Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya and Shravan’s marriage pheras start. Everyone happily throw flowers on them as per rituals. Pandit after 4 pheras asks Vidya to come in front and perform pheras. She does. Gopi reminisces her marriage. Pandit says Vidya and Shravan that they are going to become husband wife from today and they should not hide or lie each other. Dharam reaches in a car.

Hetal asks Jigar how is Pari and what did doc say. He says doc is performing tests on her. Hetal says today is first marriage in our family and hopes everything sorts out soon.

After pheras, pandit asks Shravan to dorn mangalsutra into Vidya’s neck. He then asks to apply sindhoor on her forehead. Shravan removes veil and smiles seeing Vidya. Gopi holds veil while Shravan applies sindhoor on Vidya’s

forehead. Pandit says this marriage is complete and they are now husband and wife from today. Shravan and Vidya take Baa’s blessings first followed by other elders. Kokila blesses Vidya happiness of whole world. Ahem asks her to take care of herself. Jigar also hugs and blesses her. Kokila says Shravan that Vidya is his responsibility now. Gaura says Kokila let us finish now. Kokila gets confused. Gaura says she means to finish bidayi ritual.

She gets Dharam’s call, acts as getting shocked, and says don’t know till when Meera will torture him. She calls Gopi Chatanki and asks her to control her daughter meera. Kokila says let us finish bidayi ritual. Gaura says Dharam is going home directly, so will not attend bidayi function. Gopi blesses Vidya again. Kokila asks Vidya to cry last time as from today she will get only happiness. Parag also hugs Vidya. Vidya then hugs Hetal. Hetal says when she was married, even she was nervous, soon she forgot her parent’s family and accepted Modi family as hers. Kinjal tells Vidya that she is lucky to have a loving husband, else some people get insane family, pointing at Urmila. Urmila advices her to be good with her saas. Kinjal gets irked and yells. Kokila asks Kinjal to behave. Rashi gives her gift and asks if she will forget her. Vidya nods no. Tolu and molu hug Vidya and cry. Gaura asks to stop crying drama and let them leave from here. Kokila says she will do bidayi right now. Vidya says she will not go without meeting Meera. Gopi says she will call her. Gaura says she is disobeying her by calling her sister here. Vidya says she knows she is disobeying her, but she should think as her best gift. Shravan asks Gaura to let Vidya meet Meera.

Gopi goes and knocks Meera’s room door, but she does not open door. She sadly returns. Vidya asks where is didi. Kokila asks her not to dishearten and go and sit in palanquin. Tolu/molu carry palanquin. Vidya then gets into car with Shravan and Gaura and leaves while modi family cries.

Gaura reaches home with Vidya and Shravan and orders servants to start graha pravesh. She asks servants to bring kalash and keep in front of door and takes aarti thali in her hands. Dharam enters wearing garland as a bride and stops her.

Precap: Dharam says Vidya’s mother-in-law will perform her graha pravesh. Vidya is shocked to see Meera as her mother-in-law.

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