Hello guys I know after a long time no mood to do bak bak so straight to the episode…..
N I have 2 things to tell u all at the end okkkk
Episode 30
Twinkle got the most shocking surprise rather say curse on her b’day
Another bright morning ….
Twinkle did not even come out of her room she didn’t want to face anyone ….
Meanwhile the 3 leading industries of India THE SARNA INDUSTRIES , THE TANEJA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES , n THE MALHOTRA INDUSTRIES (Remember them ) got a big international project the deal would go to them who gave the best performance it was very very important for all the 3 companies…

Abishek: manohar we’ve got the call finally the day has come for which we were waiting we have to do our best then our company would be no.1 in India
M: jii bhayaa
rt: leela we have to get this project at any cost this is very important for us
L: okkkk
It was same with malhotras but…..
P1: this time need to defeat that tanejas n sarnas n our company is also in crisis we’ll recover if we get this deal so at any cost we have to get it
P2: okkkk
Three companies went to the meeting it was in Amritsar only n 3 of them gave their best
The officials were quite confused between sarna’s n taneja’s whom to give the deal??
They told their decision would be given tomorrow whether the project goes to tanejas or sarnas malhotras were shocked ….
Abhshiek n rt gave news to their families everyone were happy listening to the news
Taneja mansion ….
T: mom I wanna go to my frnds house for 2 days I’ll be back soon
L: but…puttar
T: plssss mom I have to go pls pls pls
L: aacha OK goo
T(herself) now I’ll find out everything who I am n what the hell happened to me!!!
Malhotras ….
P1: how did this happen I’m asking how did this crap happened???
P2 : maybe they got to know about our crisis..
P1: how ???
He was frustrated he wanted the deal at any cost…
P1: I don’t know I want this deal at any cost if I don’t get it in a straight way then I’ll do it in my way
P2: but how r u gonna do it
P1: by killing by murdering
He laughs evilly
P2: r u in ur senses
P1: ohhhh just shut ur damn mouth n just wait n watch
Again he laughs….

Someone calls Abhishek
C: if u wanna see ur son well n good come to Xyz place …along with ur wife
A: hello hello who’s this
It was too late caller cut the call….
And the same person calls rt
C: if u want to see ur daughter fine come with ur wife to Xyz place
Rt: hello hello who’s this speaking
Caller cut the call..
Rt: leela leela
L: jii
Rt: where is twinkle
L: she went to her frnds house for 2 days
Rt : ohhh noo
L: kya hua jii
Rt: come wid me
Same was with sneha n abhisheik
Abhay saw them going in a hurry Abhishek n sneha didn’t knew that he was in the home the caller also warned not to tell anyone about this so they came quietly without informing anyone….
Abhay also followed them but he was struck in traffic…..
All 4 reached Xyz place kunj was also there he saw Abhishek n sneha n was about to call them but saw their tensed faces n decided to follow them
Malhotras [P1 & P2 ] lead them inside….
They opened their masks (malhotras)
4 of them were shocked
P1 started laughing evilly
A: what the heck where is our son
Rt: where is our daughter
P1: u guys r impossible 1 phone call I did n u all did not even check whether ur son was in ur home n u did not check whether ur daughter reached her frnds house or not
P1: soooooo sad
Kunj was trying reach that place but due to heavy traffic he couldn’t
P2: soooo u want to know why did we bring ull here OK then
P1: actually here we r to do a deal with ur lives n international project
Rt&A: what the hell ur speaking ???
P1&P2 : relax!!…???
Screen splits on twinkle abhays n kunjs faces….
Precap: what actually happened????? N last episode of the past promise…
So the 2 things r ummmm
1) in coming days I’m gonna irritate u all for 1 day why n how u all see
2) arreee excited for a vampire n werewolf shaadi what say????
Soooo these were the things I’ve gotta tell u all n not gonna end this ff I’ll post next one soon along with TEI S2 episode……..
And soooooo sorry shruti dii n sam dii see I’m not ending this ab tho baat karenge naa
N Monica diii see I continued n ur not gonna end ur ff n sorry baby dii sanu dii for saying that i will end this i will not say n sorry if i forgot anyone…….
Love u guys keep supporting me like this only
N sooooooo what about a werewolf n vamp shaadi excited I’m tho damn excited
Love u all??

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  1. Kritika14

    FINALLY! I am so happy to see this back. I was just thinking about this ff yesterday and you posted it today. Anyway, so happy you got your brains back on not ending this ff. Coming to the episode, it was fab and amazing! I am eager to know what happens next so post the next one soon! Love you ?

  2. Hey thanmy
    I am damn exited for vamp and werewolf marriage
    And epi was nice
    post next part asap

  3. Fan

    Super epi!!..i loved it!..i cant wait to read the next epi…plz post soon..

  4. Superb…..

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting epi

  6. Awesome epi… Glad to see u back… Nd i’m damn exited for the shaadi…

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  8. Chiku

    Oyeeeee dont think to end it or else i wont start my new ff. got it.
    I am sorry i didn’t comment in last episode i was busy and upset too
    Hope u dont mind??
    Episode is awesome
    I am waiting for werewolf amd vampire wedding.
    Nd u dont irritate us. U r very sweet????? like them
    Love u sweetheart ❤️❤️

  9. Amazing epi.. so excited abt vampire n warewolf wedding.. do cont soon ?

  10. Sameera

    Wow yaar thanmy amazing awesome blast epi yaar ha thanx god u r not ending it love the epi soooo much do cont soon can’t wait for it yaar ….

  11. Kruti

    Amazing thanmy….continue soon

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