Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-38


The episode starts with Bala bids bye to malini and goes to office. Nila sees locket and thinks to give to him and smiles.. She comes to raghavendra and tells I have urgent work to meet my friend. He asks where? She tells Chennai. He hesitates.. She pleads him.. He agrees and tells I will also come. She tells no problem.. I will manage. She leaves from there and comes to room and packs her bag.. She calls her friend and tells I am coming there for some imp work. Nila cuts the call. Raghavendra asks whom house u r staying? Nila tells my friend house. He tells our house is there only know. She tells my friend house is near by.

Nila asks don’t u trust me? He tells yes.. More than me. She tells then why? He tells for u r safety!! Nila smiles and hugs him.. Bala comes back to house and sees malini in kitchen and comes to her and tells I have a gift for u. She asks what? He gives her chain. She asks for what? He tells I have one and only sister for that only! She smiles and thnx him.

Nila comes to airport and gets into flight. Bala eats food made by malini.. He tells superb.. Malini gets teary eyes and tells I missed u very much till yesterday.. But after u came all problem is solved.. I am happy.😊😊She smiles.. He hugs her.. Malini tells him to be with her life long!! He Agrees. Malini husband comes there and asks then u won’t get married once again? He asks for what?

Then u will stay here life long? Bala stands quite.. Malini slaps him and asks how dare u speak about my brother? Bala leaves.. Malini comes to him and tells him to be here. Bala tells him not to fight with u r husband for me! Bala cries. Malini tells not like that.

Next day.. Bala leaves to office without having tiffin. Nila comes there and knocks the door. Malini opens it and ask for what u came? Again to spoil my brother life? Nila cries and leaves..

Precap:Nila walks on road. Bala sees her.. Truck comes towards her..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Hi narendran, im commenting your ff for first time.But i have read it from the first today i felt to comment.i hope bala will save her.How long they will be separate?really wanted to see thier nock are frm TN na.Im frm Kerala.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx him??keep commenting.. For some more epi.. I hope they will be united ASAP,

  2. Oh i am hating Malini but her love ffor Bala is great…. i hope Bala will save nila….A bit sad epi but I liked it….

  3. OMG !!! Precap…??? Naren hope Bala will save Nile…

  4. As usual wonderful episode naren… Oh malini slap her husband..?? for Bala… When I start to read this epi… I was happy thinking Nila coming to meet Bala… But this malini… Spoiled it… Happy that Bala saw her n meantime worried for Nile as well… Hope she will b saved by our hero..

  5. Locket just ek bahana tha to meet her luv…?

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