Ruhaniyaat (Segment 117)

His point of view-
As soon as i reached home i found Pie in the hall and our over night bags packed.
“Finally” she said as she came over to me kissing my lips..
“Where have you been..?” She enquired..
I smiled replaying my conversation with Mom.
“Nowhere important” i said dismissing her..
“Comeon lets get going..” i said picking up the bags .
“Coming” Pie yelled coming out from the kitchen with her handbag.
“None of this ma’m.” I said grabbing her handbag and swinging it over my shoulders.
She gave me a shocked expression before kissing my cheek and sitting down in the car.

His best friend’s point of view –
“Ting tong..”
I opened the door to find my best buddy with bhabhijaan’s bag on his shoulder..
I looked at him for a minute or two before bursting out laughing..
This man was crazily in love with her.
Bhabhijaan seemed pretty embarassed as she quickly grabbed her hand bag from Jhonny and walking in.
“Si….” My boy yelled and wrapped himself on her legs.
“Hey there buddy. ” She said lifting him up..
“Babe.. careful..” Jhonny said and his went hand instinctively on her back..
“You know teacher my teacher seprated our class .. she is very bad..” i heard my baby complain as he dragged her to his room
Yea the teachers had seprated them into diffrent sections because they felt that this will help them make friends with other kids.
“Sweetheart come say hi..” i called out to my princess who was standing behind the curtains.
She had gotten all shy nowadays and i dont know why.
“Okay dada” she squeaked before coming and standing behind my legs..
“Hi lion “she whispered to Jhonny
“Hey princess.”
“Anyways we came here to give you our phones and house keys..” Jhonny started as we sat down on the couch in the living room.
“And why is that..?”
“Actually we are going for our babymoon and we don’t want any disturbances ..” he answers blushing ..
Did i just see Jhonny blush..?
Love surely does strange things to you..
“Sorry..i was busy..” explained my better half entering the living room with baby titli in her arms.
Princess’s eyes shone with joy as soon as her eyes landed on her little sister..
Touch wood the twins loved their sibling to death.
“Can i hold her..?” Jhonny asked my wife.
“Sure” she replied instructing him on how to hold a baby.

Her point of view –
I watched as Dexy held Titli in his arms rocking her gently..
Even from down the hall i could see how nervous he was..
I wonder how it will be with our kid..
I don’t know about Dex but i guess mom could be of some help.. I think we should move back with mom and Papa..
I guess i will have to talk to Dex about this soon..
“Love.. I guess we should get going..” Dex called out as soon as his eyes landed on me..
“No..not so soon..”
“I will come back soon baby …pakka..” i said kissed my baby’s head ..
He is such a sweetheart ..i love him so much..!
After convincing him that i will be back soon we finally left for the beach house..

His point of view –
Opening the door to our babymoon beach house i let myself and her in..
“I missed this place..” she said sighing ..
I can’t help but remember our wedding night in this house..
We had entered the house giggling…
Too happy to care about the world.
Finally she was mine and i was hers..
Life couldn’t have been better…
We had tossed our shoes somewhere near the door and had ran straight to the beach feeling the warm sand under our bare feet.
“I freaking love you ..” i told her..
She simply blushed before kissing my cheek and running away ..
“Hey ” i ran after her until finally catching her and pulling her down with me…
Laughing as i tickled her..
“Ok stop stop…i love you too..” she had said breathing heavily from laughing too much..
“What again..?” She asked confused
“What you just said ..say it again ” .
“What again..?” She replied teasing me..
“Common love don’t play with me..” i whined.
“Say please .”
She was asking Jhonny to say please .
Hell if it was someone else i would have showed them who was the boss here..
But it was her..
So i said it without a thought .
“I love you ..i love you my pati parmeshwar..” she said holding back a moan as i started to kiss her shoulder and downwards..
I was the luckiest man alive to have her.
I loved her so much..!

Please do not apologise for commenting late for on posts as it breaks my heart.
Any kind of relationships is always two way when i am not able to post regularly then how can i expect regular comments..
Besides my writting have never been about comments and praises. ( Which i am truly and sincerely thankful for)
Its always about readers enjoying the stories and me being able to find myself..
Please don’t apologise.
Divyarani and shagun i love you beautiful people.
Thank you


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