12 hours later….

Saumya woke up in a hospital bed, machines attached and beeping. She was hell confused.

She tried to get up but someone held her and helped her, it was Rudra. Her vision wasn’t clear but after she blinked for a few times it was back to normal. Pain shot up in her head and she winced in pain, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey, you’re fine everything’s fine.”, Rudra said in a gentle voice.

She just nodded, the pain wasn’t letting her speak. Her mouth was parched.

“Water.”, She croaked.

And in a blink of eye, a glass full of water was at her lips. She saw that it was Tia.

“Where’s Svetlana di, di ?”, She questioned.

“She is comi-”

Tia halted as Svetlana opened her door with a loud thud.

“Svetlana doctor has told not to do anything shocking !”, Rudra literally shouted.

“I’m sorry, Saumu how are you feeling ? Does it pain ?”, Svetlana asked worried.

“Yes my head hurts a lot-“, she stopped to touch the back of her head, only to feel white cotton bandage and she couldn’t feel her dense hair at all. “What the hell ? What the f**k just happened to my hair, what did you all to me ? What -“, a doctor interrupted her, “We all saved your life Saumya, we wanted you to live.” And her Aai and Maasi entered the room.

“I’ll leave you all, you guys need to talk.”, Rudra said. He retracted himself from the ward went to his family, which only consisted of his bhaiya’s, bhabhis and dadi.

“Aai -”

“Don’t call me Aai, if you had even believed that I was ebpver your Aai you would have told me what kind of danger you were putting yourself in.”, Aai shouted while tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Aai”

“Sorry doesn’t fix it.”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

“Calm down Saumu, you would have done the same if you were in my place hmm” and Aai hugged, that was all she needed , her Aai hugging her.

The thing about mother’s hug were true, she thought and smiled.

“Kab se chal raha tha yeh sab ?”, Aai questioned.

“Issi saal Aai, after Jhanvi aunty’s accident Rudra blasted off on me humiliated and insulted me, and I lost it, I had seen them kill-“,she stopped midway when she realised what she said and she saw Shobhna whose eyes were widened.

Uh oh.

“Who killed whom? Saumya whose murder did you see?”, Aai asked Saumya fearing.

“I saw them killing baba and Papa.”, She said in a small voice.

“What ???”, Svetlana, Tia and Aai shrieked.

“OMG were you there in the mill ? When it all happened?”, The three asked worried.


“But how did you come back when did you see Shobhna? “, Aai asked.

“Mausi found me while I was running in the forest trying to get help from people if I could find them.”

“Shobhna did you-”

“No I just saw the blast, Saumya saw everything, from them being threatened, being killed to the mill being blasted she saw it all.”, Shobhna answered.

Aai broke down.

“Saumya why didn’t you tell me anything, do you even-”

“No Aai I couldn’t just speak, after that blast the next day we went to police, but they said that I was 3 year old, no one would believe us, and after that you know what happened.”

“Yeah you went mute due the shock and started having nightmares from which you have not recovered till now.”

“No Aai Rudra helped me.”, She said in a small voice.

“You love him ?”

“Yes Aai I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for ? For falling in love? Don’t be, you see love just happens, you can’t help it or yourself. You see me and baba, we hated each other but still something happened and we fell in love, he cheated on me, but still we loved each other, and he still loved me even in his last time, I saw his body holding his locket which had our picture, near his chest. So if you’ve fallen for Rudra I really don’t see a point why I should object.” Aai said.

“Thank you so much Aai ”

“Accha toh ab ek Kapoor and Tendulkar females group hug ho jaaye ?” Svetlana asked wiping her tears.

“Yassss!!!” Aai and Saumya said enthusiastically.

And Shobhna was pulled in the hug.

“But what happened to my head and my hair?”

“We got you-”

Rudra knocked.

Aai allowed him.

“So what happened to my hair, why is it missing ?”

“Because we got you operated.” Everyone said.

Colour drained from her face.


