Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 4)

Chapter-4 ( A Touch Of Sweetness)

Arjun got out next from inside the study, he let the victorious pleasure course through him. He stood by the door a second, but when he was about to move forward, the door from beside him pushed at his shoulders, making him to stagger a little.

Annoyed he pulled the door hard, just as immediately a soft wool of weight fell on his chest. He staggered again but he steadied by holding the weight by his hands.

Arjun looked down, his vision occupied a dark midnight shiny hair laid on his chest.

Then amusingly, he heard a curse.

Where the hell did this door come from? said the voice.

Arjun’s body locked up in tight muscles. The voice was soft, husky and sweet.

A second more later, he got the eyes, innocent light brown eyes stared back at him surprised. His now narrowed eyes travelled down, to the nose, cheeks and then settled on the full, red, luscious lips.

The girl’s hand caught his shirt in a tight grip, he looked down at the delicate hand, then his eyes came up to the eyes.

They were strayed to the the side, eyes wide more in fear.

Arjun saw it. Felt it. He did not like it, the deep frown marring her face. His hands tightened on her waist.

The hand on his chest clutched more as she pulled hard, she moved back to the wall and Arjun fell on her covering her completely with his much larger frame in a tight embrace.

Her eyes again strayed sideways, then she closed them tight and burrowed her head inside his suit, inside his shirt and onto his skin.

He felt her lips on his collarbone. His blood stirred and heated. His hands went down softly and slowly down her waist, and his fingers moved inside her tshirt, settling on the softest skin.

His breath filled in the heady scent of roses. It spread and settled in his lungs. He felt the girl go spine straight, as she took in a sniff from his neck. Her hands loosened on his shirt and the Alpha inside him roared up and caught her hand possessively. He was surprised that, he did not want to let go.

A gasp escaped her lips, as she looked up and caught his now annoyed gaze. The brown in those eyes turned speculative as his fingers probed the veins and settled on the beating pulse of her wrist.

He glanced around at her blooming cheeks but her eyes pulled at his and stayed locked. Not one had the dare to look deep into his eyes, mostly were afraid of merely of his presence let alone see like this at him. This petite thing was staring up at his eyes, trying to penetrate inside his everything, she was trying to burrow a crevice at the walls around his mind and thoughts.

His breath was falling on her forehead, and hers was warming the skin over his neck. The short pants coming out of those luscious lips were disturbing the every fibre of his cell. His hand felt the small delicate one, his other hand managed well to push her up more on his chest. He had always went for skinny but this he was holding was lush, curvy and all in right places figure, it was enough to make his body got completely out of control.

His finger carressing her pulse, feeling it beat in a fast rhythm, let go, his hand too let go of hers. His other hand on her waist turned loose, his fingers slowly moved on the skin, remembering the feel of her in clutch of his hand.

Her face was only mere inches away from his, he could almost have tasted the luscious lips under the pressure of his probing one’s, but immediately he closed his eyes, closing off her, he moved back an inch very relunctantly.

The photograph of hers, that dugged an imprint on his mind, did not do justice to the reality of her. No, it failed to show the sweetness. It failed to show everything that he was seeing now. He took in a very affected breath and stepped back a couple of inches more.

He turned around and took out his glares from the suit pocket, he put it on over his eyes as he walked forward.

f**king hell, he cursed heavily in his mind.

His right hand fisted over by his side. His fingers itched to touch the creamy, porcelain skin, caress it. He did not want her. He wanted to take her away far from humanity and into his mancave, and explore the sweetness of hers all his life at liesure.

The scent of her lingered over his nose and lungs. Roses. blo*dy hell, now he will be f**king turned on by the remembrance of those god damn flowers forever.

Arjun’s mind immediately controlled that thought. The girl shouldn’t affect him. The petite sweetness did not held the power to make him vulnerable again. No. Never. The darkness was his. Him and nothing of her light is going to make a difference in his life. With tht thoight, his mind covered into a much stronger icy sheet of wall.

The crevice she made by her innocent filled up again barring every lush feel of her under his hands. He let go of her from his mind. The feel of her and everything. The sweet lush of her body calling his blood to pump up too, letting desire course in his veins too. He shook off the disturbing thoights completely.

He walked on outside of the house, his stride took him to the Porsche, but, just as he was about to the door of it, his body straightened. A slow cool breeze flew past him and his head turned to the side instinctively, he thought to turn around but he shook his head and got insie his car.

His thoughts occupied full of compelling ones. He had never accountered a loss and this day too his success was almost in his hand.

Forty million were nothing to spend on that deal campared to the thing he getting out of it. Raghav Mishra may gloat on his suppossed victory, but Arjun was the one who gained ten fold much. He got something of his dead family, it gave him immense peace and also fullfilled his father’s dream too. Well, almost.

Arjun wasn’t going to do anything until the marraige happens without any hitch. He didn’t want Raghav Mishra to foil his plan, his daughter had already the land under her name. Now, he just have to make it under his possession.

His mind worked frantic forming a plan already. He had to make her sign the documents, but how.

The marraige proposition was a good game. The old goat fell straight into the trap. If he created any glitch with the product deal, Arjun had still the cords of control in his fingers. His fist was tight.

One phone call to the media, the presitine white of his reputation would be ruined and will be a black dust in no time. The news of Raghav Mishra selling off his youngest daughter for forty million over a product deal, would create a huge uproar in the media.

As one can see, Arjun had the old man by his neck. He wouldn’t breath until Arjun said so…

With that a dark sinister smile appeared over his lips, as his thoughts turned colder….


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