The Reunion ~ Chapter 2


The Reunion

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Chapter ~ 2

Swara’s POV ~

I was just back from my office after a hectic schedule and directly went to my room and pushed myself on the bed without the delay of a second. I was tired like hell. And what else, rather that a bed, do you want after such a long day?

I was completely off when one of the maids came and handed over a packet to me. It was a courier or something and I literally jumped out of my bed to grab the packet. I was excited as I had ordered a gift for Dad on the coming father’s day. I opened the packet and found a box beautifully wrapped in a red glaze paper. I removed it cautiously so as not to destroy the charming decorations. It had an envelope and some chocolates. My eyes shone after seeing those chocolates. However old I grow, my love for chocolates would never fade away.

I started on the envelope and found that it was an invitation card. The front page had the picture of my school printed over there and on the top was written the name of my school in big bold letters. St. Mary’s School, Dehradun. The school was organizing an alumni meet for our batch mates and we were expected to show ourselves there. I went through the beautiful invitation card and memories gushed back to my mind.

I let out a sigh and saw the last page which had a picture of our batch from one of the school excursions. Background was the Goan sea and there I was, with the three of my chums. I dreaded that. I never wanted to see their faces again. They were nothing but the dark blots on my amazing journey in the school. Why is that you, compulsorily by nature, have to meet all those people whom you never wanted to be a part of your life? People still refer to us as best friends whereas we four friends would be wanting to kill each other. It was ironical..!

Visiting that place would remind me all that what I never even wanted to happen to me. That one day of our high school which I was never able to erase out from my memory all through these 10 years. That one day which changed our lives forever..

I got out of my never ending chain of thoughts and busied myself in the kitchen so as not to think about all the shit. After my Mom left me and Dad, 18 years back, I have learnt to manage things on my own. I even had my Dad to be taken care of as Mom’s sudden demise had left him shattered. He would always bury himself in the work and never took his health seriously. So it was merely my responsibility.

Dad was home when I was arranging the food for the dinner for two of us. It was the only time when no business was talked about and we poured our heart over to each other. My Dad was my superhero for me. He loved me besides everything and more than anything. For me, he is the best person on this planet.

The dinner went on quiet enough until I started off with the reunion thing.

‘Dad.. I am invited back to the place where it all happened. My school. They have organized a reunion on the 30th of this month. I am not able to figure out whether I should go or not. I really don’t want to face them all.’

‘Oh come on..! My Swara isn’t one of those who fear facing the past. I think you should go. It will be change for you. Your life has grown to be boring amidst all the work, work and work. And besides, you’ll get to meet your classmates and teachers. Is that not enough a reason to attend the reunion?’

‘Friends..! Dad, they are the only reason why I do not want to go there. I don’t know but I feel like I won’t be able to withstand them. I am confused.’

‘Swara.. You are brave. Remember that. Just because of the four of them, you cannot let this golden chance slip out of your hands. And what do you have to fear about? It was never your mistake.’

‘I know Dad. But..’

‘No ifs and buts..! I am getting your tickets confirmed and you got to go there and face whatever might come through your path. Okay? Who’s papa’s brave girl?’

‘Of course me, Daddy.’

‘Awe..! That’s like my princess daughter. Go and enjoy. And do not worry about the office. I can handle it quite well now.’

‘Yeah Dad..! Thanks a lot..’

That was it. It was decided that I will be attending the reunion party. It was so different now. Back then, I was always so excited to meet them all and now.. I wish they would never cross my path again.

I could still feel the pain of that day as I leave for the alumni meet. The wounds are fresh yet. It is said that time heals everything but for me the wounds have gone deeper and deeper and were still stabbing my heart. And it will continue to forever and ever..

I wonder what would happen when four of us would be facing each other after 10 years…

POV ends ~



I know that I told you guys that I will post it after “Let’s Fall in Love” gets over but then I was very much excited after seeing your reviews. And therefore, I decided to post this one too..

I am so happy to see much response.. Thanks a ton girls. Keep supporting and I shall put forward my best efforts to entertain you guys through this work of mine.


Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey shreaya awesome sisie…. u wrote it very nicely
    actually wnted to ask that r u in dehradun , i mean even i’m frm there n St. Mary is just near my home , actually my cousin also studies there. sooooo just curious when i heard DEHRADUN……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my native………………

    1. Heya..! Nah.. I am not from Dehradun.. I am from Udaipur.. And seriously I didn’t even know that there’s a school names so.. Actually the name of my school is also St. Mary’s.. So I just changed Udaipur to dehradun..

      BTW thanks for the compliment sista..

  2. Riyaprincess

    NYC and continue soon

    1. Thanks a lot Riya..! Keep reading dea.. ❤

  3. Sree

    Atlast TU uploaded this?.
    Sweetie u r making me restless now. This Mystery is making me like that. ???
    Swara’s each word was making me curious.??
    Awesome chap yaar.????
    Why didnt u put tge pic which u showed me???? That was tooooo good??. Am waiting for that pic and also for nxt ep. ?
    Love u sweetieee????

    1. Thanks a lot jaaneman..!
      I know how much curious you are.. But you still have to wait.. ?

      And the pic got deleted from my phone and I was too lethargic to remake .. So ended up with this..

      Muah..! Love.. ❤?

  4. i love rags

    1. Okay.. I promise I would give all four equal importance..

      Keep reading dea..! ❤

  5. Amazing update Shreya. Swara’s POV was really interesting to read. I also liked her relationship with her father. Can’t wait till the four of them meet xx

    1. Thanks a lot deary..! I know its getting difficult for you guys to wait.. But then you have no other option.. ?

      Anyways keep reading..
      Love ❤

    1. Thanks a lot kumu.. Keep reading dea.. ❤

  6. Ashu

    U r making me more and more curious dear!! Awesome!!!
    C’mon, nw u have to clear out the mystery too!!! I’m so so restless…
    Update soon!!!??

    1. Ahaan..! Not so soon baby.. You’ve to wait..

      Till then keep thinking.. And keep reading..


  7. Very nice

    1. Thanks a lot crazygirl.. Keep reading..! ❤

  8. Nycccc…watng for ragssss..☺☺☺☺

    1. Thanks fairy..! Rags is coming soon in the next chapter..

      Keep reading.. ❤

  9. I read this ff today.
    Character sketch was interesting dear.
    And both the chapters were awesome.? Loved the bond between swara & her dad.
    Shreya,Why they hate each other? What was the reason? ?
    Oh God now I’m very curious to know.
    Update soon dear.❤

    1. Thanks a lot Pramudi..

      That’s the real suspense baby.. Wait for it..

      And keep reading..! ❤

  10. Pooja26

    vry interesting…….. 😉 😉

    post asap……..

    1. Thanks poo..! Will update soon..

      Keep reading..! ❤

  11. Srivarsha

    It’s very very interesting ?.what are the pairs?

    1. Thanks a lot Srivarsha..
      The pairs are sqasan and raglak..

      Keep reading..! ❤

  12. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Interesting

    1. Thanks Anuann..!

      Keep reading dea.. ❤

  13. Dharani


    1. Thanks Dharani..! Keep reading.. ❤

  14. First …. bigggggggggggg sorru …. for late comment …. new ff is awesome ….

    I consider friendship as the most beautifull thing of the world ….

    Who ever ruined swaraginisanlak …. i will surely kill them ….

    Waiting eagerly for the next episode …. my dear glo???? Hehehehe u know ….

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