Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi pleads Ahem to save Kokila, else she will die. He says Kokila is acting and he will not help her. She slaps him and says if something happens to Kokila, she will not spare him. Ahem is shocked. Gopi runs back to Kokila and tries to wake her up. She then runs pleading for help. Ahem sees Kokila gasping for air and falling unconscious again and takes her into car via Gopi’s help. Gopi calls Jigar, tells Kokila is ill, and asks him to come to Life Line Hospital.

Ahem and Gopi reach hospital and take Kokila in via stretcher. Doc starts treatment hurriedly. Nurse comes out and tells Ahem that Kokila got a heart attack and is critical codition and asks them to fill the form and pay fees. Gopi says she will ask Jigar to pay bill. He snatches form, gives his debit card

and asks to pay from it.

Rashi asks Dhaval where is baa/Kokila. He tries to engage her in talks. Urmila thinks Ahem and his family went, so she can peacefully live now with Kokila’s service. She does not find Kokila and asks Dhaval where is she. Rashi says even she is asking same. He says she has gone to Krishna mandir. Rashi says how can she go without informing her. Dhaval says when she comes back, they both will scold her.

Hetal and family reach hospital and ask Gopi about Kokila. Doc comes out and says Kokila’s condition is very critical and nothing is guaranteed, but he is trying his level best. Gopi feels devastated and requests him to save her maaji. Doc says again he is trying his level best and goes back to Kokila’s room. Hetal consoles Gopi.

Baa prays god to save Kokila. Meethi asks her to be courageous. Baa says Kokila lied to stop her son leaving and prays not to punish her for such a small mistake.

Ahem cries telling if he had brought Kokila on time, her life would not have been in risk. Gopi asks Jigar where are Dhaval, Rashi, and Urmila. He says he informed Dhaval and asked not to inform Rashi, else she will panic. Gopi says she did right.

Rashi insists Dhaval to take her to Baa as only she can make her smile. Dhaval gets Jigar’s call, goes out and speaks that Kokila is in ICU with heart attack. Rashi hears that and goes and sit silently. Dhaval goes to bring her milk. Rashi SMSes Jigar in which hospital, Kokila is. Jigar replies Life Line Hospital. Rashi takes her pocket money and runs from house to reach hospital. Urmila asks Dhaval she did not find Kokila at temple, where has she gone. He says he has to give milk to Rashi and goes to hall, but does not find Rashi. Rashi gets into auto and leaves towards hospital.

Mansi asks Ahem to have food as there are many people here to take care of Kokila. He gets irked and says Mrs. Modi is in critical condition and she wants him to have coffee with her, she can go and do whatever she wants, but leave him alone. Gopi asks him to go and have something. Meera interrupts and asks him not to speak to papa.

Rashi’s auto breaks down and driver asks her to walk to hospital. She asks routes and starts walking. Dhaval searches Rashi everywhere and does not find her. He calls Jigar and informs that Rashi is missing. Dhaval asks him to check outside. Dhaval says he searched here everywhere and she is nowhere. Gopia asks what happened. Jigar says Rashi is missing. Gopi gets worried.

Precap: Ahem says Gopi that she was right, he is the culprit. She asks now he realized his mistake. He pleads to save his mom as he cannot live without her.

Update Credit to: MA

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