Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika confronts Shamsher for hurting Kamla

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika seeing Kamla’s face and asks if Roop’s Papa did this. Kamla says he didn’t do anything. I was making food on Chula and got my face burnt. Ishika asks what happened to gas. Kinjal says Baap ji is upset with Maa as she gave you bangles by broking the FD of her name. She says he thinks that she spent his earnings on her and that’s why punished her to make food on Chula. Ishika is shocked. Kamla asks Kinjal to be quiet. Roop thinks of Ranvir’s words and thinks I shouldn’t have come in Ranvir’s talks and regrets to accept his challenge. Rupesh comes and asks what happened? Roop says I did a mistake and says I did what I shouldn’t have done. Rupesh says we are humans and do mistakes. He says I know you don’t do anything intentionally. Roop

says I am feeling better talking to you.

Ishika asks why didn’t you tell me before, and returns her bangles. Kamla refuses to take it and says I can’t take this. This is shagun and I can’t do abshagun by taking it back. She says these bangles have my love and blessings. Ishika says it is wrong that I get blessed and you get punished. Shamsher comes and throws the bangles. He says once things go away from here, it can’t return, be it my son or these bangles. Ishika says these bangles and your son will return in this son. Shamsher says this is my house and I will decide what to do. Ishika says you earn the money and she runs the house with that money. She says this house is of mummy ji also and it needs her efforts to build her house. She says until Maa asks me not to come, I will come in this house. Shamsher says I decide who comes here and who can’t, and not Kamla. Ishika asks then why did you give her mangalsutra and sindoor if she don’t have any rights, if you wanted work to be done then would have brought a Servant. Bua says such girls ruin the society. Ishika says even husbands shall behave good with their wives and tells that both have equal responsibility. She gives examples. She says if you bring wine then it is your rights and if your wife give bangles to her bahu then she don’t have right. She says both have equal rights.

Shamsher says my wife is not saying anything and you are saying all these things. Ishika says your wife is silent as she respects you and that’s why your family is united. Shamsher asks her to go else he will blast his anger on her. Ishika says I will leave from here, and will take back the bangles with me as it is given to me by an understanding, sensible, and strong woman. She touches Kamla’s feet and tries to touch Shamsher’s feet, but he moves away. Ishika says I will come and meet you often here. Shamsher gets upset. Ishika goes. Kamla thinks my son got a right bahu. Ishika reaches home. Kamla calls her and asks her not to tell anything to Roop. She says if Roop comes to know this then he will argue with his Papa. Ishika says ok and asks her to take care.

Ishika reminds Rupesh what Haren Kaka did with him on his birthday. Ranvir comes and asks Ishika not to get angry. He asks Roop to call all family members. Roop says they shall celebrate birthday with family. Haren Patel scolds Kanti for organizing his birthday party and says I will not celebrate until Rupesh and his family leave from here. Ishika hears them.

Haren cuts the cake and makes Rupesh eats first. They have a hug. Ranvir takes their pictures and says everyone shall learn from them to start their relation again. He says lets play a passing pillows game with the partner. Ishika says I will be punished because of you. Ranvir asks Purvi not to play this game and asks her to go. Purvi makes an excuse and goes from there. Ranvir plays the music and thinks Roop got trapped badly. He asks Vaishnavi and Praful what they will do. Kanti asks them to sing. They sing the song. Ranvir stops when the pillow is in Roop’s hand and asks him to challenge 20 pushups in 1 mins and says Ishika will sit on your back. Roop says I accept your challenge and asks him to accept the challenge with him. He says everyone will feel good. Ranvir says you will lose and calls Purvi. Purvi comes and stands beside him. Ishika and Purvi sit on their respective husband’s back.

Ranvir talks cheaply infront of Rupesh about ishika. Rupesh gets angry and slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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