Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 6

Dadi arrives at the warehouse where Shagun is kept. Shagun is shocked seeing her.
“ Dadi you?” Shagun says.
“ Yes it is me!” Dadi laughs evilly.
“ Why though?” Shagun asks.
“ I do not want you to stop Gopi and Ahem’s marriage. If you do, I will kill you myself.” Dadi threatens.
At Modi mansion, Gaura is tensed. She doesn’t know how to stop the wedding. She only had one more final plan left. Gaura rings someone. “ Hello? Ahem’s wedding is going on and you are sat there? He is getting married to a middle class girl. I want you to come here now.” Gaura says and puts the phone down. Gaura laughs evilly and thinks that she will win this time.
A girl arrives at the Modi mansion. Niharika and Gaura see her. They greet her. Vamp tune plays. The girl’s face is shown (Adaa Khan). She was wearing a modern pink dress.
“ My boyfriend’s wedding is taking place and you did not tell me?” The girl laughs.
“ You were my final plan Paro. Now everything is in your hands.” Gaura says.
“ Very well. What is your plan?” Paro asks. Gaura explains everything. Gaura and Paro go upstairs. Jigar also arrives along with Karunesh.
“ Jigar, is Gopi down at the mandap yet?” Gaura asks.
“ No Mom, she is still in her room.” Gaura asks.
“ Good, go in her room and make her unconscious.” Gaura says. Gaura makes Paro wear a bridal dress.
“ Now I will become your bahu, not that Gopi behen ji.” Paro laughs.
Jigar enters Gopi’s room. Gopi is getting ready. She smiles when she sees Jigar.
“ Gopi Ji, I was just wondering if you are ready yet?” Jigar asks.
“ I still need to get ready but I will let you know.” Gopi says.
“ Let me know if you need anything.” Jigar says.
“ I will.” Gopi says happily. Jigar looks at her face.
“ Gopi Ji, you have something on your face.” Jigar says. Gopi looks in the mirror.
“ Where?” Gopi asks. Jigar gets a napkin and puts a chloroform on it. He puts it over Gopi’s mouth. Gopi tries to scream but slowly loses conscious. Gopi drops to the floor. Jigar smirks evilly. He drags Gopi to the closet and locks her in there.
“ Sorry Gopi Ji but you and Ahem will never be together.” Jigar says. He leaves the room and goes back to Gaura.
“ Is it done?” Gaura asks. Jigar nods. Gaura howls in happiness.
“ Amba Maa ki Jai!” Gaura shouts. Gaura tune plays. “ Now lets see how Gopi becomes my bahu.”

Precap- Dadi is shocked seeing Paro under the veil. She alerts Sindoora.

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  1. Isaaq

    After over a year, a well demanded fan fiction has returned. However, to create more suspense, I will be updating shorter parts than I usually do. They will be treated like episodes rather than parts. Hope you all enjoy it. I promise to update daily.

  2. Isaaq

    Will Gopi and Ahem get married? Please read further episodes to find out!

  3. Riana

    Omg ! Welcome back kausati….love this ff…missed gaura and dadi a lot lol ????…Omg ! Evil jigar locked gopi inside the closet i am shocked ! ???…Gaura thinks she will win lets see ??…Anwayz, paro’s entry was surprising and lets see what happens in the next episode…Precap is stunning ??…Updt soon ?

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you so much for commenting! I like this ff now.

  4. Jasminerahul

    sad that jigar is supporting gaura and made gopi unconscious.oh no paro is dressed as a bride.hope gopi regains consciousness n gets married to ahem.but how will gopi be conscious? shocking that paro was ahem’s ex.why did they break up?though Dadi is evil I hope she makes sure that gohem get married

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you Jas. all the suspense will be revealed in part 7. I’ve just uploaded it

  5. Good work of a genius.

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