The Revenge Of Love (chapter 15)

-Meher’s POV:
*I cried whole journey and didn’t even glanced at Abeer. I wasn’t even sobbing. He placed his hand on my shoulder.
He: baby r u ok?
Me: hmm main theek hoon
He: yahan dekho

I quickly wiped my tears and looked at him, he touched my cheek and showed me my tear.
He: to phir yeh kya hai?
Me: aankh mein kachra chala gaya tha
He: I know u r hurt because of me, but I will make everything fine, don’t worry.
He said assuring me. How does he know what I feel? I didn’t knew he’s a mind reader as well. He held the back of my head pulling me closer and kissed me on my forehead. Suddenly I felt a rush of feelings inside me, I felt relieved, hopeful, blessed all of a sudden and passed him a weak smile. We reached and he went out of the car and came towards my door and opened it. He forwarded his hand and I placed my hand in his hand, he pulled me a little making me stand and closed the door. He is treating me like a princess just like the first time we met. We went together towards the entrance of the house and were welcomed with flower rain. Soon the graha pravesh and kumkum feet dipping ritual was also done, I went forward with Abeer and there was again a plate of kumkum on the small cabinet.

Me: iska kia karun?
I asked Abeer. He signed me to dip my hands in it and to place my hands on wall leaving my hand marks on it. I did same. Soon we went upstairs towards our room. As soon we reached, I started interrogating him.
Me: uncle ko mere haath k nishaan se pta to nh chalega k main Shalini hoon?
He looked at me in disbelief, I looked away in embarrassment. He bursted out laughing and sat next to me.
He: (still laughing) did u give your fingerprints to papa? Tumne koi crime kia hai kya?

He again laughed on me.
He: kitni cute ho tum.
Me: I m serious

He continued laughing.
Me: arey kya?
I asked irritatingly.
He: sorry…he won’t know don’t worry.
Me: what to do about revenge?
He: do as I said, be really sweet and reveal in the end u r Shalini, he will apologize for sure.
Me: lekin agar nh kia to?
He: we will threaten him.
Me: lekin Abeer, I feel bad for u, Jo bhi mere sath hua uski waja se tum apne papa se door hogaye.

I really meant what I said, only I should take revenge, not he. Its my fight.
He: nh, mujhe ye krna hai, tumhe kho chuka hota main ab tak unki planning ki waja se, don’t u remember? I slapped u and made u leave the house, then that accident then u acted to be dead because of me…then I found u n u told everything, badi mushkil se tum wapis ayi ho
He looked away and I went to the side where he was looking looked in his eyes.
Me: phir ro rahay ho tum, kia yr Abeer, baby don’t cry na
He continued crying and I hugged him tightly and he hugged me even more tight.
Me: I m here na, don’t cry.
He: chaho to mujhe maaf mt krna

Me: I will kill u abb esa kuchh kaha to…smile na plz.
He didn’t said anything and I tickled him to make him laugh, majaal hai k ek smile bhi di ho, rotu kab tk royega us cheez k liye jis baat pe kbka maaf krchuki hoon? God help me. Then I got an idea.
Me: bidaai meri hui hai, ro tum rahay ho jaise k tumhari hui ho…plz stop it na.
He: plz let me cry.
He held me more tight and I couldn’t breathe now.
Me: theek hai ro lo lekin plz loosen your grip, I can’t breathe

Again he didn’t do what I said. Bhagwan ji plz mujhe abhi apne pass mat Lena nh to yeh rotu or bhi roega or main chain se marr bhi nh paungi…umm shut up my stupid heart, don’t make me laugh at this serious time. Again I thought of some joke to make him laugh. I started singing.
Me: hasste hasste rona seekho, rote rote hassna seekho

No response, uhhh, kru to kia kru? Kisko bolun? Then I said in his ear.
Me: breaking news, ladki ki bidai pe ldka roraha hai.
He: Meher yr u r mad
He said finally breaking the hug.

Me: thank God u stopped, I was about to die because of ur tight hug, haha
He glared at me as I said the word die.
Me: I m going to change my clothes..c u later
I went to washroom laughingly.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
Mujhe itna Rona raha hai or madam has rahi hain… I heard faint laughter sound from washroom. I said irritatingly.
Me: stop laughing.
She: Abeer plz yr don’t cry baby i love u
She said while giggling and came out of washroom and sat in front of me.
She: everything will be fine, u gave me hope n u r crying? Plz don’t cry.
She cupped my cheeks. I wiped my tears after crying more and she hugged me running her fingers in my hair. After sometime she broke the hug.
She: tum ja kr fresh hojao, I will bring something for u.
She went and I went to freshen up. When I came out of washroom and accidentally collided with her, she had a food plate with her.

Me: I m sorry, tumhe lagi to nh?
She: no…m OK, tum khana khalo main neeche jarahi hoon, Maa ko kaam hoga na mujhse.

She went and I felt worried for her, kahin papa ne usse kuchh kehdia to? I went after her and saw her going to kitchen, she was going when papa stopped her. Oh God.
Papa: when did u make this tattoo? Its just like Shalini’s tattoo.(tattoo on cover photo)

Meher freezes on her place hearing this and the screen freezes on her worried face.

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