Ishqbaaz 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the mysterious lady saying Shivaye is just few steps away from his death now. She presses the remote button and the car explodes. Om and Rudra get shocked seeing the car blast. Shivaye stumbles back seeing the fire. Shivaye gets stunned and moves back. Rudra and Om run to Shivaye. The car flies in air and falls down, burning red. Om and Rudra hold Shivaye….. Om hugs Shivaye. The guards come there. Shivaye finds Rudra in shock. Shivaye holds Rudra’s face and hugs him. Om, Shivaye and Rudra hug. Aaye na doori dilon me………plays………..

Shakti and Pinky ask Shivaye how are you, are you fine, how did this happen. Priyanka and Dadi come and ask the same. Priyanka hugs Shivaye. Shivaye tells Dadi that your Billu is fine and hugs her. Tej says one incident can be accident,

but if done twice, it’s a scheme. Shakti says yes, why is danger wandering over Shivaye. Pinky says Jhanvi is jealous and blames her. Jhanvi asks her to shut up, I love Shivaye as my son. Shivaye says calm down mom, I m okay.

Anika tells inspector that I know law and my rights, you can’t keep me here. He says we did not keep you here on law’s saying, we kept you here on Shivaye’s saying, he is bigger than laws. She says fine, do what you want, I will do what I want. Tej scolds security and asks whats the use of you all when family members are attacked. He tells Dadi that we should postpone Shivaye’s engagement. Dadi agrees.

Tia and her mom come there. Tia’s mom says this can’t happen, the guests have flew down for this engagement, its big event, we can’t postpone it. Shakti says Mrs. Kapoor you means we should risk Shivaye’s life for guests. Shivaye says this engagement will happen. Tia smiles.

Inspector calls Shivaye and says we can’t keep Anika more than 24 hours without any FIR. Shivaye says I m coming. Sahil asks neighbors about Anika and cries. A goon sees Sahil alone and lies to him about seeing Anika. He says come with me if you want to meet Anika. He takes Sahil with him. Sahil stops and asks why are you taking me this side. The goon smiles and makes him faint by chloroform.

Anika is in lockup and worries for Sahil. She turns and sees Shivaye. She sees the marks on her hand and recalls Shivaye twisting her hand. Shivaye sees the marks. She gets away. He asks her to apologize and leave. She asks why shall I apologize if I did not do any mistake. He says your wish, rotten here then. She says if anything happens to my brother because of you, I won’t forget it. He says if you don’t apologize, you can’t get out of here, remember this Miss Anika. O jaana………….plays…………. He leaves.

Goon tells someone that he got a kid, we will take him in evening. Om and Rudra look for Shivaye in his room. Om says Shivaye can’t go everywhere without security. Rudra feels guilty to pray to angels that engagement stops. Om says you think this happened because of you. Rudra says maybe. Om says you are world’s best idiot, come on smile, its not your mistake, I m tensed about Shivaye. Shivaye gets Om’s call and something/video chip falls down from his pocket. He tells Om that I came to police station, I will come home soon. He tells inspector that Anika will stay here.

Priyanka tells Dadi that Anika is still in jail. Dadi asks her not to worry and gets her phone. Shivaye looks at Anika in the cell. He leaves.

Commissioner calls inspector and asks him to leave Anika. Inspector says its Shivaye’s order. Commissioner says Shivaye’s Dadi’s order came to me, you did wrong to arrest that girl at night. Inspector frees Anika and gives the keys. Anika thinks what Bua did till now.

Shivaye walks to Rudra and Om. The mysterious lady holds his hand forcibly and he stops. She acts as if she lost balance and goes. Inspector gives the video chip to Anika. She says this isn’t mine and checks it. Shivaye checks his hand and gets affected by something poisonous applied by that lady. He stumbles and moves back. Two men take a glass. Shivaye falls back on that glass sheet. The glass breaks and Shivaye falls down. Rudra and Om hear the sound and turn to see. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Anika stops feeling something….. Rudra and Om run to Shivaye. The mysterious lady looks on smiling and leaves. Om, Rudra and the guards reach Shivaye. Om and Rudra hold Shivaye’s face. Om gets shocked seeing Shivaye’s blood in his hand. Anika feels restless.

