Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premlatha warns Gopi to act as she says, else she will lose her maaji. Gopi starts crying vigorously. Premlatha then calls Kokila and orders to keep quiet and act normally, else she will lose her Gopi bahu. Kokila pleads not to harm Gopi and says she will do whatever she says. Premlatha asks her to inside Modi bhavan and acts normally until pathologist takes her blood.

Gopi calls Ahem, Jigar, Hetal, etc.., and says she is not mad and they should free her. Kokila enters . Ahem asks why did she go out. Kokila stands silently. She hears Gopi shouting that she is not mad and thinks she is responsible for Gopi’s condition. Pathologist comes and takes her blood sample.

Dharam thanks god for making Meera express her love for him. He hugs Meera and says he is the happiest person in the world now. Meera asks if he will give what she asks. He says he will give whatever she asks. Gaura shouts if he has gone and warns not to become daan veer Karn. Dharam asks Meera what she needs. She says he has to forget her and divorce her. Gaura smirks and thinks Meera is destroying herself.

Kokila then cries looking at Gopi’s condition, but fearing Premlatha leaves silently.

Meera gives divorce papers to Dharam and asks to sign. He signs them with shivering hands, weeping.

Precap: Gopi is forcefully taken into mental hospital van. Family feels sad.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Worst track ever in SNS

    1. very true

  2. You walked in, and the sun broke through the clouds. suddenly life was worth living, and it became this big adventure. SWEET thanks for being with me. Happy Valentine day.

    1. so sweet akki finally u confess it like meera fabulous!! i am waiting to see reply of ur valentine

      1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. main kokila modi

    itne time bad ghar aakar mujhe acha laga. hey krish bhagwan meri gopi bahu ko bacha lo main aapke aage hath jodti hu.

  4. no no no koi mere se pehle wish nahi karega HAPPY VELENTN D to all girls ha meri dewaniyo lo main tumhara pyara pappu ne tum sab hasinao ko apna veletn banyay h jhum jhum k nacho gao

  5. Again & again crap episode.Real kokila aab ghar par hain & sab uski samne hain.Voh chahe toh sab ko ab sach sach Bata chakti hain.But no.Aagar voh itni jaldi bol degi toh serial ko unnecessary drag kese karegi?Premlata kokila ko kaha Ki agar voh apna mu kholegi toh gopi ko voh Mar degi.But how???i think gopi mental asylum Ki jipp se baat jayegi.Koi bhi maa apni beti ko ese mental asylum Mein nehi bejhta chahe beti kitni mad e keu na ho.Everything is possible in serial.
    Commenter kokila naniji where r u?Apka dimaag nehi hain Keya?Aap keu nehi bol rahi hain Ki aap real kokila hain?
    Poor akshay mota vai,uski premika i mean to say gopi sasuri full mad ho chuki hain.
    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY all my commenter friend

    1. sasuri means “”mother in law”” hota h i hope ki ab sasuri ka meaning samjh aa gya hoga

      1. Hahaha ! Nice answer @ akshey!

  6. Sorry,agar mere ” premika”spelling bhul Hui toh.I don’t know what the actual word of Girlfriend in India.Mein bohot din pehle suna Tha girlfriend Ki matlab India Mein premika.So that’s why i wrote it.
    Guys one thing notice kiya,Serial Ki kokila Ki sath sath hamari commenter kokilabhi missing hain.koi toh dudho use.

    1. pr sasuri ki meaning mother in law hota h i never use premika or lover or girlfriend word for gopi sasuri got it

  7. yeh gopi apna naak kyu saaf nahi rakhti kal to naak me kuch white white kachra dikh raha tha aur director bhi uski naak k andar apna camera ghusa raha tha gandi gopi

    1. pappu beta actress ki acting dekha kr bas

    2. Ohio mai to chai pee raha tha and tumhara cmnt parh kar pehle jor de hansa phir ulti ki ?
      Thanks god! I was busy and missed that DIRTY scene ?

  8. Yeeeee… . .Mil gayi hamari kokila naniji ko.Real kokila aab vad Mein jaye.

  9. Finally gopi gone to mental hospital….now they will make a leap sequence then she will return and trouble premlata…..NONSENSE ??????

    1. meera will save gopi soon

  10. They can also show a crap lyk premlata n gaura n madhu kills whole family n then they reign on modis money….seriously how they get such crap ideas lyk mask drama…

  11. God what is wrong with RASHAMI SHARMA!!!! Bad track! Get our Gopi back!!!

  12. They should name dis show “Meri Maaji” not saath nibhana saathiya…there is nothing lyk saathiya in dis show….ahem is just USELESS for everyone he can only leave the house n break relations….he cant even recognised dis premlata as she is not her mother…n premlata’s life is just lyk “SABZIWALI BANI MAHARANI”….n gaura can only do drama n take revenge….b***dy USELESSS

    1. I mean to say “his”

  13. Kokila ji aagir kya karogi godji?meera ko wisdom b h.
    Gopiji ko kon help karega? Gopiji ki keisi maa h? When will end this track ?it is so irritating.
    Gopiji mental hospital pahooche ga??

    What will be the next twist?

  14. Happy valentine’s day guys.

  15. This story line is just a copy of BEBO –
    When her dad was also kidnapped etc etc — you guys need to come up with something more original
    I can’t stand Gopi crying she is well annoying– I hope Gaura and her mates when they get caught in a YEARs time maybe — as you do like to drag it out — they get good slaps ??

  16. I think meera will help her maa.

  17. Most stupid track. Can the family see difference in clothing worn by Kokila. Or are they colour blind.
    Stop this serial please wasting public time. May be in India loves this kind of nonsen.

  18. GODDDDD!!!! Why are they torturing viewers like this ?? Does the director/Writer thought people are really fools and did they forgot thier morals ??
    How could they even make Daram and meera a pair ?? This is India man where we respect our relations but they are making fun of relations in the name Love..
    How did Dharam and meera’s marriage is Valid when Durga is still alive ??

    The WORST Serial Ever…..

  19. cant believe you cut out the whole dheera scene and reduce it to this again……i mean how cu the scene took entire 2n half and you summed it up in two lines !!..u know wat why even bother mentioning them… why dont just the pain ignore them altogether

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