“Because we wanted you to live, Saumu.”, Tia said.

“We know that you wanted to kill yourself but-“, and Aai was interrupted by Svetlana,

“But please try to live for us, we all are living for each other especially after bhaiya, please Saumya live for us.” Svetlana completed while tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Saumya could just nod her head while crying.

“Come on sumo, don’t be a crybaby now.”, Rudra said while wiping her tears and all laughed.

“I’m neither sumo nor crybaby.”

“Accha then who are you?”, Rudra asked.

“I m Saumya Tendulkar Kapoor.”

“Hey you are married to me ?”, Rudra asked faking hurt reaction.

“Accha so ?”, Saumya countered back.

“So now your name is Mrs. Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi.”, He said.

“Accha toh phir uss logic se toh tumhara Naam Rudra Saumya Tendulkar Kapoor hona chahiye tha, nahi ?”, She counter attacked him.

“If you want that then I will do that.”

“Koi kuch nahi karega, Saumya tumhara surname Lego aur tum uska Naam Apne mein add kar Dena thik hai?”, Rest of the females declared.

“Bilkul mast hai.”, Rudra said and all laughed.


5 years later…

Omkara came running in Saumya’s room.

“Kya hua bade Baal waale bhaiya?”

“Saumu woh Sameer aur Sneha phir se lad rahe hai, ab toh meri painting bhi kharaab karke phaad di hogi, please help me.”

“Bahut shaitaan ho Gaye hai dono. Aap rukiye bade Baal waale bhaiya, unki toh aaj Khair nahi, aur Rudra Ko bhi aane dijiye, dono Ko sar par chadha rakha hai isliye itne badmaash ho Gaye hai, Abhi batati hoon inko.”

“Nahi Saumu, on the contrary note chhod de unhe bacche hi toh hai, ab bacche shor nahi machaenge toh aur kaun machayega, Abhi Sameer toh sirf 8 saal ka hai aur Sneha sirf 6 saal ki, bade ho jayenge toh Apne aap mature ho jayenge. Main chalta hoon , Gauri Ko unka favourite milkshake banane Ko boldeta hoon , pakka normal ho jayenge. Tum Sara ka dhyaan rakho sirf teen mahine ki hi toh hai.”, He said nervously.

Omkara and Saumya had bonded just after the hospital, she got another brother in Omkara and he always wanted to have her as his sister for real. Rudra and Saumya had adopted Sameer and Sneha legally after they saw them at a temple while praying for Saumya herself after her operation five years before. Saumya felt something stir in herself when she saw them crying for their mother, but to not raise questions, they both first gave them to an orphanage and that day only adopted them. They never planned on telling them their truth neither was anyone going to in their family. Sara was miracle in their lives that happened a year before.

Saumya was going through treatment through another doctor from abroad on Rudra’s insistence. He knew she always wanted her child, not that she didn’t love Sameer and Sneha but he knew his wife. So when the treatment was completed Saumya got to know that she was pregnant with Sara. Rudra was always home with her in her nine months of pregnancy, because he couldn’t risk Saumya getting hurt, he knew what this child meant to her. Sameer and Sneha were ecstatic when they got to know that they were going to have another sibling. They never left Saumya’s side. Everyone pampered her. Sara’s name was suggested by Rudra himself when he held her for the first time in hospital.

He had said,” Meri beti ko dekhkar aisa lagta hai jaise mujhe meri saari duniya mil gayi, saara jahaan mujhe mil gaya, thank you so much Saumya, I love you so much, and this child of ours is such a precious gift you have given to me, and I have decided that her name will be Sara.” Saumya in reply had nodded in reply with happy tears, afterall her name also had their name, SA from Saumya and RA from Rudra.

But today something was different, she could feel it in her bones, Omkara didn’t come back again because of Sameer and Sneha, normally he would come to her atleast 20 times in a day to check her and after Sara it was like 50 times, but from the whole day he came only once, the whole family was not letting her do anything and had given Sameer and Sneha to Omkara and Gauri, Shivaay had sent Rudra to a long boring meeting, and Anika was at her event management hall, with her kids alongwith Gauri’s too.

