Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premila lies Gopi that cat dropped water on her mobile. Gopi sadly says it is okay and goes to her room. Premila and Mansi smirk. Gopi sitting in her room sadly thinks how will she speak to maaji/kokila now.

Meera is tortured by police who force her to accept that she shot Vidya. Meera shouts she did not. ACP watches from outside. Naiya and Prakash look at police station CCTV footage on mobile and laugh that both Meera and Vidya will be out of their way.

In the morning, Gopi serves tea to Premila and watches news about Meera shooting Vidya and Priyal being kidnapped. She is shocked and asks Premila and Mansi if they knew about it. They say no, then Premila says she got a call from Urmila, but could not hear anything. Gopi rushes to hospital.

Urmila informs Kokila that nobody was present at Gopi’s house. Kokila asks how can it be. They both walk out to go to Gopi’s house and on road see Dr. Krishna in a taxi.

Gopi reaches hospital and asks nurse which is Vidya’s room. Nurse says she cannot as it is a legal case. Inspector says she has to speak to him and he cannot reveal detail yet. She then goes to police station and starts shouting at Meera how can she shoot her own sister. Meera says she did not. Gopi continues and says if something happens to Vidya, she will think she has only one daughter. ACP says Meera is not proven guilty yet and they can say anything only if Vidya wakes up.

Gopi reaches back to hospital and consoles Shravan. Kokila prays god. Vidya wakes up. Kokila says she told kanhaji will not do injustice.

Precap: Kokila says Premila that Krishna has not gone to America as she saw him here. Premila nervously says she must have mistaken. Kokila says she did not and asks what is happening.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi guys I know premila and mansi are evil but what about dr krishna?????

    1. Hi pari dr krishna is master mind of evil plan

  2. Up ep dr krishna shut gopi mouth and kokila did not see her in pramila house and acp is meera ka naya saiyya

  3. Upcoming ep dr krishna reaches home kokila tocome meet gopi krushna shut gopi mouth and kokila did not see her in pramila house and acp is meera ka naya saiyya pati

  4. Hi nisha i m blessed with two naughty sweet angels one is with me n 2nd is u, no matter d distance between us.
    May god bless u with loads of happiness, health,wealth, prosperity, love, laughter n everything which make smile on ur face.

  5. Krishna will also turn into a negative character….in fact he will be the mastermind of premila and mansi’s evil plan….I am shocked to see this. How can Dr krishna be such a person?? ??

    1. Akhirkar wo bhai h mansi ka jise gopi k karan mental hospital jana pda tha. So tit for tat

  6. In upcoming episode pramila krishna mansi will send go to mental hospital where she will meet to Ahem

    1. * send gopi to mental hospital

      1. hai meri baai

  7. This Prakash guy is amazing

  8. I think vidya see who shot her

  9. Vidya saw naiya shoot her, but before she could mention a word she dropped, Btw meera finds out that naiya was the mastermind behind the plot and slaps her, also koklia and gopi try to save meera and suspect naiya so they keep a close eye on her eventually things unravell and gopi and kokila find out it was naiya and think of a way to expose her infront of everyone. Also meera and that pc guy that aresseted her will fall inlove. So basically stay tuned for more juicy episodes of DRAMA‼️??

  10. akshay baai aap meri namki ek raki gareedh kar bbaand leagiye na agar ye cmt pada ho tho reply me as okey(if you have not problem)

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