Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela stunned knowing Anand’s stance on Naina’s relationship

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tai ji and Rakesh are shocked to see Naina and Sameer. Sameer also notices them and his eyes widen in shock. Tai ji calls out to Naina. She looks up. Sameer stops the bike. Rakesh stops the auto and starts walking towards them. They both recall the different times they saw Naina with Sameer. Rakesh slaps Sameer as he tries to say anything. Tai ji drags Naina to the auto by her ear. Sameer looks on helplessly.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
I get goose bumps whenever I think of that day. I am also jealous of today’s generation. They act so cool in front of their parents these days but no one taught us to be so courageous like them. Naina and I knew what was just about to happen! Ye Un Dino Ki Baat Hai!

Rakesh keeps slapping Naina repeatedly. His brother tells him to stop

but Rakesh refuses. I wish I had no daughter. It would have been better than seeing this day! She was enjoying with that guy openly! Weren’t you ashamed before doing that? Tai ji asks her fo make up a new excuse. You got red handed today. I doubted her but she used to escape somehow. Do you now realise why I was after everyone? She has fooled us! Rakesh comes back with a stick but his brother tells him to let Naina tell her side of the story. Bela reluctantly lets go of Naina. Rakesh’s brother asks Naina what her relation with Sameer is. She keeps quiet. He asks her again. I know that time is changing and people who do not follow the trend lag behind. I don’t want something to go wrong in our house like what we saw recently. Tell us everything honestly. Rakesh objects but his brother tells him to understand. The kids have grown up. What if they do something wrong? He turns his attention to Naina. When did you meet Sameer? When did all this start and how far have you both gone? Naina replies that they met in 11th standard in school. Rakesh shouts at her but his brother makes him stand quietly in a corner. He makes Preeti bring water for Naina. He assures Naina she need not cry. We are here. Naina drinks water. He repeats her words. Naina says we love each other since then and want to marry each other. He ends up slapping her hard this time. You have done enough! Now we will do what we have to do!

Tai ji is seething in anger. She recalls a day when she had gone to temple with Bela and Preeti. She had gone to the temple to pray for Pralay’s exams. A lady asks Bela what she has come here for. Bela says my prayers are already answered. The ladies ask about Pooja. Bela speaks happily about her. The lady says Naina too would have been ruling her home if you had not broken alliance with Sharad. We met his mother yesterday only. She was sad over whatever happened. Bela goes ahead with Preeti to do puja. Tai ji asks the lady again about what Sharad’s mother was saying. The lady says she was unhappy over how the alliance broke. She dint like the family. Shall we ask them again? Tai ji gets thinking. Flashback ends.

Munna and Pundit are shocked to hear what happened. Sameer decides to go to Naina’s house but they advise him against it. Don’t know what Rakesh ji would have done to her. Sameer says that’s why I am going. No one is there to take care of the situation. Chacha ji is also away. They insist that they must be hitting Naina there and he will also be beaten if he goes there. This angers Sameer. I wont bear it if anyone even touches her. They ask him if he will hit them or leave them. Sameer nods. I will leave them just like I left Ma for her. They pull the key from the bike and offer to find out what’s happening at Naina’s home.

Bela is hitting Naina. Preeti tries to stop her but Bela is heartbroken because of Naina’s lies. Bela asks Preeti if she is also having an affair. Let me know. Naina stops her saying she is not into all that. Bela says why you care. That day you went to see film with him only? She hits Naina. Anand supported you at every step of life. You should have atleast thought about him! Bhabhi ji was right. Kids of someone else never become our own! They remain strangers only! Bela cries. It is my fault. I was trying to be your mother! Preeti stands with her sister. Bela says your Chacha ji is coming tonight. He will be thrilled by your acts. He used to talk about you so proudly in front of everyone! She pulls at Naina’s ear angrily. Preeti tells her to stop it. Papa knows everything. Bela is shocked. He knows? Preeti nods. Preeti and Naina cry.

Munna is unable to reach Naina’s landline. He ends up calling Swati. She picks the call and is surprised to hear his voice. She asks him if he is fine. He replies that he dint call her to ask how she is. She is happy that he even called her. He says Naina still thinks of you as your best friend. He tells her everything. She asks him to keep the phone down for 2 minutes. I will find out what’s happening.

Bela asks Preeti again. Preeti swears upon her. He has given his nod to them and their relationship. He is so happy with it that he even agreed to speak to everyone as soon as he is back from USA. Bela sits on the swing stunned.

