Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-2)

Goenka manshion is shown

Sakshi is arranging house as they had just setteled in Delhi. Just then Twinkle cam in hurry and she started dislocating the things which sakshi was arranging

Sakshi : twinkle yeh tum kya kar rahi hoo

Twinkle :mom my earings are missing

Sakshi : earning tum sab kuch karabh kardiya

Twinkle : but that was my favourite one. I wish vo kho toh nahi gayi

Just then gitanjali enters

gaura : good morning auntie..

sakshi : good morning bachaa .itne subha subha koi bath hai

Gaua : twinkle ne call kiya tha

Twinkle : haa maa mein ne bathaya toh da.ok bye di chaliye

Sakshi : par dono ja kahan par rahi hai

twinkle: Aayan ki birthday is comming na uskeliye gift karedna hai

They both went to mall


Maya : yeh abhi kahan rah gayi. He told me he will be here at 4. Let him come.

She just walks through the places just yhen abhomanyu came

abhi : i hope i am not late

maya : ya just half an hour . not like previous time

Abhi : kya socha hai. What are you goning to tell mom

Maya : I don’t know .Actually i am tensed

Abhi : Toh chal shopping karthae hai. This is the best way to reduce your stress

They shopped a lot of things.Maya and abhi was at the counter .Abhi left by saying that he will take the car                                                        after abhi left Maya’s eyes fell on a long salwar.She went to pick it .But two hands holded the dress at same time .Yes that was Arjun

Maya : yeh dress mein ne phele choose kiya

Arjun : Excuse me miss .I have choosen it

Maya : please samajh ne ki koshish karo app

Arjun : Isme samjh ne waali kya cheese hai .Maine apne sister ke liye choose kiya hai

Shopkeeper : Any problem ?

Arjun ; Actually mujhe yeh dress karedna tha

Maya ; isae nahi mujhe..

shopkeepet : I am sorry sir. Yeh dress toh already sold hai

Both of their face become pale yellow

Maya : hum bhi kitnae pagal hai..kise aur ki dress ke liyae inta bahas kiya

Arjun : Excuse mee

Maya : opps! sorry apko bura laga toh

Arjun : actually sahi hai khafi pagal hai hum

They smile looking at eachother


Twinkle and gitanjali was also in the mall.As it was getting late twinkle was a little worried.When twinkle took the car it suddenly hit on an other car,she was quite scared so gaura took her seat. The owner of car came out and asked gaura to come down

Unfortunately it was abhi’s car which they hit.Gaura came out of the car .Abhimanyu gave her adead angry look .While gaura was tensed and scared

precap : Abhigeet’s fight.Maya’s decission
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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot for the quick update.please keep updating like this.abhi Maya bonding is nice..arya meeting with an argument and ending up with an embarrassing smile was cute..abhimanyu geetanjali going to meet.guess abhi will be angry as their car hit his car.why is geetanjali called as gaura

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