Masala cafe!!! Epi-6 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

The episode starts with Apu tells I will help u.. He smiles and thnx her. Pragya comes to school.. She waits for kids to come in.. She asks servants to clean classroom. They cleans it. All kids comes. Pragya searches for Abhi.. He comes there. She acts asusual and tells kids to sit.. Abhi notices it And smiles. He thinks this madam was waiting for me but she is acting.. Like a drama queen.

Abhi comes there and leaves kid in. Pragya asks where is u r wife? Abhi tells I am not married!! I am single. He smiles and holds his collar and praises himself. Pragya asks him not to disturb her and tells him to leave now. Abhi asks u r searching for me then why r u sending out soon? Pragya asks me? He tells yes. Pragya smiles.

Abhi leaves from there and comes near gate and waits.. Pragya looks.. On him. Abhi sees her and smiles.. Allah warriyan plays.. He kicks sand.. It falls at him??She laughs and comes inside class and starts it.. Kids all shouts.. She laughs and tells him to draw whatever they want.. They draws it. Pragya comes to office and asks for permission and tells I have imp work.. They gives her.. Pragya comes out and sees him and walks as if.. She does not know anything.. Abhi calls her. He asks where r u going? Pragya tells I have imp work.

Abhi asks her shall I drop u? Pragya tells if u have work means. Don’t want.. Or?? He tells I does not have any work other than dropping u.. She smiles and sits back side. He starts bike but does not??she tells if it will take time means I will leave. He tells not like that.. He finally starts bike.. They both comes to gift shop. She tells him to stop here. He stops and asks for whom? Pragya tells him to wait outside and she goes inside.

Shravan waits for suman. She comes there.. They both sees each other.. Suman comes to her wind blows.. He asks what? She smiles and comes near his ears and tells nothing. He smiled and tells u never leave this habit!! She tells u never than me? They both laughs.

Neil starts cooking.. He does it neat and calls out ragini. She comes there.. He makes her eat it. She tells superb. She tells first time.. U did food good. Neil gets call.. He gets shocked. He throws phone. She asks what happened? He tells marriage cancelled!! Ragini then who will eat this much?

Precap: Apu gives Malay some tablet and tells him to have when he thinks about smoking. He thnx her. Pragya brings gift and sits on abhi back. He asks for me? She tells him to go to school??he smiles and adjusts mirror.shravan and suman comes to shop..

Hope u all liked it?

Credit to: Narendran

  1. y so late….
    we r eagerly waiting 4 ur ff….
    its so nice ma…..

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sorry I am studying +2.. So can’t update regular. Whenever I have time.. I am updating all my 10 ff!! So pls adjust with me..

  2. Oh poor Neil… What will happen to him now…? Enjoy abhigya moments specially sand scene n bike scene are so funny ?? I laught a lot imagining them… Excited for the next episode …

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Kathy ??i just typed it fast.. In chess tournament Hall.. I don’t know what I typed.. Now only I readed it.. I got 5prize 250rs.. Cash.. Prize..

    2. Don’t know how u manage to type while u in hall naren…Am sooooo happy for u … ?? may almighty bless u, protect u, guide u and grant u every success … These are my prayers for u now n always.. Take care

  3. hey,it was superbbbbb…also i would lyk to tell this to all….i will not b able to update any ff r os as my school starts on monday…….idk wen this msg will reach…so sry guys…also idk wether ill b able to read others ff r os…pls forgive me…..pls forgive me narendran for typing this in ur cmnt box……once again forgive ma all….btw, d part wen suman n shravan comes na….it was really cool….d part wen pragya tells dat i wanna buy a gift…n abhis i am always free to drop u…n bike not working at d crct tym was all really hilarious………also first tym neil cooked food which is eatable but his bad luck, d order got cancelled…hahahha…now dunno wat hes gonna do for repaying d money…..once again im really sry narendran

    1. also congrats narendran…… well in ur further competitions

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