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The Episode starts with Anand asking Rajat to call Chauhan. Rajat says I have hired him for formality, we did not know this emergency will come. He calls Chauhan and says manage all the arrangements, as it’s a major accident on highway, 15 victims will be coming here, I don’t want our hospital to lose name, we have to do it. Chauhan asks the staff to get prepared, and sees the victims being brought in the ambulances. The patients are taking in OT, and Anand goes with Chauhan to help him treating them. Rajat sends the man on wheelchair seeing him injured and tries managing things. Roshni, Nikhil and Doodle also treat the victims. Nikhil manages the little kid by saying a story of magic. Roshni hears him and smiles.

The nurse asks Roshni when will Vasundara come. Roshni says she will just come.

The nurse says a pregnant lady is injured, and Roshni asks her to see till her mum comes. Doodle sees some patients. Rajat sees everything. Sharad comes and asks the situation. Roshni and Nikhil treat many more. People get angry as they are waiting for the treatment since long. Kishore asks them to calm down. Roshni says we need lots of blood. Nikhil asks the blood group. She says she will talk to Rajat. She tells Rajat about the emergency and they need six units. Rajat and Sharad call blood banks and ask for urgent requirement, and comes to know they can get just 2 units. He says I will send my staff, provide them the units available.

Mona calls Rajat and he says he will talk later. She says is situation in control. He says about blood units arrangements, he does not want any problem. She says blood banks will have lists, if not units. Sharad says I will go with Badri to arrange blood units. Roshni asks Rajat about it. Rajat asks her to start operation, he will arrange the units.

Sharad and Badri are on the way and find more units in small hospitals. Roshni and Nikhil do the operation. Sharad and Badri are still finding the blood units and meet some people too, whose blood matches and ask for blood donation. The man says he is feeling weak and ill, and apologize. Kishore and Doodle treat a girl, and Doodle is impressed by the way Kishore does the wound stitching. Kishore talks to him, and says he has to do any needed operation when the time comes. Doodle says I can’t believe this. Kishore says such moments make us learn a lot.

Sharad talks to Rajat and says they got the list and nothing arranged till now, we are trying. Roshni and Nikhil wait for more units. Vasundara checks the pregnant lady and does the operation. She tells the family that she was wounded, and she lost the baby, else Kusum would havbe died, that’s why we had to abort the baby. The lady asks why did you not ask us. She starts scolding Vasundara for ending the house’s heir, and does it care for her bahu. Kishore hears them and sends Vasundara to attend any other patient in the casualty. The lady cries to lose her grandson. Kishore explains her to thank the doctor that she has saved your bahu, the baby can come again, and your son is with you, think about your bahu who lost the baby, who will understand her pain, if you cry infront of her, what will she go through. He asks the man to sit with his wife with a smiling face and give her strength.

Rajat talks to Kishore. Roshni sees the blood unit ending and ask for more units. Rajat says blood units are not arranged and calls Sharad. Sharad says they did not get it till now. Rajat asks him to come soon, they will lose name. Doodle says I will go in OT and check. Nikhil says we have just 5 mins. They all worry and look on from the glass window. Doodle tells Rajat about blood, else patient will start sinking. Rajat gets worried. Sharad and Badri try arranging the units. Roshni and Nikhil get worried seeing the blood unit ending.

Rajat and Sharad see news of Leela hospital not having blood banks. Nikhil asks Roshni to keep hair loose, as she looks good. He holds her hand and says he wants to see Bhopal with her once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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