witch, who made you doctor, doctor says i will complain to Ruks about insulting a royal doctor, she leaves.
Jodha comes to Jalal, she ask him to get up, Jalal is not totally in senses, he says i am sorry Leela, i should have not come in your room, Jodha ask what? Leela comes and says yes he was in my room, didnt he tell you why he came to my room, Jalal says why did i come to your home? Leela says you came to play chess game with me, he was losing so he left the room, Jodha says he likes th game, she ask Leela to go, Leela says good night and leaves, Jodha says to Jalal that if you want then you can play game withe me, but dont disturb others, Jalal comes closer to Jodha and hugs her, Leela sees this hiding behind door and fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Moti comes to Jodha and says Kahna’s murti is not at its position, Jodha ask who did it? Moti says Leela did this, Jodha says why would she do such a thing? Moti says i dont know but she have doen this, Aram have seen her. Jodha comes to Aram and ask her about idol? Aram says i was sleeping when Leela came in your room, she asked dasies to take away Kahna’s idol, Moti says something is wrong, Jodha ask Moti to cal Leela here, i wanna talk to her.
Dammo says to Laboni that you removed idol? Laboni says i cant do what i want because of that idol, that idol was stopping our magic so i had to remove it, now nobody can stop me to do magic on Jalal, DAmmo says but we have to wait for full moon night again, what will you answer to people if they ask about idol? anyone cane doubt you, Moti comes and says Jodha is calling you, she leaves, Dammo says see doubt started, how will you save your skin now? Laboni says just wait and watch.
All are waiting fro Leela in Jodha’s room, Laboni comes there, Jodha ask did you go in my room at night? Laboni says yes, Jodha says i got to know that you removed Kahna’ idol? Laboni says yes i did, Jodha says dont yo know how important that idol is for me, Laboni says i saw Idol had dent and its not allowed to do pooja of defected idol, Jodha says i did pooja in night only and there was defect on it, Laboni is stunned, she says why would i lie to you? why would i remove idol? you dont trust me? come with me, i will show you.
All comes in Laboni’s room, she shows them idol and ask her to see idol’s hand, there is defect, tell me what was my mistake? i should have told you but if you do pooja of defected idol then you will be in problem, did i do anything wrong? Jalal ask what she is sayiin? Jdha says she is right, i cant do pooja of defected idol, she says sorry i didnt know truth Leela, you dont know how important this idol is for me, Laboni says i should have informed you, Jalal ask Moti to send this idol to seller, he will make same like this one, Laboni says i know you are sad Jodha, Jodha says idol can get defect but my love for Kahna will ot change, Laboni thinks that now till when you return, everything will be changed here, i would get Jalal by then.

Jodha comes in Jalal;s room and ask dasies to take wine from here, she asys to Jalal that you have started drinking wine alot, dasi comes and says english ambassadors have come to meet you, Jalal and Jodha goes to meet them, ambassador says to Jalal that england’s queen have sent gift for Jodha, Jalal thanks him, Jodha accepts the gift, its ball gown, Jodha says to Jalal that we should gift back, Jalal says yes but i wanna know about this dress which they gifted to you, ambassador says this dress is worn when king and queen go for ball dance, Jalal ask about ball dance? he says this dance is for couples, Jalal ask can i learn this dance? ambassador says yes, he makes Jalal learn couple dance, Jalal thanks him, ambassador leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that i found dance interesting, he says to Jodha that i like this dress, can you wear it, Jodha sys how can i, Jalal says wear it once, Johda goes and comesback wearing ball gown, Jalal looks at her, he is mesmerized.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that you disrespectful, blunt girl, didnt you feel ashamed before wearing this kind of dress.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Laboni should be exposed now..

  2. Nice episode except boni part…now its enough cvs shd end boni track…pari was luking like babydoll…with cute blush n bit of shyness…precap shehenshah has gone mad nw

    1. ?like

  3. Zee tv has a notification across the scree that this magic is only for entertainment and does not has anything to do with them.I want to ask this question if these owners of zee tv allow their children to watch this graphic type of magic.The time this is shown here at nights children are still up.This is not a magician showing off his skills,this is hardcore black magic .I personally is so disgusted at these writers for constantly show black magic as a form of seducing a man.This is the wrong message to the young people of today or to young women whose minds are fickle.Last night this was on air and I did not have time to change the channel and had a good view of what this woman was doing ,Ladies and gentlemen this is not entertainment.Any person who did sociology and demonology and other cultural aspects of other religions and cults throughout the world will know that this is not for entertainment.These seances are really used to do these things.A person who is noosy could tape these things and use them and send some one beyond their senses as how Jalal and the eunuch was behaving.I will continue to turn my tv when this is showing.These writers are weird. by spoiling the integrity of these shows with black magic.Jodhar Akbar is a beautiful,historic and romantic serial.I enjoyed every episode before and never had to complain until they bring this idiotic chapter of witch craft and black magic.This is way too much now for viewers to view as entertainment.What is the lesson taught and learned—–When you want a man or a woman do witch craft and black magic to get them away from their wife or husband.

