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Guys Day by Day Ishqbaaz is getting Popular on Social Media and Every Websites. The CVS are Showing Shivika and Ishkara’s Romantic Step towards Love. Fans are all waiting to see all the 3 Pairs Love story but it is difficult to show 3 Love stories in Short Slot of Time. We have been only seeing Ishkara and Shivika’s Love Story. We are all Yet to See Roumya’s Love Story. The CVS are soon going to show the Love Story of Roumya and I’m going to share the Spoiler of Ishqbaaz, which will make you get Exited and Eager to see what will happen next. These Spoilers are shared by Serial Gossips and Latest Serial Gossips websites; which I’m sharing with you all.?

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) suffers deadly chopper crash, saved by Anika (Surbhi Chandna):

Anika (Surbhi Chandna) being the in-charge of Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) engagement preparations uses cheap quality products for decorations in Ishqbaaz In the upcoming episode it will seen high intensed drama as Anika is the engagement preparations in-charge. Anika has been given the responsibility by dadi and she is happy with Anika’s work. Anika as she is from a small family has the habit of saving money in unwanted expenses. Dadi is really seen impressed as Anika saves a lot of money in the decorations and engagement preparations. Shivaay on the other end is seen busy as Gayatri had shot Rudra. Rudra has been seen taken to the hospital and is brought home and all at home are concerned for him. Shivaay’s reaction towards Anika’s hard work in preparations in the upcoming episodes we will see that Anika will be praised by Shivaay for the first time. Shivaay will be really happy for all the hard work that Anika have done.

Anika’s hard work really pays her well and she gets praises from everyone. . Will this success of Anika develop a different bond between Anika and Shivaay? Stay tuned for further details.
The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show high voltage drama where after Rudra Shivaay will met another accident. Yes, you heard it right Ashok’s wife is after Oberoi family and wants to kill them to take revenge of Ashok’s death. Ashok’s wife initially attempted to kill Shivaay then Rudra and now again plans against Shivaay. Shivaay has some important meeting and leaves for the meeting in chopper but then he realize that his important file is exchanged with Anika.

Anika saves Shivaay:
Shivaay gets down the chopper to meet Anika for the file and chopper crashed infront of Shivaay. Everybody gets astonished, as it is another deadly attack on Oberoi family; Shivaay is saved because of Anika. Stay Tuned Guys for More Interesting Updates.❤?☺?

If anyone want Shivika’s Romantic Song Oojaana (With video or only Audio); Please contact me
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      1. Hey u can send me o Jana on messenger my name is Angel Shaaz profile pic Taylor swifts pic..and hope u become a big fashion designer and if u become an actor I promise i will watch ur serial ?

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    I think in the upcoming episodes shivika’ll starting come more close to eo. Cant wait for that.

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    Love relationship started between Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) as Anika’s watch piece got stuck in Shivaay’s hand in IshqbaazIn the upcoming episode it can be seen that Shivay and Anika are coming closer.There are such instances occuring in the Oberoi house that prevails Anika and Shivay to come closer.Anika is a girl that is very sentimental and likes to gives names to all her belongings.Shivaay in turn used to hate it but as the time passed Shivay has started accepting Anika as she is.On one end Shivay claims that she does not like Anika a bit.On the other end Shivay also cannot stop thinking about her even when he is with Tia.Tia jealous of Anika In the upcoming episodes we will see how the increasing closeness between Anika and Shivay irritates Tia.Shivaay is recently seen inclining more towards Anika than Tia.Shivaay is seen just liking Tia but love has just started striking him crazy as he cannot stop imagining Anika in all the sequences.The only thing that is missing in the relationship is the realization on both ends that they are in love.Will this realization ever strike Anika and Shivay?

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