Ishqbaaz or nafratbaaz.. shivika – one new story which is special (PART-3)

It’s evening, Anika is going home. Some goons try to kidnap Anika. At the same time Shivaay reaches there and escapes Anika.Shivaay drops Anika in her home. In the car they had a huge fight.Next day, Shivaay reaches office , when he reached there he was surprised to see Anika there early.Shivaay thinks today she will know why I hired her.Anika asks Shivaay what is he thinking. He says I forgot to tell you yesterday. I bought your house yesterday. I know you were living there rented but now it’s mine and I don’t want any renters in my home. So now to get your house back you want to say sorry and tell me your price.

Anika gets shocked and remembers what happened two days before ,when Shivaay comes to her home , Anika throws a glass of water on him. And Shivaay gets angry and asked her to say sorry . But she didn’t. And he asks what’s your price? Anika slaps him and says get out. He went out. Fb. Stops….

Shivaay takes a glass of water and throws on her and he also throws a check and said check mate , take this check and write your price over here. Anika says phone falls down. Anika cries…. Shivaay keeps his phone on the table and goes.. Anika goes to her home. The guards say this Shivaay Singh oberoi ‘s property .. the guard gets a call. The guard says you can stay here for 1 week.

Shivaay reaches oberoi mansion and says oops I didn’t take my phone. He calls his assistant and says go to the office and take my phone. He goes to the office and takes Anika ‘s phone instead of shivaay s. Anika went there and takes Shivaay’s phone. When she reaches home she understood its shivaay s phone. And she calls in her phone , Shivaay answers… .

Anika asks is my phone with you? He says so my phone is with you. She says yes.shivaay says come to my home now.

She says why should I ? Can’t you come? It’s your need , i don’t need my phone. If you want just come here.Shivaay reaches Anika’s home and knocked at the door.She opens it. He comes inside and someone locked the door . They got stucked inside¬† the door.

Precap: who closed the door? How will it open ? Will it open? If it doesn’t what will they do? Arguing? Or something else???

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    amazing..will be waiting for the next..

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    It is nice one

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    Nyc update

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