A call changed our life (Chapter 3)

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Hi guys here we go the third part little bore hope u don’t mind this is a long one

The next morning Kabir woke up with a smile in his  face (other side) pragati woke up Sanchi she started to think about the phone call Kabir’s came in her mind she started to blush

Kabir- (in mind)I am in love I can’t believe . because I had flirted with many girl but this girl voice drive me crazy

He went to the place were the event going to takes place

There is only one day left for the party

All team started the preparation

Veer was busy in decorating the crib

Kabir came and hugged veer tightly

Veer- enough bro if someone seen they will take it wrong

Kabir brokers the hug

Kabir- you are world’s best friend. You know I spoke to her we become friends

Veer- really I couldn’t see any changes in her behaviour

That time swara was going to take some balloons

She saw veer standing (she smiled seeing veer)

Kabir- see bro she is smiling at me. Kabir gave a returned a gentle smile

Veer- (veer felt bad he thought she smiled at kabir) ok bro be serious if everything thing is good I am happy don’t break her heart

Kabir- I am madly in love with her bro

Veer- ok then I have some work veer excused him

Swara saw him upset and followed him

( In college)

Pragati- finally our exams over what we are going to do know

Sanchi- papa told me to take care of our company but I asked some time to think about it. What you have finally decided

Pragati- I don’t know I have not yet decided. But I am thinking to go to my home I miss them a lot

Sanchi- if you go then I will miss u badly

Pragati- you will not miss me darling you have future partner for company na

Sanchi- stop it pragati may it’s a prank call

Pragati- let’s see if he call today also sure he is in love with you

Sanchi- let’s see .ok when are u going babe

Pragati- day after tomorrow. Afterall tomorrow is my bestie birthday how can I go without celebrating it

(Sanchi hugged pragati)

Sanchi- so soon

Pragati-  I don’t like tears don’t worry I will come soon.(what u thought u will escape so easily from me)

Sanchi broke the hug both laughed

(Other side)

Swara saw veer going out of the place she went behind him

Swara(why I feel affected seeing him)

Veer sat near a river shore

Swara sat near him , veer saw her he gave a week smile

Swara what happened u look upset

Veer- nothing like that , let’s talk about your friend s

Swara- my friends

veer- yes I think u got new friends like Kabir.

Swara- (in mind) he is jealous but  for what. Wait he is feeling the same way as I feel for him. Let’s check

Veer- I know you were smiling at him listen Kabir is a very good person  and he is my best  Friend i hope all the things are going good between you to

Swara-(( in mind)wait he is playing with me I couldn’t remember his face also) she don’t know what to say

Veer- if you don’t want to say to me we can leave it

Swara-(he is so cute when he is jealous)yeah we just become friends u told na he is your friend so we become friends

Veer- o my god if that manager find we are missing that’s it we will be fired we can talk about this later I am happy that u shared with me. Come we can go

Swara- ok we can go (success he is jealous it is confirm we have mutual feeling but he is shy to expose it)

Swara noticed a fish without knowing she went near the river her leg slipped when she about to fall two pairs of hands locked her waist( it is none other veer they had a eye lock)

Swara- thanks

Veer went without replying anything

It’s evening 6:00 pm their work ended all went to their respective rooms


Sanchi’s home

Pragati is having sanchi’s phone

Sanchi- give my phone ya

Pragati- I am waiting for ur hubby call

Sanchi- I think he will not call

Suddenly phone started to ring (unknown)

Pragati- I think this is ur hubby u didn’t even save his number what is this yar

Sanchi Snached her phone

She attended the call

( It is none other than Kabir)

Kabir- hi Bittu

Sanchi- hi

Suddenly sanchi’s room door about to open she hidded her phone below pillow and switched off the lights both started to act like sleep ing

Kabir- hello bittu

Saurabh-  advance happy birthday sweetheart he kissed Sanchi’s forehead

Kabir- what tomorrow is her birthday but veer didn’t tell me anything he is in same team na then why he hide it from me

The call get disconnected

Kabir- I want to do something to suprise her

Saurabh went from sanchi’s room

Sanchi and pragati woke up

Pragati- ooof we escaped

Sanchi- papa loves me lot

Pragati- enough yar what about it hubby call

Sanchi- don’t know

Pragati found sanchi’s phone and saw the call disconnected

Kabir -its already nine I have to be the first wish for my bittu(

Kabir- idea

Sanchi- enough of this hubby drama lets sleep

Pragati- ok yar

(Sanchi some what felt bad because she couldn’t speak to Kabir)

Both slept

It’s 11:50 pm

Sanchi’s phone rang

Both woke up with a jerk

Sanchi- hello

Kabir- hi Bittu

Sanchi- you at this time

Kabir- please don’t cut the call I have a surprise for u if you interested come to terrace

Sanchi put the phone In loudspeaker so pragati heard the whole conversation she signalled her to say yes

Sanchi- ok

Both slowly opened their door they took baby steps while crossing Saurabh room

Finally they reached the terrace

Sanchi- I came where is the suprise

Kabir- started to count 5 4 3 2

Happy birthday bittu

In sky  7  shots  cracker bursted and displayed 

Happy birthday bittu???


Sanchi fallen for Kabir in the very next moment

Kabir-  I hope u liked the suprise

Sanchi- I loved it

Kabir- take care Bittu byeee

Please ignore grammatical errors. as usual comment likes and dislikes welcomed. Love u all take care bye.thank u for ur support.




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    It’s amazing and awesome episode yaar…….Kabir ka birthday wish toh or bhi superb and mind blowing hae……..kash mera birthday vi kohi aise wish kare………. post next one soon dear………love u dear………tc yaar…….

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