Saadi Love Story (part 14)

Their lunch was a quiet affair with Sanskar and Ragini stealing glances of each other. Actually it was Sanskar who was relishing the food while Ragini was just taking one or two bites in between as she was busy admiring her handsome husband who is yet oblivious from her feelings. Her trance was broken when she saw Sanskar getting up from the couch and that’s when she realize that Sanskar had already finished with his food. She immediately looked down at her plate to prevent from being by him for staring at him like this. Sanskar went to washroom to wash his hands and Ragini let go the breath that she was holding till now.

She hits her head playfully for behaving like a Love struck teenager whenever he’s around her but wat can she do when this is her first time. I mean she didn’t have the experience how to behave when you are in Love. Till now she had seen or heard about Love in the movies only but now she realize how different and beautiful the feeling Love is when it happens in real. It was much more divine and blissful then what she saw in movies. Her Love for Sanskar is pure and selfless and it’ll remain like this for whole of her life, she thought as she puts back the Tiffin and other stuffs back in the bag.

While keeping the Tiffin in the bag she accidentally hits her finger in her eye which had started causing burning sensation in her eye as her finger still had remainants of the masala of the curry.

“Aah!” She gasped out as her eyes started to begin watery and she find it difficult to even open them properly.

But before she could rub those tears she felt someone fingers on her cheeks wiping them. She doesn’t have to open her eyes to know who it is as she can recognize his touch even with her closed eyes. It was none other den Sanskar and the mere realization that he’s yet again by her side when she needed him had brought the sweet smile on her face

“Ragini kya hua? Why your eyes are getting watery?” Sanskar’s voice brought her back from her thoughts and she realized that she had got in hurt in her eyes

“Wo I accidently hit my finger in my eye and due to remainants of curry in it its burning now.” Ragini said as she raised her hand to rub her eye but Sanskar stopped her hand in mid

“What are you doing? While rubbing like this your eyes will itch more. Come with me” Sanskar said as he holds her hand and slowly guided her towards the washroom

“Sanskar it’s really burning very much. Nothing will happen to my eyes Na. See my eyes are very precious to me. You know Bade papa says that they are the best feature of my face and if anything happens to them Na den I can’t be proud on myself anymore.” Ragini ranted all along the way towards the washroom while Sanskar just rolled his eyes seeing her making issue of such a small thing. But one thing that he can’t deny is that her eyes are indeed the best feature of her face

“Be quiet Ragini. It’s not that big that you are making issue of. It’ll be fine once you’ll wash your eyes. And anyways who asked you put your finger in your eyes. Are you trying to feed your eyes too?” Sanskar said sarcastically while Ragini just twisted her lips.

In the mean while both reached in washroom and the first thing that Sanskar did was to wash her fingers properly. Once done with her finger Sanskar gently sprinkle water on her eyes to reduce the burning sensation in dem. Rgaini tried to open her eyes but due to burning sensation she was not able to open it properly. Sanskar washed her eyes properly with water and den led her outside the washroom gently. Once they were outside the washroom Sanskar noticed that Ragini was still having problem in opening her eyes as she was continuously blinking her eye lashes.

“Ragini is it still burning.” Sanskar asked in concern to which Ragini just nodded innocently.

Sanskar gently removed her hand that she had put on her eyes and Ragini just stiffened when she felt him so close to her. She felt his warm breath on her face and unknowingly her hand crept up all the way along his chest and she clutched shoulder tight for support. She could feel her knees getting weak and turning to jelly as she felt his face just mere inches away from hers even from her closed and as a result her grip on her shoulders tightened in order to not to fall. Sanskar looked at her closed eyes for a while and den leaned more close to her face and started blowing air on her eyes gently. By every passing second Ragini was feeling more and more weak. His mere presence was enough to make her go insane and here he was so close to her and his warm breath all over her face just arousing desires in her. Just an inch more nd she could feel his lips against hers. She was melting like a candle by every passing minute and she felt like she’ll faint any moment in his arms.

