All of them descended the stairs, Saumya’s breath got caught in her throat. What if no one ever believed that video, it was the only chance she got to get her fathers justice.

The party was still going on and was as usual being a blast, no one had noticed the video, Omkara went and called police to cover Oberoi mansion, he couldn’t let his criminal parents escape, it was time since they were delivered the taste of their own medicine or in this case crimes.

Everything was set within 10 minutes.

Omkara gave a nod to Saumya indicating that they were ready to proceed.

Saumya went to the centre of the stage, switched on the projector and played the video.

Within seconds the whole hall was sileneced, all the eyes on the video. Everyone was shocked, the first video was that in which the elder Oberois were confessing their crimes, the second video was their proof of crimes.

Dadi was crying and went up to slap everyone of them. Why not they had just failed her, she had watched them kill two of her favourite persons of whole world.

“Where was I wrong Tej, what wrong did I do Shakti while we imparting values to you, what happened to those values? And Shakti is this the reason why you have turned into such a theist ? And Jhanvi and Pinki you both are mothers , how could you not even consider the consequences of your actions, you all very well knew that those men had their own little family, their own little world that kept them alive but you snatched them from their families, their happiness. I had seen them crying their hearts out, now I know why was Sameer’s mother never talked to me after that incident. Arey tum logo Ko unki khushiyan chheene ki haaiye lagi hai. How could do this ab main tumhare Papa Ko kya jawab dungi ?“,Dadi cried.

The elder Oberois went mute.

Shivaay still couldn’t get from the shock.

“Dad mom is this video true ?”,he asked but got no answer.

“Mom is this true ?”, Omkara asked. Same thing happened with him.

“Mom is this true?”, Shivaay asked Pinki.

“Mom I’m asking you something , is his true?”, Shivaay shouted, the last thread of his patience had snapped.

“Yes.”, Pinki said aloud.

“You did this!!!”,Tej growled and made his way towards Saumya. But Rudra stood in front of her. She was already broken after seeing the video, it had made her relive all those moments.

Svetlana grabbed his arm around, making him turn and slapped him hard.

“You stay the f**k away from my sister Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi, till I’m alive I won’t let you touch her.”, She hissed pain evident in her voice.

“How dare you slap Tej Singh Oberoi?”, Tej roared. He clasped his around Svetlana’s neck and started choking her. All were shocked. Omkara and Rudra were trying hard to remove his hand from his neck but he was pulling her still. That’s when they heard a gunshot. They turned around and saw that it was Tia who shot a bullet in the air.

“I’m sorry grandma but I have to do this.”, saying this Tia pinned the gun on dadi’s head.

“Tia what are you doing ?”, All shouted.

“Omkara Rudra.”, Jhanvi shrieked.

They turned around and saw a tear strain faced Saumya pointing a gun on Jhanvi. They knew none of the sisters would do anything but, they had reached their breaking point they could do anything dangerous.

“Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi, I can see very properly that you have started to love your wife very much, and “, Saumya said.

“And like everyone you also love your mother a lot, so if you don’t leave our sister, be ready to watch them die the same way as our fathers did.”, Tia hissed.

Tej let Svetlana go and she coughed out, and could finally breathe. Tia and Saumya removed their guns and apologized dadi.

Though dadi was shaken she forgave them, atleast they had humanity in them and they pointed the gun just to save their sister not for money, and they hadn’t pulled the trigger to kill her and Jhanvi, which they could have done easily to get their revenge and justice.

“But how did you know ?”, Tej questioned.

“Do you remember my Papa’s last words???”, Saumya asked.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Just f**king say Yes or No.”


“And what did he say?”

“Sumi bhaag. Why ?”

“Kyu Tej chachu? Itni jaldi bhul Gaye mujhe ???”, Saumya hissed.

“What you are Sumi? You are Vishnu’s daughter Saumya ???”

“Yes I’m Vishnu Tendulkar’s daughter.”

And with that all the elders hands were handcuffed by the police, they were too shocked to decline their arrest.


Hola guys *smiling and waving like a lunatic*

I crossed 10k views, jab dekha toh almost heart attack aagaya aur meri behna ne mujhe congratulations bola, Socho ek grammar Nazi ne mereko congratulations bola!!! I Loooouuuuuuvvvvveeee you guys so much,

late update ke liye sorry, very sorry, I was supposed to update yesterday, but you know what I’m having a writer’s block nowadays, I don’t know why, I know what I have to write but sometimes I just can’t write it, and that is why I’m trying to end it soon LOGICALLY AND HAPPILY, because I don’t want to torture you guys by making you wait. I hate making my readers wait. Hope you all can understand.????


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