In which role did Aham Sharma look best?


Aham Sharma is currently entertaining his fans by his role of Rishabh in Zee tv’s Brahmarakshas. He is most known for his role of Karn in Mahabharat and Arjun in Manmarziyan. Both the shows aired on Star Plus and won a huge fan fallowing. While his role in Mahabharat was sketched as per the Hindu mythology, Aham’s acting talent was much appreciated. He has won STAR Parivaar Award for Saathi Nayi Soch Ka and Indian Telly Award for Best Actor In Supporting Role for his stint in Mahabharat.

His role of Arjun Mehra in Manmarziyan was very much different with many shades. Arjun was romantic, positive, little grey, and showed his moral dilemma over his hidden motives for revenge. Arjun was more of a hero to fight with his own feelings. Aham’s versatility was seen in that show, and his romantic chemistry with his co-star made him very popular. Aham’s looks and attitude were quite impressive.

The actor is now seen as Rishabh Srivastav in the horror thriller show Brahmarakshas. Rishabh is a positive character, who aims to end the devil’s fear in Kamalpura. Aham’s chemistry with Krystle D’Souza is much liked by his fans. Aham has chosen distinct roles till now and portrayed all characters with conviction. In which role did Aham Sharma looked best? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. HEiis one of those few actors who are handsome has a great personality and also a great acting skills .the way he enacted as karna was superb nobody else could have done bettee than himit was so dam real.if a anyone else acted karna viewers would not be able to connect to the character as karna akways a underrated in arjun to portray so many shades in a character is superb. way to go man

  2. Siddhi

    I think he is best doing in brahmarakshas

  3. Jnana

    I first saw him when he played the role of arjun….. He perfectly expressed all the emotions of arjun….. He did that in hoa own fashion….. That makes him look different from all the other actors….. Aham sharma rocks……..

  4. Jnana

    I first saw him when he played the role of arjun….. He perfectly portrayed all the emotions of arjun….. He did that in hoa own fashion….. That makes him look different from all the other actors….. Aham sharma rocks……..

  5. anyone watched manmarziyan has no doubt ahams excellence in acting power…seemed like he was meant for arjun…he carries such heavy personality as well unlike most of the actors…he is a gem.

    1. Siddhi

      I saw but I think there was something missing in his acting and that was confidence because he was little nervous always

      1. Devga

        No sidhi in mmz His role was not anything normal… Till end no one can describe His role…. And His character was portrayed like A confused angry caring young man who was covered by hatred frm childhood… Thts y HE looked like confused… But HE was apt in His role….

        ITS my opinion…. No offence… Just tired my opinion… Take it easy…

    2. Devga

      Yea nihar HE was awesome in His role… I STIL cant forget the first mesmerizing “MY MAYBELLINE GIRL IS” and thadah there comes His GIRL….

      1. awww….my maybelline girl…u reminded me of that epic day..?

      2. Tara

        devga di… that was such a cute moment… i wish mmz is aired again.. i would love to watch it… no matter at what time..

      3. Devga

        @Tara…. Yup i too wish the same…

  6. Devga

    I noticed him as karna frm mahabarat wen i was admired WATCHING HIM AS ARJUN…. SO ARJUN WAS GRT….

    HIS ACTING in all THREE IS THE BEST…. NO one can do KARN role AS HE DID…. And as ARJUN MINDBLOWING EMOTIONS…. Rishab ofcourse really different role…

    And he is rocking evry role HE get…..

    1. offff courrrrrrssseee he is

  7. Sammy

    offcouse my cutiepie Arjunnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. cute dp of ardhika??

  8. Starz


    1. Starz

      in mmz

  9. Offcourse in Mahabharat as he is best as Arjun

  10. my words will always fall short describing ahams acting in manmarziyan…my first indian television series is defined by him…so better not to try…even now after 1 year ending of manmarziyan…miss it terribly…?….i wish it could be have a second season….????

  11. Diya

    I think Aham loooked most handsome in Mahabharat as Karn


  12. S.v

    i saw him first as ang raj karn then after that it was Arjun mehra which he did and my fav a khadoos yet caring but was helpless when he was in love with a girl but need to hurt her for his sister. A confusion a panic a arrogant no one can do that only my fav arjun sir has done it. Love it to the core even today we are still cherishing all those moments of mmz just because of him. So my fav is first Arjun but then when he was standing with the bow he is karn for sure as when he was insulted and when he came to know about the truth of his birth then when his soul was about to leave and the last minutes of ang raj woo no one can do it except him. Always my fav was arjun then ang raj karn.

  13. Ishan

    As rishabh of bhramrakshas

  14. All three, he is simply perfect

  15. In Every role he is awesome!!

  16. all the roles,, he is perfectionist beyond perfection…
    Either as karn,or arju or rishab he simply rocks

  17. One morerequest kindly plce one more option All the three, i will choose it

  18. I didnt see him in mahabrarat. but i saw him in manmarziyan n he was excellent as arjun. hes charecter was confusing and till the end he kept us confused with his chrecter and there was his actual skill. Its not easy for everyone to keep viewers love him even through being grey shaded. and as far as brahmaraksas i saw some epi. here ahem is totally different frm arjun. hes joyous and happy young man. but as im much attached to mmz charecters so definitely i used to like aham as arjun more.

    hello devga ireena how r u?


  19. I like arjun the most

  20. Aham rocksss in all the 3 roles He is such a talented and amazing actor….. AHAM ROCKSSSSS….

  21. Naaga

    He looks gud in both angle which means Karn as well as Arjun Mehra.

  22. Sidnisha

    aham is very talented actor he is best.

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