Sanskar’s condition was not less. He was trying his best to focus on her eyes only but seeing her angelic face so close to her with her eyes closed was making it difficult for him by every passing minute. He don’t know what’s happening with him but now-a-days whenever Ragini is around him all his rational and logical thoughts flew out of the window and he just felt like devouring her right den and dere. But next moment realization hits her and he felt guilty on his sinful thoughts. But no matter how hard he tried he could never stop these thoughts arousing in his mind. Probably it was because he knows that he’s married to her and it’s all natural to have these thoughts for his wife but whatever the reason is he needs to control himself. But no matter how many times he reminds this thing to himself but whenever she was dis much close to him he forgets each and every thing just like now. Yet he was trying his best to not to kiss those rosy lips which were just mere inches apart from his. He felt her grip on his shoulders tight almost digging her nails on his skin over cloth and it was just adding to his misery. He was getting all sort of wild thoughts for her with this touch of hers. Only he knows how he was controlling himself till now and probably she don’t have any idea of his condition. He blowed air on her face for a while and den gently pulled back not trusting himself anymore

“Ragini, is it still burning?” She heard Sanskar’s husky voice laced with concern and she slowly opened her eyes only to meet his dark ones.

Her voice got struck in his throat when he saw his eyes full of desires just like she saw in the morning and her heart skipped million beats just by looking at them. Sanskar didn’t realize wen his hand encircled her waist and pulled her close to himself while still looking at her deep hazel eyes. Ragini clutched his shoulder more tight in order to control her own desires. Sanskar noticed her wet locks due to washing her face kissing her cheeks and unknowingly he raised his hand and gently pushed those wet curls behind her ears caressing her soft skin with the back of his fingers in the process.

Ragini just closed her eyes drowning in the blissful world of her husband. This is not the first time that he had touched her but Everytime he touched her she felt the same current coursing throughout her body just like now when she felt Sanskar caressing he sensitive spot behind her ear with his fingers. Suddenly she started feeling shortage of air due to the masculine scent of Sanskar that hits her nostrils and her lips parted on her own for the intake of some oxygen unknown of the impact of this act of hers on Sanskar. He tightened his grip around her waist to control his desires of not devouring those petals then and there.

But before he could do anything further both heard the click of opening of the door bringing both of them out from their blissful world. Dey instantly pulled back from each other and straightens themselves. Ragini just looked other side feeling shy. She could still feel her cheeks burning and she swore that Sanskar will notice the red color on her cheeks. Taking a deep breath she turned around and looked at the direction where Sanskar was looking only to find Sahil standing over dere with a disgusted face. Probably he had seen both of them together while entering in the room. She saw Sanskar heading towards him and she quietly followed him without meeting her gaze with Sahil. But least she knows that Sahil had witnessed much more then she thought of to be.

Sahil had come to office to meet Sanskar to know what the actual relationship between him and Ragini is when he stopped dead in his tracks near his cabin. He goes near the blinds and saw Ragsan together. Ragini was clutching Sanskar’s shoulder tight while Sanskar’s face was leaned towards her. From where he was seeing it seems that Sanskar was kissing Ragini and the mere sight made him feel disgusted. He still can’t believe that Sanskar could move on in his life so easily when he claimed to be in Love with swara so madly. He was lost in his thoughts when he saw Sanskar tightening his grip around Ragini’s waist and pulling her towards him. his grip blinds get tightened wen he saw Sanskar plying with her curls while they were lost in each other’s eyes and this was enough to break the last straw of control he had and he just barged in his cabin without even knocking breaking their blissful moment.

“Hey Sahil! What a pleasant surprise? How come you are in my office today?” Sanskar’s voice broke Sahil’s thoughts and he averts his gaze from Ragini towards Sanskar.

“Nothing just thought of paying a visit to my friend but I think I disturb you guys.” sahil said sarcastically while eyeing at Ragini and she just hides herself behind Sanskar.