    1. Very true. Stop this black magic DRAMA NOW…………….or you will loss all your audience. Comment for the writer..what you think(write), what you do, shows your character.

    2. I like your comment rosey about those black magic!. The story is loosing the quality now. I use to love this drama but the magic caused the story very far from reality ….

  4. Very true Rosey this black magic scene is going too far now it needs to come to an end this can affect a person with a weak mind…these writers, producers, etc are something else they are saying that they are not with it yet they are promoting it smh

  5. Labon you are leaving so many clues but unfortunately all are going in vain.

  6. Getting sick n tired of this black magic we seen enough already in qubool hai till it get outdated n here again this long face laboni is getting on my last nerves she have to use black magic to get jalal but jodha love for him is stronger they love the two of them share is unconditional untouchable so no1 can’t come between them so it will be better if u leave from there with so called black magic at the soonest
    How can one use black magic to get some1 the love i know for sure i will never do that cuz that will be cheat n betrayal i think love shld come natural between two persons

  7. the same thing I was saying tooooooooooooo much black magic now I do not know what is wrong with these writers nearly all the show they are introducing black magic bhandan qubool hai jamai rajasatrangi sasural do dil bahey ek ke dore sey and I can go on and on the serials are tooooooo repetitive and monotonous and this kind of writing clearly show that the writers are amateurs they need to bring in a professional although to think of it some of the professionals are also writing shit anyway it is time for ugly ass lanoni and her ugly mother to leave the palace cannot she see that her magic is not working for long love conquers all and if that is the only way for her laboni to get a man well I am truly sorry for her what I suggest laboni do is to jump ship straight over in doli armaano ki sam the rat samrat will be too eager to lay her LOL

  8. some thing I must bring to the writers attention also is how in a serial that suppose to be realistic everyday occurences that an important person jodhas cousin leaves her home and no one is checking on her to see if she reaches jodha in that way they would have detected her voice and what was she doing lurking around for obsessed ugly ass laboni to take her in the jungle and tie her to a tree and left her for dead come on this is so unbelievable and you want to tell me no one could remember leela just because the last time they saw her was when she was a child come on I have cousins I have not seen since they were born and I could detect if they were my cousins and jodha is so easily fooled she must know that there was no dent on the idol plus when she was cooking she must know that she did not put so much pepper in the food for jalal and when laboni made the mistake and taste the pickles and mention the cumin seeds in it whether she could cook or not you must know the taste of cumin sees so many clues and she is still roaming the palace come on jalal wake stop drinking so ooooooooo much wine and you will see what is going on around you

  9. I also agree.

  10. rosey I like what you said about the lesson taught re black magic because that is clearly what these writers are portraying you don’t have a man well just do some black magic or get some one to do it for you and bam you can take anybody elses LOL I suggest these writers take stock of themselves and stop the black magic scripts and they are lying this is not for entertainment this is serious stop because people are getting killed what about jodhas cousin leela black magic was used to tie her around the tree and she is dead I am sure because there is no way she can breath and when the dog was barking labonis mother mute the dog and hoshiya is going out of his head saying insultive things so come on please stop the nonsense

  11. i hate thi black magic plz stop this foolish

  12. I AGREE! The writers need to cut this witchcraft CRAP NOW……… not just in Jodha,, but Qubool Hai as well. I love Jodha Akbar, but if this continues, I will have to switch the channel……. I cannot bear to watch this CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Black magic is making apart JA but when the truth will reveal it will please the audience…

  14. Recently its all about black magic in these episodes. Its rather disturbing to see how foolish & naive people have become. Come on give us a real show.!

  15. I love this serial and will not miss a single episode, even if I am travelling. Only because I find J & A to be a remarkably attractive pair with enormous chemistry between them. It is not true to history in any sense, and I have cone to accept it like watching any other serial. The black magic part is silly and tedious. The producers of the show are coming up with improbable ways of extending the serial. Though J & A are much older than we first saw them, they are behaving like teenagers in love. I wish the serial had more history to give it some credibility. I agree with Gloria. Does no one remember how Leela looked? And why is she dressed unlike other princesses? There are too many loose ends. What happened to the real Leela? Is she dead?

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