Bandhan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao grasps meethi’s hand and says who am i to you? She says husband. He says don’t dare to go against me ever. bhao says pinky give me fresh fruits. He asks meethi to massage his feet. a man comes and nod at bhao. he goes out. meethi says we have to release raghav and sanju. she says to meethi we cant give up.

Bhao asks his man whats wrong? He says the injections effect if lessening on ganesh. bhao says go kill him. i will handle darpan. This sibling story should end now. THe man leaves. The magician and suman follow bhao’s men. suman stops the car and says where have they gone?

Ganesh is faint in a cage. Bhao’s men put petrol on him. ganesh wakes up. suman and other lady come there. bhao’s men says if you move forward i will shoot you. Ganesh hits them.

Pinky asks meethi to look out. they see bhao going somewhere out with men, meethi says this is the right time we should get raghav and sanju released. inspector says to darpan your parents requested that you are not safe here, we are transferring you to other jail. darpan says suman didn’t tell me anything about it.

Sanju is thirsty and craving for water, raghav says please bear a littler more. meethi and pinky come sneaking there. sanju is closing his eyes, raghav says don’t give up. pinky breaks the lock, raghav asks her to bring water. sanju has fainted. Pinky comes with water they give him water, Bhao comes in with his men.

Cops take darpan to jeep, Shubha and kakar asks constable where is ria? He says she messed with vishwas rao, she has to face what he wants her to. inspector takes out darpan in jungle. darpan says this is not jail. if you try to do something wrong i will file a case. He says you will be encountered. go run for your life, if you run faster than my bullet you will be safe. darpan says kill me. I amj not afraid of death. Ganesh shoves inspector’s hand. Suman and magician are with him. Kakar and shubha reach there as well.

Bhao says why you take me so lightly? the relationship of mom and son has worked so well. stuti comes and throws a stone at bhao’s head. Raghav says she told you without words that none of us is scared of you. bhao orders his men to take pinky and meethi home and rope raghav and sanju again. Bhao says its your turn now darpan. raghav says i wont leave you alive.

Precap-bhao’s men tel him darpan has ran. Bhao shoots them, he says you ganesh and darpan have to die. i am coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. what is really going on with this serial tooooooooooooo much twists and turns you are either doing something or not raghav and sanju got untied then bhao come and say tie them again what is the reason for them being untied only for them to be tied up again it does not make any sense this serial suppose to end on Friday which I know is going to have a shitty ending as usual cannot take anymore of this shit so end it once and for all

    1. Why the hell u getting on so dotish and f**k up

  2. Thank God this muvee will end by monday.huh…..

  3. I will miss darpan

  4. Miss diva u from trinidid I guess? Relax everyone is entitled to their own opinion OK just relax

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