“Hey it’s nothing like that. Wo actually something had got into Ragini’s eyes so I was just helping her.” Sanskar reasoned himself unknown of the rage in sahil’s heart

“Ya ofcourse.” sahil said with a fake smile not believing on a word said by Sanskar.

“Ummm Sanskar you carry on I am leaving.” Ragini said not able to bear Sahils venom filled gaze on her

“Wait Ragini! I am going to MM only. I’ll drop you.” Sahil offered making Ragini shuddered because right now she knows that it’s not safe to be with Sahil alone.

“Ummm… no I am not going to MM actually. I am thinking to meet Bade Papa and Badi Maa today as it’s been long since I met them so I’ll go to meet them first.” Ragini came out with a best excuse she can at this point of time

“Ok so no problem I’ll drop you over dere and den will leave to MM” Sahil said yet again not in mood of giving up.

“It’s ok Sahil. I’ll drop Ragini over dere. You don’t have to go out of route for that. Moreover I too haven’t met Maa and Papa from long so I’ll meet them also” Sanskar said before Ragini could say anything and Ragini silently thanked him for saving her from this situation. Sahil had no other option but to let go as Sanskar seems to be adamant to drop Ragini at her home. He just clenched his fist and smiled weakly at both of them.

“Ok den since you are insisting this much. In that case I guess I should take your leave now as you guys also have to go. I’ll see you both in MM.’ he said with a fake smile and leaves from dere but not before giving a look to Ragini to which she just looked other side.

“Chale Ragini” Sanskar’s voice made her look towards him and she realized what lie she had said just now in order to save from going with Sahil.

“Sanskar you don’t have to bother for it, I mean I’ll go with Driver.” Ragini said knowing how precious Sanskar’s time to him is.

“Don’t be silly Ragini. I said I’ll come with you. I seriously want to meet Maa and Papa. And anyways I am not busy much now so I can accompany you.” Sanskar said with a smile while Ragini looked at him with her mouth opened. This is for the first time she was hearing from him that he’s not busy much but her heart danced in joy wen he said that he’ll accompany her to her house so without protesting much she just followed him outside the cabin.


Sanskar found Ragini unusually quiet towards their journey to her home. It was as if something was bothering her. And it was not wrong as Ragini was really tensed due to Sahil. Though whenever she was with Sanskar she just forgets every other thing including Sahil but she can’t ignore the fact that sahil is not the thing to be ignored. The way he looked at her with his raged eyes and speak to her with her venom filled voice scares her. She really had to do something before the ashes of his hatred and misconception burn the small blissful world of her with her Sanskar. But in the amidst of all this most important is that she haven’t told anything to Sanskar yet. Though Heer had asked her not to tell anything to Sanskar now but she knows that hiding this fact from him can make the situation worse.

But she don’t even know how Sanskar will react when she’ll tell him about sahil. Will he believe her or like sahil he too feels that she’s lying. She immediately whacked herself mentally as this thought crossed her mind. How can she even think that Sanskar won’t believe her? In these 5 months she knows him this well. But sahil is his best friend den will he believe her more than Sahil. As Heer said Sahil can try to manipulate the situation den can Sanskar will believe her den also. She was fighting between her heart and mind which were telling her two different opinions. Her heart was urging him to tell Sanskar everything while her mind was stopping her from doing so. The sudden break in the car break her trail of thoughts and she turned her head to look at Sanskar who was looking at her with a frown on his face.

“Sanskar, why did you stop the car? Have we reached?” Ragini asked still not looking around her

“nahi Ragini, we haven’t reached yet. I stopped car because I wanted to ask you something.” Sanskar said while looking at her sincerely while Ragini just looked at him trying to comprehend what he wanted to ask.

“Ragini, I know in what circumstances we got married but that doesn’t change the fact that we can share with each other the thing bothering us. And I had told you this thing many times that you can share with me whatever is bothering you. Haven’t I?” Sanskar said slowly to which Ragini just nodded in yes.