Was she forgetting something, she thought with a frown, but Sara’s cries disrupted her thoughts.

Later at the evening…
Omkara had taken her and Sara alongwith Gauri to Anika’s hall, he told her that Anika needed her help with something and she wanted everyone to be there, she complied.

As soon as they reached the entrance, Gauri took Sara from her and told her to go ahead, whilst disappearing with her husband.

It was dark and she was walking ahead, she could feel it was rose petals by the way they crushed under her sandals. Suddenly she collided with someone and almost fell down but someone grasped her and held her from her waist.

She knew it from the touch that it was Rudra.

“Rudra you came ?”, Saumya asked.

“Aana hi pada , kya karta I was missing my wifey so much, Anika bhabhi ne bola tum yaha hogi toh dauda dauda tumhare paas aa gaya, aur dekho tum meri baahon mein aagayi.”, Rudra cheekily replied. It was dark but she could feel him smirking.

That’s when lights came up and they saw a hoarding

Happy Anniversary Rumya ?

“OMG, did you?”

“No, I was busy.”

They both said together.

Someone whistled, they turned and saw that it was Rohit in the crowd, who had whistled and the whole crowd was just aweing at them.

Startled they stood up and straightened themselves.

“So it was your plan ?”, Both asked him.

“Not really saali sahiba, everyone was included.”

Svetlana and her son stepped forward alongwith Tia, Arya, Aai, Shobhna, dadi, Shivaay, Anika and their kids, Dushyant, Omkara, Gauri and her kids, Priyanka and Ranveer.

“But where are -“, they were interrupted by Omkara.

“Sameer and Sneha and Sara? They will come, you go with Gauri and change and Rudra you go with Shivaay and change, they will come.”

Seconds after the kids came in front of them wearing everything white looking like angels, they hugged Sameer and Sneha but the real show stopper was everyone's apple of eye Sara dressed in simple white dress alongwith small wings since she would ...

Seconds after the kids came in front of them wearing everything white looking like angels, they hugged Sameer and Sneha but the real show stopper was everyone’s apple of eye Sara dressed in simple white dress alongwith small wings since she would be either in Rudra or Saumya’s arms, coming in Gauri’s arms, also as an angel, the cutest one.

Saumya had tears in her eyes watching her and Rudra immediately wiped them and kissed her forehead, a ritual they followed everytime before going to bed.

Rudra took Sara from Gauri and muttered a thank you, and she smiled wide.

“We knew that you both would forget your anniversary because Rudra was busy with his work and you with Sara so we decided to help you both.”, Omkara said grinning widely

Saumya held Sameer and Sneha in her hands.

They went up to the centre where lay a cake that was written.

Happy anniversary to the most lovely couple
We have ever seen, who have been together through everything
bravely, may you both have each other in every way possible.

They cut the cake, fed each other, and Sameer and Sneha.

After they went home, they tucked their kids in bed, taking Sara with them.

Rudra made her sleep, while Saumya stood there in their balcony, watching the stars, thanking God and her fathers alongwith her brother.

She remembered how she destroyed her tombstone with Omkara and Rudra, just after she adopted Sameer and Sneha, her world was falling back in place at that time, she never wanted her past to become a hurdle in her life anymore at that time. Omkara had accompanied her because she was his sister and he was her brother.

Arms surrounded her waist, she knew it was him.

“What are you thinking about wifey?”, Rudra asked.

“Thinking about you, our kids and our family”, she replied.

“Hmm that you always do, happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you.”, Rudra said smiling genuinely.

“Happy anniversary to you too darling, I love you too.”, She replied, also shying.

And then he claimed her lips in a very deep kiss only to pull  because of hearing Sara’s cries.

They laughed and went to her, made her sleep, kissed on her forehead, and each other’s too.

And slept.






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