Sadda Haq 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The last member says no as well.Sanyu and her friends hug each other. Rishap hugs tania. Vid says they need an excuse. Sanyu says thank you guys. The members say we don’t need to give any explaination. Member says we have right to say no. Ankit texts sanyu you did it.
Sanyu’s friends say we need a party for this. Sanyu says i am sad for papa. Vid says he will be okay when he knows the truth. Sanyu treats them all. She feel Randhir’s absence. Sanyu turns back randhir is sitting there. He says congrats. sanyu says we are sitting there you can join if you want. Randhir looks at his phone and says i had to meet adda ma’am i am late. He looks at sanyyu. Sanyu says in heart randhir doesn’t care about my big day.

Vid says to tania did you meet rishap’s new gf? Tania says what are you saying? Vid says he was hugging a girl. Tania goes out in anger.
Adda shows some latest techs to randhir. Randhir recalls sanyu. He says why am I curious about her? I hated her name. Why am i being interested in her? Adda says you should go attend your class. I will find some documents i had to show you.
Adda calls someone and asks can we get randhir’s memory back? The man says that operation nulls 99% brain thoughts but if some emotion is really strong it can come back. Adda says how can we know that he feels for sanyu or not? He says you have to test his brain. If he still feels something. We have to remove it.

Tania asks rishap what did you do with latika? Vid comes. Tania says what were you saying vid? Vid says i saw him close to latika. Rishap says there is nothing like that. please don’t beat me tania. Rishap and tania burst into a laughter. Tania says everything is clear between us. rishap says you dont do things like these because we are cool. Tania says come with a solid trick next time.

Randhir comes in class. PKC says yes welcome. randhir sits next to sanyu, sanyu holds his hand and says thanks. He stares at sanyu. vid says randhir pkc is coming. PKC say randhir out of my class, i dont need lover boys in my class. Adda is watching him over cctv.
All students come to lab. Ranawat says Good afternoon. You all think why have i called you here? I need a new team for a project and task. Here is the task on your table, there are engines. Whoever starts it fast will get a chance to work. Randhir is about to go to table. Ranawat stops him and says you work there. He asks randhir to switch with Parth so randhir stands along with sanyu. Adda is still watching them. Everyone starts working. Randhir sees hallucinations that sanyu’s engine blasts. Randhir comes and hugs her. The engine blasts. He saves her from the fire. Ranawat says no one will move. how you came here randhir? You were working there. How you came before blast? What happened here? he says get back to your work. Adda says you are disappointing me randhir. Yoyo, vid, sanyu, rishap everyone is done. Ranawt doesn’t select sanyyu. Sanyu says i completed first. Randhir says yes she completed first why are you not selecting her? Ranawat says shut up i know what to do. What has this girl done? A lot of people are better than her. Randhir says you know what she has done for the team. Ranawat says i know what i have to do. I am always right. This is an average gril, She is a loser. I thought she has potential. She doesn’t deserve to be here. She can’t be an engineer.

Precap-Randhir hears adda saying on call we have to eliminate sanyu from randhir’s life permanently.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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