“Den what is bothering you so much Ragini that you are not able to tell me. I am noticing you from so long you are lost somewhere. Wat happen? Did someone said something to you?” Sanskar said and Ragini felt her eyes getting watery seeing him understanding her unspoken words. She took a deep breath before saying to anything to Sanskar

“Sanskar, actually there’s a problem. Wo actually dere’s a friend of mine who had got married recently. It was an arranged marriage and both of them had got married for someone else’ happiness and trying their best to cope up with their marriage. And as the time passes she starting falling in Love with her husband but she was afraid to tell him as she knows that her husband can’t love her because he was in Love with someone else but yet my friend loves him unconditionally. But hell broke on her wen someone entered in their lives. He was her husband’s best friend and had proposed to my friend before her marriage. He didn’t know about her marriage till the time he saw her with her husband. My friend had never felt anything apart from friendship for that man but still he feels that she had betrayed him. She tries to make him understand the fact that she haven’t loved him and in wat circumstances she got married but he was nowhere to listen to her. Now my friend is afraid as wat will happen if he’ll tell everything to her husband. She’s insanely in Love with her husband and she don’t want to lose him. But she was afraid that will her husband believe her over his best friend. So she asked me to tell her wat she should do now so I was just thinking that only.” Ragini told Sanskar whatever bothering her on the pretext of her friend and Sanskar just listened to her thoughtfully

“Ragini, the problem is really critical. Because at the one hand where her husband didn’t know anything about your friends feelings at the same time he didn’t know about wat happened in her life too. And as you said that your friend don’t know about her husband’s feelings so in that case your friend’s hesitation is quiet obvious. But Ragini trust is the base of every relationship. U said your friends really Loves her husband very much so in that case I would suggest that she should just trust her husband and tell him everything. See I know that it won’t be easy but if she’ll tell him everything calmly and without hiding any fact then he’ll definitely understand her. And den they both can talk to his friend together and try to clear his misunderstanding and like this his friend can also understand that probably it’s better if he should stay out of their lives. In the mean while try to clear the misunderstanding of his friend also but above all she should trust her husband and tell her everything before truth comes in front of him in a drastic manner.” Sanskar explained each and every fact to Ragini while she just looked at him without blinking her eyes.

How easily he had cleared all her fears and restlessness and filled her heart with new courage. Now she was determined that she’ll tell Sanskar each and everything without caring how will he react because she loves him truly and trust him with all her heart therefore she knows that wen she’ll tell him everything he’ll understand her and will be by her side like always. But right now it’s not right time to tell him everything. She needs to prepare herself before telling him everything so that she could tell him everything without any fear or hesitation.

“By the way who is this friend of yours who is stuck up in such a critical problem?” Sanskar’s voice broke her thoughts and she immediately looked down hiding her feelings for him.

“Wo…. You don’t know her. She’s my friend from college. We don’t talk much but few days before she met me accidently so she told me about her problem.” Ragini lied while looking down because she knows that he’ll easily catch her lie if she said while looking at him.

“Ok. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Just tell your friend to do wat I said and den all problems will be solved ok. So now just leave all the worries and just smile. You didn’t look good with that worried face of yours.” Sanskar said and Ragini smiled widely listening to his remark

“That’s like a good girl. Always smile like this only Ragini. It just adds charm in your beauty.” Sanskar said in a trance and ragini’s heart did a summersault listening to his open confession. This is probably for the first time he had complimented her and automatically her cheeks turned red. Sanskar too realizes what he said just now and he just looked other side feeling awkward.

“Ummm I guess we should go now or else will get late.” Sanskar said after a while in order to remove the awkwardness to which ragini just nodded slowly and dey both drove towards her home.


