I am your right Raglak os… By folly

I am here with a new os ……. Thanks for being there for me guys…..
Now the story starts from lakshya pretend to be in love with Ragini for getting signature….On the day when she tried to feed him rasagulla and he in hyper shouted her that made Ragini to think that if he pretended..She just acted before him as she is unaffected and believe him he turns to the side and takes the deep breath….He puts the paper in dustbin and goes from there…
Ragini pretend that she didn’t notice him but she did…She rushed to the bin and take out the paper and read she shocked as someone grabbed her her heart without bleeding……She thinks how can a man sleep with a woman just get sign on those papers…… Chiiii BL**Dy sounderel Maheswari……..You used my body just like a trash and I am like a idiot thought that you love me that’s why you slept with me….I gave you my virginity and my everything…But he….????
She just remove her tears and stands and determine with something…..

At hall:
Every one present and Ragini comes there and sit beside swara in dining table swara smiles and says Ragini looking disturbed are you ok… Yeah shonu IAM…
Laksh looked at her she smiles at him
At night:
Ragini sign this paper and honeymoon get delayed yaar..Said Ragini she comes and signs the paper when laksh tried to hug her she back off telling I have somwork you sleep…He sighs and feels something fishy….
Next day laksh announced that swa_san and raglak are going to get married in same-day and same time…
All these days ragini speaks with laksh if any necessary it hurts him but he didn’t realise that he is in love…
Days passed as like everything here swara and Sanskar get married first as they are elder…..
Now they call Ragini down she comes there with her bag and she wears salwar(the one she wore on seeing Abhimanyu)and said why did you call me ma…
Sumi said you are bride you should be wearing bridal dress ragini….
Ragini smiles and look at laksh said laksh did Kavya likes the dress…
Laksh shocked and look at Ragini ….
Kavya comes there with bridal attire says thank God Ragini I thought that I would explain them …..You are so understanding…
All the while laksh sees Ragini without blinking..
Ragini goes to ap and handed her mangalsutra said this is not my right…..Laksh Clenched his fist without his knowledge….
When gadodias comes to Ragini she said ma pa dadi just take care of swaras Bidaai now I am going to baadi…I will be waiting there…She hugs swara and Sanky tells congrats guys be like this ever….
Ragini gets out of Maheshwari mansion without looking back at laksh…..

Two years later:
Ragini in silk saree sits in national award function as she is the best singer and sitarist she dedicated her life to music…. Everyone congrats her and she all the while maintaining her smile…..She is not that much rich but could afford to pay for helping indeed and poor
She went back to her home which is in Manali …
When she enters there a lady about 50s comes and said he is sleeping…She nods and ask the lady to go and come back at morning….The lady sighs and goes..
Ragini caress his head he smiles with his two teeth…Yeah raglaks son Armaan….
She kissed his forehead says I know that he used me that night there is no love but I gave him with the the name of love I love him that night…But he…
Armaan is oney year and 3 months now….He is now able to walk but stumbled a bit….He said Mama hmmmm…Means that he is hungry and I am very much happy when he comes and asks her to take him in her embrace….But one-thing I hate about Armaan is he is a carbon copy that bl**dy….I know if he would have a child with Kavya now….
Armaan cries helps her to come out her thoughts…
She goes and takes him he buried himself in her chest and ays Mama umm…..she goes and prepare milk for him with him in her waist….He dipped his whole right hand in his mouth ans licked Ragini said chiiii aru..Take out the hand what is this new band habit and she sits on couch and made Armaan lie in her lap start feed him using sipper…
Armaan drinks and smiles she said my aru….Love you bacha…..She kiss his cheeks and hugged him tight…

