Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-26


The episode starts with Bala signs paper..he tells malini that she does not like me.he tells i got this house for her but she left then for whom this house?i am gonna sell this house.malini asks then for u?malini tells him to come and stay with her.He smiles and tells u got married now only..if i come there then it will be burden to u.Malini slaps him and tells i love u very much..u come and stay with me..i am u r sister..Bala gets teary eyes and hugs her..

Nila sits on bed and cries raghavendra comes there and tells her to think about u r relationship one more time.Nila tells he sent divorce papers..without wish he will send?He tells her to think one more time and he leaves from there..Nila thinks about bala..She gets a call.she takes it happily..he tells her to come to meet lawyer tmr..she gets shocked and cries closing her mouth..she wipes and tells ok,..which place?He tells her to come near mayajaal i will take u from there..Nila tells ok and cuts the call and sits down and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..she breaks the things..

Raghavendra tells servants to give food to her..servants go up and gives food.nila throws it..he comes there and feeds her food..She cries and hugs him..he consoles her..Bala comes to malini house and sit on chair..malini husband comes there and asks how r u bala?He tells ok..he sits sad..malini takes anuj aside and asks him what he wants?Anuj tells u told u will solve the problem but u brought him here itself??Malini tells he wil stay here only from today.

Anuj asks what?He tells he can’t stay here..Malini tells him to get lost and tells he is more imp to me than u..becoz he is my brother..Anuj tells ok and leaves to room.Bala asks her let me stay outside..Malini tells no u should stay here and makes him sit and feeds food with her hands.He cries while eating..she wipes it and tells him not to cry anymore..He smiles

Precap: Court session starts..Bala tells i need divorce from here..Nila also tells the same..judge asks r u willing to live together for 3months?Bala tells if i live with her for 1min i will kill her.Nila also tells the same.judge gives divorce papers..they both comes out and sees each other Rettai vaal kuruvi title track plays..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Bro u related the serial n ff soo well…..great epi bro….

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