Kalash 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manju doesnt accept money and says Devika is my daughter in law and i will take he from here, Savitri says you are a fool to not take this money, i know you have eye on Devika’s crore’s property, you didnt accept this money as you are a fool but what you will do now? will force Devika to go with you? DEvika is my daughter, she will not believe this fake marriage, Devika comes there with Rekha, Savitri ask DEvika to tell them that you dont accept this marriage, then i will show them their status, just say this marriage is fake and you will not go with them, Devika says i will go with them, all are stunned, Savitri says are you in senses, this marriage is a fraud with us, you will not go with them, this is my order, will you go against me? Devika says i never went against you and will

never go, you wanted me to marry and accepted it, today marriage has happened, i have taken pheras around agni so how can i deny it? i have been part of lie so i cant lie anymore, i have to go, Savitri says you have gone mad, these fake rituals doesnt matter to us, its cheat, Devika says i will accept everything as Ambe Maa’s wish, Manju says she is sane unlike you Savitri, Devika says i request you to not say anything to my family, Manju says come, Devika looks at her father, he nods to her to go, Ravi comes to DEvika, they start leaving, Gayetri says to Savitri why you are not stopping them? Savitri says stop, Devika and Ravi turns, Savitri says before going you have to prove that you didnt marry her for money, Ravi says what proof you want, she says DEvika will have to give all her jewelry to us, Ravi says i dont need anything, DEvika matters to me only, take all jewelry, Manju says stop it, what will people say that we brought bride sans any jewelry, Savitri says i knew you will not accept it, Rekha says to Savitri what kind of condition is this? EDevika has riht on this jewelry and any girl going without jewelry is not good omen, Savitri ask her to shut up, nobody can question me, Devika’s father says i dont accept it, he says she is my daughter and she will go without any drama now, nobody will take off any jewelry off from my rdaughter else i will not forgive her, Savitri says Atal i will remember this, i am not going to be part of this, she leaves, Atal ask Devika to go, Rekha brings Devika out of venue, she ask Devika to throw rice and give blessing to your brothers, throws it backward, Devika cries and hugs Rekha, both cry, Rekha ask her to not cry, your new life is starting, new family, new duties and i know you will keep them happy, will you? i will keep praying for your protection, Ambe maa is with you, your new family is waiting for you, you will live with them now but dont forget your chachi, Devika says no, Rekha says go your family is waiting, DEvika comes to Atal, he folds his hand to say sorry, she cries and hugs him, he says forgive me my doll, all my life i was rude to you, forgive me, she says no, he kisses her forehead, he ask her to be happy always, Rekha comes to Ravi and folds her hand, he holds it, Rekha says to Ravi that Devika is my like my daughter, i was not happy with her marriage to Saket, she has never seen any happiness, she was born, her mother died and her father never showed love to her, she deserve happiness, will you keep my Devika? Ravi says i promise i will give her so much love that she will forget everything, i wont let any problem come near her,
Saket says to Savitri that you said she will not go and what happened? i was groom and my marriage didnt happen, i am insulted, he says to SAvitri that you couldnt do anything, Savitri says i thought Devika will listen to me, she will not go, i tried myself but when she is against me then what can i do? i cannot force her else Manju would have complaint in police against me so i had to let her go to save my remaining respect, i am sorry, Saket says what about me? my love is snatched, i cant tell you how much insulted i am feeling, Shweta says the one who insulted went with head high, Saket says i will not leave him and the one who took his side.
Gayetri and Saket are leaving in their car, Manju plucks flower bouquet from Saket’s car, she puts it on her taxi, Saket stares at Devika, Raqvi gets angry.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are in car, Ravi looks at Devika who is sadly sitting. Ravi’s car bangs in Saket’s car, Saket comes out and starts beating Ravi’s driver, Ravi comes out and stops Saket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bidai also done hope next evetything will be fine

  2. Devika should have said that (added with she did Pheras with him) Ravi is well known to everyone that he is a good person, she trust him and she also believe that he did this for a reason. Except Savithri Dadi no one likes Saket””. If Devika said that no more place for argument there. But drama needs more fuel huh?

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