Next morning:
ragini wokeup and doing Pooja she goes and make Armaan bath and comes out with him she leaves him in the floor and start preparing milk….Aru beta is hungry Hena baby??! Asks Ragini Armaan tries to walk a but stumble and about to fall but Ragini holds him and holds his hands he walks cutely with support of his mama….
Just Ragini hears a longing voice…Ragini yeah he that is only him only his voice oh goddddddddd pls make it one of my nightmare….Laksh….
Armaan looked at laksh… Lucky just stare Armaan his twinkling eyes are just like Ragini….His hair and other things are exactly like laksh…..Ragini takes Armaan in her arms
Ragini didn’t look at him from the time he stand in the door…
Armaan smiles at laksh and he comes running there hug Ragini angd Armaan tightly says I thought I lost only one precious gift but I lost part of my life….
Ragini in rage pushed him says what do you want and who the hell are you to my baby???
He says father obviously his body cointanis my blood and he is here because our togetherness and you know ragini no one gets pregnant by themselves right???
Ragini signals the lady to take ARMaan inside..
Ragini smirks and says yeah I know that but do you think that you are the only men in the world….
Raginis pinky cheeks becomes red due to the angry Greek god’s fingerprints…
Anything anything you can speak other than my Ragini…..Said he
Oh my god where does this much love comes from mr.maheswari..
Laksh with a pale face said i am suffering from blood cancer Ragini only few months I could live in the world…I repend for my mistake please come to me and I am so happy that I had a child…
I promise you RAGINI I didn’t get married to Kavya that day just thought to make you realise your mistakes and marry you but you get out the house that day and Kavya she is a b*t*h acts like she helps me…But my plan backfires….I love you idiot the day you hugged me and it makes me out of control that results in Armaan…I.really do… Love you..When I know that you are the singer Ragini and it helps.me to find your whereabouts…
But I have only few months….
Laksh cries Ragini hugged him said nothing will happen to you laksh……
Laksh said we delayed Ragini
Please come with me with our Armaan…..
She nods and gives Armaan to him and takes her bag….Lucky just stare at her and plays with Armaan in the whole journey….
Evearyine welcoming Ragini and all are happy about Armaan ap takes him and all the family members are surrounded them….
Ragini cries and hugged ap said I am sorry ma I should be here when you need me most…..Ap looks at her confused….
Laksh is suffering from blood cancer and you guys don’t know that I deserve to know it….You too swara…And he has only few months….To live
All are glared laksh and he tries to getup Sanky comes and holds him….
Swara said who he(points laksh) you duffer he lied to you nothing like that that Gorilla will die after kill all of us…Ragini fumes and looks at him
He held raginis shoulder said see Ragini

She starts beating him with things hit her hand….He runs and chases him atlast he ends up in their room….
He bolted the door and pinned her to the wall enough wifey(podhum di pondatti)she said you duffer are you mad??
What could I do I thought you will forgive me after seeing me but you do huge drama I too slapped you so suddenly my brain tell me to do this…By the way you look hot and s*xy..Than before….She tries to beat him and look into his magical ways she melts….He without wasting time kissed her and pressed him towards her as he could…She pushed him but he strong she parts her lips with much difficulty….He backed off a little she slapped him hard and she says why did you take this much time to reach me….He merged his forehead with her’s says if come to know that your whereabouts before itself than Armaan will have sibling for now….She blushed said I am dead when I saw divorce papers….. That is past Ragini …..Just live this moment and you know what when I saw you signed the divorce papers I felt like someone grabbed my life without my knowledge that day I came to know how much I mad about you…So I did drama on that marriage day but as I said everything backfires……I love you Ragini and Armaan he is just like me Hena???
Suddenly he kissed her hard make her lips bleed..She lookat him confused asking what for??
The thing you got slap for…….(she said that armann is not his blood)
She kissed him said I am yours……
Laksh kissed her and bend to kiss her neck there is a knock
Uttara stands with Armaan he smiles at laksh he grabbed Armaan from Uttara
Careful laksh he would afraid said Ragini….
My champ never get afraid….
Ragini smiles he hugged her alongwith Armaan Uttara clicks a photo…
He ties the mangalsutra which she gave to ap and says this is your right…..
Happy raglak…

I know it is not that much good but just thought to give an os ..here lucky is a prankster and Ragini loves him like anything so their love is so pure and full of humour that’s why she forgive him so easily as per my view..

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