Tai ji holds Naina’s hand asking her to come with her. She warns Naina to be quiet. Bela, you also come along. Bela asks her where she is taking Naina. Rakesh says it is her wedding today. She is going to temple! Tai ji says she is lucky. Sharad and his family agreed for the wedding after whatever happened! My husband has gone to temple to make arrangements. Bela suggests waiting for Anand to come but Tai ji does not want to waste any time. Bela and Naina speak negatively about Sharad but Rakesh stays put. Naina requests her father not to do this. I don’t wish to marry Sharad. Rakesh asks her if she wants to ruin his respect in front of everyone for that Sameer. The car is downstairs. Preeti also begs Tai ji not to do it. Sharad is not a good guy. Tai ji pays no heed to them. Bela stands there in shock.

Precap: Naina’s friends request Bela to let Naina go with Sameer. Sameer also begs her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh god! For Naina it’s really tough time, and what ‘her father’s reputation’ what kind of father he is getting his daughter marry to guy who slapped her and they are not even waiting for Anand to come. Really in this situation the best thing is to elope (From Temple).
    Just waiting for Swati and Naina’s reunion due to this track. And want this sad track to over with a really positive note. I don’t want this track to end with Sameer and Naina’s wedding cuz 1 year is still left for their studies.

  2. Just thrilled and feeling depressed to see Naina’s situation?…Hate Rakesh Taiji and Tauji…I was first surprised to see Tauji’s soft behavior towards Naina but he also showed this real colours…
    Feeling sad to hear ‘paraya’ for Naina from Chachiji…I understand she was too much angry and trustbroken but still I didn’t like…?But good to see that she guarded Naina from that devil Rakesh like a mother…
    Chachaji will be back so soon…Has one month passed in just 1 episode???
    What do you think will Chachiji help Naina in eloping with Sameer for sometime after knowing that Anand supports their relationship?…Hope everything to be fine soon…And please don’t want to see that Sharad’s face again… Can’t tolerate him even for one second?
    Poori duniya me Sharad hi ek akela lrka bcha h kya??Baki lrke mr gye????
    And Rakesh is not anyone’s father but just a frustrated devil who is hellbent to make his “so called kids” like him…He has already destroyed Arjun’s life and going to do same with Naina too…?

  3. Feeling sad for Naina and Sameer. Can’t see their separation again 🙁

  4. What a melodramatic episode. These people are shaming Naina so much.

    I thought atleast Tauji would behave calm and composed, was infact surprised to see him that calm, but he was even worse.

    What kind of families are these? Their reputation is stained if their daughter is in love with a guy from another caste. But it’s not when they marry away the same daughter in less than an hour? What will the society think why they got Naina married in haste? Obviously they’ll think some gadbad has happened. Isn’t the family’s reputation at stake now?

    Taiji is probably one of the worst people out there. She’s actually a villain. Wanting to hurt Naina just because she’s a girl. Taiji is power conscious, self centered, selfish, and a lazy woman who belittles every other human being on Earth. Arey, she was childless for so many years, if her heart was big, she could have loved Naina/preeti so much and seen her children in them. But no, according to her, Naina is a burden- an ugly, poor girl who despite doing well in studies and being the ideal daughter, is still undeserving of a good husband. Such a low level woman taiji is.

    And Rakesh, don’t even get me started on him. That man never ever cared that he has a daughter, always put extra pressure on his Arjun, broke arjun’s self confidence and ruined his life, harassed both children mentally, belittled Naina for being a girl and a burden. I have never seen him buy a gift for Naina, congratulate or praise her on her achievements, pay for her food or clothes or education. But when it comes to scolding and slapping, he has all rights on Naina.

    These people never cared about Naina. They treated her like a piece of sh*t, as a worthless orphan. The only people who genuinely cared about Naina and did the duties of parents are chachaji and chachiji. And today, when Naina is being punished by getting her married in haste to a terrible monster, chachaji is not even being asked for his opinion. Hypocrites of another level these people are. Such drastic decisions.

    The family knows how Sharad is, and they still want Naina to get married to him? Why? Because Naina is a left over? She’s a burden that will stain their reputation? So she getting married to that monster is still a better thing than being with Sameer, because God forbid their stupid reputation goes at stake. Naina can handle her life with Sharad, and even if Sharad hits her or disrespects her, it’s fine, a gilr like her deserves this only; the only thing that matters is family honour.