Days went by and so did weeks. It’s been a month now sinceSahil had come to MM. his behavior towards Ragini didn’t changed as he still feels that Ragini betrayed him Though he had overheard AP talking to Nikhil regarding Ragsan’s marriage where he came to know that Ragini was saying true yet the closeness he saw in their relationship was something which was unacceptable by him.

Ragini tried her best to talk to Sanskar in this 1 month but Sanskar was really held up with his new project and Ragini didn’t got chance to talk to him. therefore she decided that she’ll tell everything Sanskar once he’ll be free from this project. It was getting difficult now for her to hide everything from Sanskar but she decided to wait for some more time as she didn’t wanted to disturb Sanskar in such an important project. By every passing day her feelings for Sanskar getting more and more strong and the irony is that she can’t even tell him. She rarely use to talk to swara’s pic telling her what’s in her heart and how she’s feeling just like she use to do when Swara was alive. She had always heard that one-sided Love pains a lot but today she’s experiencing it but strangely she likes this pain rather than bearing Sanskar’s distance.

On the other hand things were getting difficult for Sanskar too. With each passing day he was getting more and more attracted towards Ragini. He tried his best to distance himself from her but failed. He tried his best to control his own emotions for her but he failed. It was getting difficult for him to stay far from Ragini when she was so close to him. Day by day his desires for her overtook his mind and all his rational thoughts and in that vein he often do something which he feels is not right in their relationship as he still feels that he can’t feel something like this for Ragini like he once felt for swara. Torn between his desires and his rational thoughts he decided to distance himself from Ragini but one look at her bewitching eyes and he forgets every other thing because last thing he wants to see in those eyes was sadness and she knew though she’s out spoken yet she won’t tell anything that was bothering her except him so he decided to keep his emotions in check around her in which he gets failed although yet he was trying his best as he don’t want to bound Ragini in any kind of relationship but least he knows that Ragini had already submitted her heart and soul to him and was eagerly waiting for the day when he’ll accept her and make her his in every sense.

It was one such day when Ragini had again gone to Sanskar’s office with his lunch. That day also Sanskar left early for office so Ragini had gone to his office with their Lunch again. When she reached office she found Sanskar is in his meeting again so she decided to wait in his cabin. She had just entered his cabin and was admiring his chair like before only when he heard the knock at the door. She politely asked the person to come in only to find a man in his late twenties in business attire entering inside the cabin.

As soon as that Man entered in cabin he stopped dead in his track seeing such an angelic beauty clad in blue suit in front of him. Automatically his pupils dilated in desires as he was all lost in her beauty. She had worn no revealing clothes yet she was looking ravishing and s*xy. He couldn’t say anything since his eyes fell on her and all he could just do is to stare at her from top to bottom. His hands itched to feel that soft milky white skin of hers.

Ragini felt uncomfortable with the gaze of this stranger. She had never seen this man before but thinking him to be one of Sanskar’s clients she can’t be rude to him too. Though she didn’t like the way he was looking at her as lust was clearly evident in his eyes but she can’t do anything right now except praying to god to send Sanskar soon.

“Ummm how can I help you?” Ragini asked after a while trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Ummm actually I came to meet Mr. Maheshwari” he replied still not averting his gaze from her.

“Wo…. he’s in meeting you can wait over here for a while.” Ragini said as she tried to move outside the cabin.

“Hey that’s no problem. You can give me company until Mr. Maheshwari shows up.” He said as he advanced towards her with a nasty smile and Ragini just shivered in fear as she read his intentions. But before he could say or do something Ragini saw Sanskar entering inside the cabin and within no time she just rushed towards him.

“Sanskar” She whispered in fear while clutching his arm tight as she took a sigh of relief seeing him in front of her. Sanskar was not ready for this sudden act of hers. First of all he was not expecting Ragini in the office and secondly he didn’t understand why she was trembling this much.

“Ragini kya hua? Are you fine?” Sanskar asked while placing his hand over hers to which Ragini just looked at the direction where that Man was standing and Sanskar just followed her gaze only to find his most loyal and most cunning Business rival Shaurya Goenka standing over dere.

