u r mine forever (Episode 16)

Hello guys here is my next episode .. Sorry for the late update stuck with some functions…

Next day both atharv and vividha goes to temple and they do pooja and did prayer for their love..

Atharv prayer: god Thanku so much for sending vividha into my life.. today is going to be the best day in my life.. So please dont give any shocks to me..
Vividha prayer: god dont know what to do now . Again i did a mistake by misunderstanding his feelings.. But im hurting again.. Without my knowledge i have started loving him.. I didnt realised it erlier.. But now its clear thst he dont have any feelings for me.. Plz god please give me streangth and courage to bear this pain and helpme to comeout of this situation soon.. After today i will try to avoid him…

And they took prasad and sits for some time
Atharv : vividha r u alright?? what happend to u.. Y u r so dull today.
Vividha : nothing Atharv ji im ok
Atharv : what?? Atharv ji.. i think we stopped calling like that long back right..y u calling me again like that today As am new to u
Vividha : sometimes it is better to be like this only ..Shall we go
Atharv himself: ohh meree pathni please bear this just for few hours.. After that U will never look sad i promise

And they leave.. They both meet guddi sandy and they all togeather did their lunch and then they go to some playstation and play games till evening …

At 6PM

Atharv: vividha shall we go to hillstation now
Vividha : is it important atharv ji
Atharv: ah please its my birthday
Vividha : ok
Sandy: ah u people carryon na i need to meet my wouldbe and guddi also need to leave now
Vividha : what happend to u both please come na
Atharv :ha u also please come na its very nice place
Guddi : no atharv i need to go i have relatives at home it wont look good if i go home late plz understand and sandy also need to meet her wouldbe na u please go
Vividha : ok bye
And vividha turns back and sits in car angryly and atharv signs sandy and guddi as plan success and they sign in retun they all smile and atharv vividha leaves from there

After some time they reach the hillstation and it look so beautiful and its a lonly place where no one will come regularly and at that time there are no other people except vitharv… and vividha smiles seeing the beauty
Vividha : wow atharv really its soo beautiful.. And whole city is visible from here
Atharv : hmm sadness khatham??
Vividha : smiles ha this sadness will never end but i should end this right
Atharv : ha vividha.. Actually i need to tell something to u
Vividha : (thinks that he is going to propose and gets happy) ha tell me atharv
Atharv : Im in Love with a girl
Vividha blushes: oH wow great news who is she tell me fast na please …
Atharv : ha i will tell u..U know what.. she dont know this matter till now.. I have talked to her parents and they also accepted for our marriage … And u know my papa right he already accepted Her as his bahu.. Just i need to tell her… i have information that she loves me also.. Its just a formality thats it.. U r the next person after their parents to know about our relationship …
Vividha herslef:( she brokes inside and tears rolls in her eyes)what is he saying.. I was happy for a second..And expected that he is going to propose me.. But he loves some other girl.. And its confirmed that its not me becuse he already convinced her parents but he didnt know my parents and he didnt asked them.. Means its not me its some other else ..again.. Again same mistake just because of my over expectations.. And she wipes her tears…
Vividha : oh thats great u informed me very quickly.. Congratulations mistr Atharv.. when u r getting married then
Atharv : need to decide..Are u want to see her vividha..
Vividha : if u want to show… Then show me… and she turns other side to wipe her tears

Atharv bringsout a small gift pack and a ring.. and he bends on his knees…
Atharv himself : yes special moment it is i need to capture this..
And he places his phone camera on a rock and starts recording video

Atharv : vividha here see my princes

And vividha turns
Atharv : (on knees with a packet and ring on that packet) not any other girl vividha its u.. U r my princes …I LOVE U Vividha… WILL U MARRY ME..

Vividha gets happy and surprised and she gets happy tears…

Atharv : tell me my princes will u marry me… Some of ur friends told me that if i propose u with ur faveriote thing and a ring u will definately accept me.. I dont want to listen NO from u.. Thats why i brought u some thing..
And he opens the pack…Its her fav Manchuria…
Atharv : now tell me ur answer
Vividha also sits on her knees and hugs him tightly and she cries…
Vividha : atharv thanku so much… I LOVE U … I LOVE U Sooooo much…
Atharv : hugs her tightly Thanku…thanku mere angel…
vividha : u r a lier… I was scared and lost hope.. and u r a big lier y u lied that u asked my parents…
And Then kailash,Uma,raman,guddi,sandy
And all comes from backside of a rock and they all claps

Vividha gets shocked seeing all of them..
Atharv :did i lied
Vividha : means u really asked my parents
Kailas : ha beta he already came to our home and he asked us about u..
Vividha : but papa u didnt tell me right
Uma: ha its atharvs plan to give a surprise to u…
Vividha gets happy and hugs him
Vividha : thanku atharv u brought so much happiness into my life.. Thanks for coming into mylife..
atharv : no tears now its time for celebrations… First eat this special manchuria.. Which helped me alot

And they all laugh..

Precap : vividha herself : i cant start this relationship with a secret.. I cant hide anythinh from atharv.. I should tell about ravish..
so guys hope u like it…
And please tell me what u liked most about my FF and which is ur faveroite scene or dailogue frok my FF…

  1. In today’s episode my favourite scene was Atharv proposing vividha and I always love ur ff a lot pls keep writing I am very very eagerly waiting for ur next episode ?????????????????????????

    1. Pooja94

      Thanks alot sreelakshmi 🙂

  2. Sandy17

    Superb episode dear…atharv proposing vivi with manchuria ??
    Carry on pooja ?

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku sandy 🙂

  3. Vigneswari

    the way u made atharv to propose vividha was superb di…
    I am just thinking what will be the reaction of atharv when vividha reveals about ravish !!!
    you have a good writing skill pooja di !!!
    may I know is there any negative role in your ff ? or its a suspense?

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku vigneswari.. And villan is coming soon 🙂 u cant guess the villan by the way 😛

  4. Veer

    Fantastic episode. I’m happy that this time Atharv proposed Vividha. Every Vitharv scene is special in ur FF because Vitharv are always special no matter what the scene is. It’s unfair to pick any particular dialogue but the nokjhok’s between Vitharv are my personal favourite.
    Girl, you are fantastic and I must admit that I enjoy imagining what ever you write and it always gives me fantastic vibes.
    I genuinely admit FF’s won’t be dramatic as original serial but when ever I read any FF on Vitharv I feel so happy. Thanks for all the Vitharv FF wiriters.

    1. Pooja94

      Thanx for ur constant support veer.. Means alot

  5. Sunanda12345

    Really dear superb awesome….????
    Atharv calling her angel…it’s really awesome….the new luv story of vitharv starts…
    Tq for writing this awesome ff dear ??

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku so much dear …

  6. Aliza111

    super episode. atharv proposind vividha . loved it . ialways wait for ur ff . i wonder what would be atharv ‘ reaction on ravish’s matter

    1. Pooja94

      Thanks alot aliza

  7. This is the first time i am commenting but i love ur ff & vitharv a lot REally loved
    Day by day falling more for ur ff
    Hatsoof to uh to write a story like this

    1. Pooja94

      Thanks alot yashu.. Your words means alot.. Keep reading

  8. Thats a lovely ff. Ur ff made me smile a lot these days than epi. I liked atharv proposal styke. See how cute kk in this whole ff. I brust into laugh by imagining vineet sir in this scene. Continue ff. Actualky i want many more ff. Thanku

    1. Pooja94

      Thanks alot hema..

  9. Wow so happy vividha agreed yuhuuuu yipeeeee so hapoy likes the way atharva proposed vividha wow keep writing dear

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku so much aisha

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