Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Stuns Vijay By Dancing And Singing After Getting Drunk

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul gets ready with her bags for honeymoon. Vijay says she packed bag so soon, why is it so heavy. Bulbul nervously says Bhabhi gave her clothe, so she could not deny. He says at least for 1 day, they will be together, she has to say him I love you in room at least. They travel in a car. Bulbul thinks if she looks at Vijay, he will insist to say hi I love you, so she acts as sleeping. Driver stops at a distance. Vijay gets out of car. Bulbul opens eyes and searches him. He opens another door and says she woke up so early, does she need water. She nods yes. He goes to bring water. She remembers SMS reminding about her promise and thinks god will help her. She sees a fakir sitting under a tree and suddenly sees him in front of her who says kaal’s eye are also on her and soon

she may lose her most dear one. Bulbul looks at Vijay and then turns to see Fakir disappearing. Vijay comes and she gets tensed. He asks whom she was looking at, gives her water and asks to tell truth. She says nothing will happen now, till now they both handled together and even in future they will, hugs him emotionally. He says she is weird as they were alone in room, she did not hug him, but now is hugging in the middle of road. She sies.

They both reach a hotel. Bulbul thinks why did Vijay bring her to this weird place. Waiter serves her juice and winks. She fumes that she will break his eyes. He says it is his hobby and if she does not drink, he will lose his job. She drinks it and coughs due to bitterness. Vijay sees liquor in Bulbul’s hand and angrily scolds his aide over phone to book a better hotel. Receptionist requests Bulbul to stay back, she will give love suite in min price. She orders another welcome drink. Vijay checks and says it is not juice. Bulbul gulps 2 glasses and says it is bitter, but tasty.

Bulbul starts dancing on Hawa holding Vijay. Vijay is amazed. She throws rose on Vijay and continues dancing around him. He gets very happy and take her too room She collapses on bed. Vijay drapes blanket on her and says she fooled him even today, but her Vijju will not accept defeat. He calls reception and orders lemon juice.

A girl is brought to hospital in critical condition. Doctor asks who is this girl. Bulbul wakes up in hotel room holding her head and seeing flowers asks what is this. She tries to switch on light. Vijay asks not to switch on light, else her truth will be out. She asks what did she do. He acts and shows her dancing video. Bulbul is shocked and says it is not her fault. Vijay says it was fault of beer. He gets romantic and asks her to say I love you.. She repeats, just then Vijay gets repeated calls. He picks. Doctor says a critically ill patient is admitted and knows only him, so if he can come and check. Vijay asks patient’s name. Doctor says he does not know.

Precap: Bulbul and Vijay reach hospital and are shocked to see Mandira in dilapadated state.

Update Credit to: MA

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