    Why wasn’t Rakesh hurt as much as Arjun shefali this time? Why didn’t he try to suicide? Just shows he always cared about his son and that too loved him only conditionally. Such a careless parent. And he’s calling Sameer awara. He’s not ready to marry his daughter to this awara but is ready to marry her to a ghatiya badtameez disrespectful egoistic abusive monster like Sharad. Just wants to wash hands off Naina, that’s all. Such a useless parent.

    Today chachiji was so heartbroken. I felt bad when she said apna paraya. But she really had motherly concern for Naina. The way she shielded Naina and said Sharad is not a good guy for Naina, shows that she believes her daughter should still receive the best despite making a mistake. Her face when she got to know that chachaji approved, it was like she was actually concerned bout how bad chachaji might feel that the fact that Naina is in love or she has sinned according to the world.

    I think chachiji will let Naina go, like ddlj type. They’ll somehow escape the wedding and then come back. But chachaji will be presented with wrong information that Naina Sameer eloped and that’s why he would slap her. Maybe after that chachiji will tell the truth about what happened and how they didn’t have time to save Naina so she just escaped from her wedding to Sharad and chachiji only permitted her. And maybe then chachaji anger will get fine.

    I don’t understand what kind of family is sharads. I’m not shaming Naina but why does that family want to marry Naina? Even after knowing the truth. That family is so cheap that they’d probably catcall Naina and tell how shameless/characterless she is and malign her name in the entire Agarwal community. Then why would they choose a girl who’s had a relationship and is getting married in this way? Fishy much.

    I just hope chachaji will calm down, and chacha chachi will stand up for Naina and her love.

  5. for first i also thought tauji is calm ,but that man is also double faced ,chacha ji will know half the truth only that is why i think he would slap naina, not much expected from rakesh sir and taiji
    ,they would go any limitations to hurt her,

    today i feel proud of naina atleast she has the courage to speak that he loved sameer and want to get married ? really naina i loved your fearless attitude and dialogue delivery

  6. So much drama in one episode. I love the way Sameer said jab main apni mummy se lad sakta hu toh kissi bhi lad sakta hu .. AND Naina said we met in school in 11th standard and from then we love each other and want to get married .Fabulous Naina stood for her love .I am so proud of her.The way they hit Naina today ,I would faint in that situation . She was strong ,may be it’s strength of her love for Sameer. Loved it.
    Friendship -Munna ,pandit , Kamya and Swati all were there for the support. Hats off to them.
    Overall, all Agarwals nailed it with their acting and Sameer my poor baby was really begging chachaji in precap to let go Naina with him .The love in his heart was visible through his eyes..
    Very scary episode!!!

  7. hi all

    just saw on ITa comments : straight quote

    Faneez Ali
    20 hours ago
    Randeep k life me freinds bahot kam hai aur randeep k best freind se hi mlm hua hai k eisha singh and randeep rai getting married soon…..

    Um! what do think of the couple? I felt Ashi and Randeep would be good together.

    1. According to me it’s their personal life and personal decision that whom they want to marry…We as a viewers like Sameer and Naina as Jodi not Ashi and Randeep as we are connected to the serial from beginning…

  8. It was unwarranted of Samaina. When chachaji promised to take their relationship ahead for marriage proposal what was the need for Samina to roam free in public in bike that too in their own mohal? Doesn’t naina know that thaiji is following her like her shadow ? Crossing their limit led to this situation. Chachaji would not approve their relationship for breach of trust. Sameer already not able to convince his mother will find tough to get back the confidence of Chachaji. Chachiji who treated both naina and preeti at par as her daughter is shattered. Chachiji who on every occasion supported naina, has no sound ground now to support her. If Rakesh and Touji (and Taiji) come to know that chachaji already know of their relationship and even supported their love, I am scared how furious would they react and what will happen to Chachaji’s reputation? I think now Sammer and his friend would bail out naina from her forced marriage with Sharad by playing some tricks, but again it will escalate anger and assault on naina. Yesterday’s episode was full of power packed actions. Naina got back all slaps which she gave sammer on several occasions, all at once! I think the soap will have high tension actions, turn and twist in the coming weeks and the turn of the Sameer’s family is yet to come.

    1. Sweta2005

      Samaina was not going around in their mohalla ,it was at diffrent place,how can you compare two slaps that Naina gave Sameer to uncountable slaps yesterday

  9. Swara23

    Very true sweta

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