It’s RevengE on my mind – epi 8


Hi guys, let’s start wid epi 8 :

This nyt becomes the worst nyt for kavs and others. They cry all nyt.

In morning

Kavs wakes up everyone

Kavz : arre, get up, v have to receive pari and others. FORGOT?

All gets up in a shock

Shona : is it important?? ( sleepy voice )

Kavs glare wid a deadly look and shona gets up innocently.

Ragz : kavz v know u r upset for kavya, dont show this fake smile?

Kavs : it’s not fake, it’s true, now i have to focus on revenge not crying and if i concentrate on it my revenge will fail. So get up and get ready ‘( says kavs while pulling the bedsheet which is over the ragz )’

They all get fresh up and receive the family and take them to farmhouse and they all r having a chat while mr & mrs vagela go to take rest.

Here begins the fyt :

Ranveer : that’s too bad ragz, i’m not talking to u, u didn’t said us about ur health, lo kar diyana paraya ( angrily )

Ragz : sry bhai, i didn’t wanted u all to get worried That’s y, i know if i have told u, u would have started to cover me wid body guards and Doctors and even a personal nurse. And i can’t stay lyk that, i wanna live free.

Ranveer : 0k ok, but promise me u’ll take care of ur self.

Ragz : promise

They share a sis bro hug and they all sit and char

Ranveer : ok so what u guys thought of the plan??…. Curiosly

Kavs : i think v should make him scare of kavya’s soul or shekhar uncle or sumi aunty’s soul.

Priya : no no, he’ll get doubt, we need something else….. Worryingly

Pari : what about his own wife?? We know her past ryt?? So, what do u guys think??

Everyone agrees happily

Ragz : but we should take our plan forward after few days if we start it from now on he’ll get doubt on us , as v arrived & all this drama started.

Everyone agrees sadly ( lol )

It’s Evening, in MM Everyone is preparing for bride people as they r coming home for the first tym and even pari is coming wid them.

In farmhouse, everyone’s getting ready to leave for MM, pari is wearing a sleeveless, knee sized, backless, orange color wid floral print frock, her hair left open wid a puff and end curls, orange lipstick giving her a perfect modern look, wid long pair of earrings and a fashionable watch. And on her back she was having a big tattoo of fairy and it was also written pari in floral. She’s looking stunning.

Swaragkavs tease her, but let me tell u she is in her modern mode.

Mr vagela : wow, u look awesome pari beta.

Mrs vagela : awesome my foot, they r really traditional people u should wear something traditional. ( angrily )

Pari : mom i don’t want to cheat them ( in heart : i want to slay them ), i’m Modern and they should know it afterward if they get to know by Facebook or Internet pictures of mine they’ll feel betrayal ryt?? , that’s y i’m in my modern look….. Calmly

Mrs vagela : well, i didn’t though of it that way, u r really getting mature……. She gets happy and gives her blessings.

Swara : if all ur emotional drama is over can v head for MM, as i know jiju must b waiting impatiently to see my pari..…. Laughs

They all laugh and leaves for MM


Everyone arrives , all r happy, they introduce pari to maheshwari family all r stunned to see her. Adarsh couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Sanky : don’t stare lyk that, she’ll catch fire….. Teases…. Whispers to adarsh …. But lucky who always used to fire up for teasing is now Silent… extremely silent.

Adarsh : what happened to ur twin??

Laksh comes out of his thoughts
Lucky : no nothing.

Then all of them sits in hall, and r chatting.sujata asks adarsh & pari to go and have a talk, so sanlak, leads them to the garden and comes back. While mr,vagela says dp as to y pari is in that dressing. As dp was disappointed but after listening to the reason his face lyten up and he says that he’s lucky to have such a daughter – in – law.

At adpari side, they have a Good talk and become friendly with eachother. And comes inside. All decide that all the ceremonies wil be done modernly as pari is the only daughter to vagela’s, and everyone’s happy.
Ranveer : so congratulations dpm.
Dp : to u too
Vagela’s invited maheshwari’ds for dinner at farmhouse and they all agree,
And rest all leave for farmhouse.

At farmhouse, mrs. Vagela told pari to make kheer, as pari’s kheer is world famous. To impress maheshwari’s u know typical moms.

Mrs Vagela : beta, prepare it verynicely….. Saying this she leaves

Pari : nyc my foot, thinking to put poison in it…. Frustratedly

Kavs : no need of poison, just add this…. Says kavs giving pari a powder bottle

Pari : now what’s this??

Priya entered the kitchen and : it’s drugs, add it in dp’s bowl. We need to continously feed dp drugs, then later when we come up wid our plan it will surely succeed.

All smirks evilly

Maheshwari’s arrives and all had a long chat, they r doing dinner in garden. And after that pari served everyone kheer, dp drank his bowl, all praises pari for such a tasty kheer. Pari smirks. Later, they all decide to go for choosing rings and mangalsutr and dresses next day.
Screen freezes

Precap : ??? SHOPPING ???

Hope u guys liked it.
I know too short but manage

Credit to: Zayra

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