Om and Rudra hold Shivaye’s hands and lie down on his hands, crying, while Shivaye is unconscious on the hospital bed. Dadi and everyone wait for Shivaye for engagement. Omkara hugs Dadi and tells about Shivaye. Dadi, Pinky and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the update amena mam!! Anika will come out soon!! Tia and shivaay engagement is stopped!!???

    1. Elsa

      Looks like ur hppy naren

    2. Shai

      Already came out, i think u missed it

  2. Sriranjani

    Sooo Sad Shivayy and for Anika

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Anika n Shivaye Is such a cute pair love their Hatke story n nok Jhok O jaana music is so nice and I think mystery lady maybe related to Anika somehow and shivaye :O and loved omkara’s personality if he had shorter hair would have become a big fan of omkara 😛

  4. Goms

    Amena fast update…. thanq yaar…

  5. thanx for such a fast update…. it is updated very late daily…….thanx Amena di for d update……I really love this show and eagerly wait for its update….. thanx again……thanku…thanku…thanku……
    The episode was nice. Anika feeling restless for Shivaaye….waw…..
    But I’m sad coz haven’t seen any episode of the serial….. coz my TV is not recharged…. so I request u Amena di to update it asap daily…plz before 11 p.m. if possible… plz….plz…plz…..
    Thanks once again for the update….

    1. Same here mukta…as having exams in two weeks….Thank u amena Di for updating the episode quite soon…Thanks a ton

      1. Hii shruti….Actually I’m not having any exams… I have just completed my 12th. But there is some other problem….and I feel like crying as I can’t watch the show…..

  6. hi amena… hope u had a great festive day.
    i missed u on dis….

  7. Feeling bad for Sahil…….and very exited to know what will happen in the engagement and how will Shivaaye realise his love for Anika…….Love u Shivaaye and Anika……
    I don’t know how they look together coz I haven’t seen them together…. but anyways…..I love their conversation….and I think the pair is not so bad…..

  8. I luv this show ishqbaaz and iam eagerly waiting to watch tomorrow episode

  9. o jaaaaaaaanaaa……….
    khoya khoya rehta hai ,dil tadapke kehta hai tu hai meri jeene ki wajah
    o jaaaaaaanaa

    hayeee! kitni pyari song hai!

  10. today’s episode was really nice. after a long time saw a real bromance. i love there brotherhood. the way they take care of each other is amazing. hope their brotherhood will not faded in future.

  11. M in luv wid the show……thnx fr the quick updates

  12. Shai

    Hope we get some more bromance of the trio

  13. .Tanmaya.

    Thanks for the Update

  14. This serial is becoming more interesting.
    A very nice incidence of intuitions of Anika.
    Best casts

  15. Why Shivaye urf Mr Mehta, had similar role in Pyar Ka dard couldn’t realize love for his love and then he feels, similar situation is here too. And we viewers enjoy same story. Whatever, enjoy till gets bore and look for new avenues I mean serial.

  16. I think anika may be gives a blood to shivay to save his life then he may be realize his mistake after that he ask sorry to here may be……..

    1. ya vani…..I also think so…

  17. I hope anika will save the life of shivay by giving blood to him then he should realize his mistake asks appology to here may be……..

  18. Love this show!!

  19. anita sharma

    everything is going fine but how can it be that Shivaye gets hold of Anika’s right hand and the bruises resulting thereof are shown on her left hand?

  20. Love this show ..

  21. Iam a biggggggg Fan of OMKARA?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  22. I think Anika is also very Rich and her long lost sister is omkara and rudra girlfrend

    1. I also think so…mystery

  23. Hi Guys I’m new here can I JOIN you AS a friend

  24. Hi Guys I’m new here can I JOIN you AS a friend today episode was nice patha nahi ye aurat kyon hain shivaye ki jaan ki dushman hain just I’m worried about sahil lektha hain star plus mein acha show dekh ne ko mila

  25. i luv omkara. i watch this show only for him. he was seen in lead of popular show the buddy project on channel v

  26. I love both brothers dey so lovely.

  27. Lovely episode…..

  28. i like om a lot

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