Shaurya was the most loyal competitor of Sanskar as he had his eye on everything that Sanskar had. He was also a big businessman as Sanskar but the only difference is that he can use illegal ways also in order to get wat he wants and dis was something unacceptable to Sanskar. therefore he never likes his presence near him but it seems that Shaurya loves to irritate Sanskar with his presence and he always visits Sanskar whenever Maheshwari constructions gets any new project in order to take it under his company. It took no time for Sanskar to understand that he must have done something which had terrified Ragini this much.

“Oh Mr. Shaurya! It’s a pleasant surprise to see you.” Sanskar said as he slowly advanced towards her still holding Ragini’s hand which was clutching tightly his arm

“What to do Mr. maheshwari? It’s my habit you know to congratulate you on every achievement on yours. After all I am such a loyal competitor of yours.” Shaurya said smirking and Sanskar clenched his fist tight to not kill him right den and dere.

“Anyways I was just wondering where were you when I haven’t saw you and I guess I had scared your secretary very much in that vain.” He said while eyeing towards Ragini to which she just pressed herself more close to him.

“She’s Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari, my wife not my Secretary.” Sanskar said proudly and he swore that he saw the smile on Shaurya’s face wiping off

“Oh! Nice to meet you, Mrs. Maheshwari.” Shaurya said after a while extending his hand towards her. Ragini was reluctant at first but then gently shakes her hand with his. But her eyes widens in shock when he squeezed her hand tight in his. She immediately pulled away her hand from his grip and looked other side.

Sanskar too look at the exchange of the gestures and he felt his blood boiling seeing Shaurya’s lusty eyes on his wife. Suddenly he felt a feeling of possessiveness in him seeing someone else eyeing his wife. It took all his self-control to not to kill Shaurya den and dere. To say that he was jealous was an understatement as he was feeling something more than that. And his rage increased ten times when he saw Ragini’s terrified face but before he could do something Ragini had pulled away her hand from his grip.

“Well Mr. Shaurya we would like to take your leave now. We have to go somewhere urgently.” Sanskar said while holding Ragini possessively while putting his arm around her shoulders

“Well, as you wish. See you at the reception party of Shivaay Singh Oberoi tonight. I hope you are coming.” Shaurya said though not wanting to leave

“Ya of course but only if you allow us to leave.” Sanskar said sarcastically giving a lop sided smile.

“Ya sure. See you in the party too Mrs. Maheshwari.” Shaurya said but Ragini easily sensed the hidden meaning behind those words but she knows that she don’t have to fear until her Sanskar is with her.

“Ragini tum thik ho na. Just ignore that fellow. He can’t do anything until I am with you.” Sanskar asked as soon as Shaurya left from there

“Main thik hoon Sanskar. Don’t worry.” Ragini assured him while giving him her all time sweet smile

“Ragini do you really wanted to go in the party tonight I mean that Shaurya will also be present in the party” Sanskar asked as he still haven’t forgotten the fear at Ragini s face.

“Sanskar I said na that I am fine. And if we won’t go in the party den Nikhil, Uttara, Laksh and Heer won’t go too for the party. Even maa is not here and Oberoi’s are our old Family friends. They won’t like if no one from our family will go for the party.” Ragini tried to explain him but Sanskar was still apprehensive.

“But Ragini…..”

“Sanskar, I don’t have to fear for anything until you are with me. Now please don’t say anything else.” Ragini interrupted in between and Sanskar sighed giving up but he had made a mental note that he won’t allow Shaurya to be near Ragini around 10 cm of her vicinity. Ragini had trusted him this much and he’ll do everything to live up to her trust. Thinking this he just smiled at her warmly to which she just smiled back and dey both headed towards home to get ready for the party tonight.

Ohhhh!!!! So finally done. Please do comments if u liked it or not. Negative comments are also welcomed..
Take care guys, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, keep shinning, keep smiling, be youself!!!!

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