Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya gets ready for a date with Shravan. Gaura loudly call her to come down. Gopi tells Vidya to feel relaxed and speak to Shravan with an open mind. Meera gets jealous hearing it and thinks Gaura called her khota sikka, she will show her true value.

Vidya and Shravan reach a restaurant. Shravan asks what he wants to have. She says cold coffee. He asks what wants in snacks. She says whatever he likes. He orders gulab jamun.

Kokila tells gaura shravan and Vidya have same characteristics. Gaura tries to brainwash Kokila against Gopi/chatanki that her chatanki ordered her to send them on date, so agreed and says illiterate is ruling over her. Kokila asks her to stop calling Gopi as illiterate as Gopi is very intelligent and says nobody gives order here, they both

accept whatever is better. Gaura gets frustrated seeing her plan failing and hopes their relationship should continue like this.

Vidya and Shravan continue talking. Meera enters and eats their jamun. They both get irked seeing her interference. Vidya asks what is she doing here. She says she came to meet her friend. She thinks Shravan and gaura are trying to trap Vidya, but she will not let that happen. She asks why are they both silent seeing her. She purposefully drops water on Meera and apologizes. Meera goes to washroom.

Gopi tells Kokila that Gaura always tries to find chances to insult Meera and they should speak to her to stop it. Gaura enters and asks if chatanki is backbiting about her. Kokila says she should stop insulting Meera. Gaura says she did not insult anyone and leaves after some yelling.

Pari gives choc cake to Rashi. Rashi says she likes it. Pari says tolu/molu don’t like cake, but Jigar likes it a lot. Rashi says that means she is like her papa. Pari gets embarrassed and leaves. Urmila comes and runs with cake.

Gaura speaks to her son and says plan is going well. Her phone falls and Urmila tries to pick it, but she snatches it from her. Urmila asks why did she come here. Gaura says she wants to destroy Modi family. Urmila laughs and asks why will she do that. Gaura says to take revenge as Kokila brought Urmila here. Urmila enters and asks Gaura to stop joking. Urmila thinks Gaura is telling truth and not joking.

Shravan asks Meera why did she drop water on Vidya purposefully. She says she wanted to tell him that Vidya does not want to marry. He is shocked and ask what…She says she wants to marry but not him and accepted his alliance in a pressure. Shravan gets tensed. Meera thinks her plan is working and now Vidya’s life will be spared.

Rashi sees Gaura’s box and tries to open it thinking Urmila must have kept cake in it. Gaura catches her hand and says if she touches her box, she will cut it. Rashi calls Kokila. Kokila enters with Gopi hearing her plea. Gaura changes her tone and starts telling a fairy and witch’s story, calling herself fairy and Kokila witch, and says fairy had to suffer for years because of witch and fairy planned to take revenge from witch/kokila. Kokila asks why did she take her name. Gaura says she took it by mistake.

Meera comes with Vidya and Shravan limping. Gopi asks why did she go to restaurant. Gaura taunts that she must be worried for Vidya, so she went there. Gopi asks how did she slip. Gaura taunts she is worried about Vidya, so she slipped.

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  1. vidya ahem modi (gopi daughter)

    Hai bhagwan mere ghar pe itna tamasha kyun ho raha hai-


      vidya beta relax jaldi hi tumhari shadi hone ja rahi h vidya waise shravan krta kya h?

      1. good question. chalo kisi ko to akal aayi aur poocha ki jis ladke se uski beti ki shaadi ho rahi hai woh kaam kya karta hai. ab iska jawab kaun jane. shayad apni dadi ki drama mandali me dholak bajatha hoga……

      2. Nice one. I think gaura is a fraud.

  2. such a manipulating story..maybe this kind of situation often happen in india..
    never gonna watch star plus after the ending of manmarzian..I never liked starplus anyway…wish starplus to get lowest trp O:)

  3. I do not think somebody will tolerate this kind of language like Gaur a is using.if
    meera is going to marry sharvan’s father that is too cheap .
    I hope before vidya gets married they all should know Gaura’s truth

  4. OMG, Gaura/Meera are as evil as the other….how did they make Meera’s character so wicked. I can understand her being hurt by the circumstances of her childhood but she wasn’t that young that she couldn’t remember the goodness of her mother…she is a weak person in mind to fall prey to her past…Vidya was younger and has grown up stronger and sensible…

  5. I think meera is doing absolutely right she is saving meera from gaura evil plan very good meera keep it up ….oh wow gopi and vidya r in comments woow omg its so nice ..

  6. Wished tgey commented more or talked more…

  7. I mean meeea is aaving vidya from gaura wvil plan

  8. *meera *saving *evil

  9. Even though meera is bad she is doing rite

  10. there is so much confusion in the names in TU update. vidya is typed as meera in many places.

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