Ishqwala love (ishq ka rang safed and saddha haq) Epi-1

Thnx for the comments keep supporting.. Today I got some free time.. So thought of updating my ff..

The episode starts with Boy comes out of car and stretches his arms.. Servants runs behind him and offers tea,towel etc,…. He tells no and comes in and takes blessing from kalpi.. He is none other than viplav.. He smiles at her mother. Raghav comes there speaking in phone and asks kalpi for tea.. She gives it. Raghav sees time and tells viplav also to come with him. He tells I have work and he leaves. Raghav tells kalpi that u r son is not obeying my words. After me he should take care of business.. But he needs to dance.. He scolds him and leaves. Kalpi thinks viplav should achieve something or I should get him married soon….

Girl tells her mom and that is enough… My stomach is full.. Kamini feeds her more and tells then only u can be strength.. It is none other than dhaani. Dhaani tries to go.. Kamini tells her manager to catch her. Lady manager tries to catch her but falls on pool??Kamini tells useless and catches dhaani and feeds her milk. Kamini tells u are 22yrs old but till now I am feeding u.. She tells I need to get u married soon. Dhaani tells maaa. Stop this.. I need to study more and dhaani leaves.

One boy removes his shirt and jumps into swimming pool.. In hotel.. All girls sees him and jumps inside. He flirts will all girls at same time and bids bye and gives flying kiss to them and comes out wearing dress. Anuj comes there and tells him to come fast it is already late. Randhir tells wait papa.. He comes there and sits.. Randhir mother death day.. Anuj prays after u r death of 20yrs.. I have grown up our son.. As u wished. Anuj smiles and hugs him and asks him about today schedule.? Randhir tells where girls crowd are there.. I will be there.. Randhir hifi anuj and hugs him and leaves.

Girl gets up from bed and comes near mirror and sees her face and adjusts her hairs.. She calls servants and tells them to bring tea for her. She comes near swimming pool and jumps inside and comes out.. Boys standing near compound sees her and amused.. It is none other than sanyu. she smiles at them and sends flying kiss. One boy takes it. Other boys fight with him. Guards sees this and throws them away.. Sanyu tells guards to take care of this problem.. Guards tells sorry to sanyu and continues their work.

Sanyu gets ready and drinks tea and calls viplav.. He takes call and tells her to come soon and he cuts the call

Precap:Dhaani,randhir,viplav and sanyu meets..

Hope u all liked it bye..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Great start narendran..!!?
    Keep going

    1. thnx yaar…

  2. Ranaji it was a superb episode. Just loved it. I don’t know anything about sadda haq but if vidhani is there then I m definitely there. Sorry I could not comment in your intro but intro was also too good. U r too talented. U manage 6 ffs together and I know it’s very hard work to do. I manage 3 ffs of ikrs only and my head is paining. All the best dear. Keep writing.

    1. it is ok..i also readed u r ff it is superb but couldn’t comment due to some reasons

  3. Wow naren,it is such an awesome opening,perfect cinematic style.i could saw everything as its happending in front of my eyes……
    Now i am really excited to read it more and more so pls update soon and Viplav’s and dhani’s introduction was great,just loved u at next part,till then bye bye.

    1. akka i made like this becoz of u..u only adviced me to elaborate scenes so only i made it little big and explained many scenes clearly for u

    2. Really!hahaha.that’s great.even i forgot abt that.anyways thanks for accepting my suggestion naren and see the difference its rockz with its new avatar.hahahaha.just joking.keep it up thambi.

  4. Nice ff…the opening was great…keep it up

    1. thnx sheena for the comment

  5. Wow…that’s awesome..?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx abhi for the comment

  6. keep going narendran…good going….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx sujie.. For the comment

  7. naren ji good going loved ur writing style….pehli baar aapki ff padh raha hoon

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