A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 21)


Abhi gets thinking while driving.He says “What I said…as she went

away just like that…” He again recalls his words and says “Mother India??

How this word can hurt her??”.His eye brows widened remembering something!!

He says “Her sister!! Yeah!!”.Ge stops the car immediately and calls Ronnie.

Ronnie attends the call and says “Yes sir!!”.Abhi asks “Ronnie ..I have to know

something about your boss!!”.Ronnie says “Yes sir…just say what you want

to know???”.Abhi asks “Is anything happened in her life?? Related to her family??

Her sister??? Any shocking…Or worrying thing??”.Ronnie maintained a little

Silence and it warned abhi that something must have happened…Ronnie

Speaks out in a sad tone “yes sir..A year ago Di lost her twin sister in an accident…

and she was under a depression for 5 months…”.Abhi gets shocked and thinks

“So I remained her sister with the name “Mother India”…”.He then thinks “She is

hurt again…because. Of me…”.He comes out of his car and gets thinking while

pragya cries looking her face in mirror!!.She cries saying”I miss you a lot my sis!!

really!! Its hurting a lot seeing my face in mirror!! It gives me hope that someday

I can see you..but reality kills me…that you left me forever!!!”.She sits down caressing her

face “I tried hard to smile…just want to see your smiling face in me…but

I cant!!!”.She comes out to balcony and sees the stars…she remembers the

star pendent which she kept in the park with a note and recalls seen that same pendent

Abhi wearing it.She says “What’s happening??”.She says “Tomorrow is the concert…

I have to ask Ronnie is everything fine”.She confirms about the arrangements and

goes to sleep…but still she thinking about todays incidents …While Abhi thinks “Sorry

Fuggi …I am always hurting you…trust me…I am not intended to do that…

I promise you fuggi…Tomorrow would be your best day…see how

will impress you!!”.He gets in his car in a happy mood.

Next morning Abhi wakes up with little smile.Here pragya too having her
Bed coffee thinks “I left him there yesterday…I have to apologise…How can I meet

him??”.She then texts Payal and smiles.Here he rolling on bed.He sees Pragya sitting in

couch straight opposite to his bed.He jumps from the bed in a shock and rubs his

eyes.He then realises its his imagination.He sees her image in his mirror and says

“I know its too… My imagination…anyway…this feeling also very nice!!!”.He then gets ready

and goes downstairs.He again sees her sitting in hall.He nods his head in disbelief and goes

from there.He hears a sound “Enough Rockstar!! No more revenge plan..”.He gets shocked and

says “Is this too my imagination??”.And turns.Pragya reaches him and says “I came to apologize…”.

Abhi closes her mouth and says “Pinch me!!”.Pragya says”What!!??”.He pinches her and she

screams.He laughs in shocked says “U really here???”.Pragya gives him angry look and says

“Yes ” rubbing her hand.He says “I am sorry…I just thought..just leave that…apologise??

For what??”.She says in hesitation”That ..yesterday I left from there ignoring you..”.He says

“Yeah that’s ok…I understand…”.She shocked sees him .He smiles and says “Shall we go??”.

She asks “Where??”.He pulls her and gets her to sit in the car saying”Soon you will know…”

She stares him lovingly while he made her to wear the seat belt.Throughout the travel she

remained silent just looking at him.Soon they reach the park where he met her first (in present).

She asks “Why we are here??”.He opens the car door and forwards his hand.She smiles and

gets out holding his hand.Both start walking together.Both stares each other while walking.

Abhi stops suddenly and kneels down holding a ring says “I don’t want to miss you in my life..

Will you be my better half??”.Pragya gets shocked and still can’t open her mouth.Abhi stood up

Keeps the ring in her hand and says “I am not forcing you…just think…”.He goes from there

leaving her.A background song Allah wariyan…the serial song plays…She sees the ring and

him again and again and gets thinking.She thinks “Why its hurting me..seeing him going far from me…”

She sits there and still thinking.She gets a text .it said “Reach The concert…I will be waiting

there!!”.She stands up and walks here and there in great confusion!!.She goes from there and sees he left

Car for her.She smiles seeing it and goes.Here Abhi getting ready to his concert.He sits holding

his hands each other in nervousness.He goes out and sees hi s fans screaming seeing him.He remembers

his previous concerts..how sad he walked on the carpets before!!

Now he straightened his head facing the crowd with a smile over

his face.All the crowd starts screaming seeing his smile.He waves his hand
and reaches the stage…He stood over the stage.His eyes only

searching here and there.All the crowd starts shouting in a great enthusiasm!!

Abhi still stands immobile.Pragya thinks”I have to go fast..

Or the concert will start”.She leaves her car in gate and runs in a great

hurry.Abhi peering his sharp eyes over the crowd and soon

his eyebrows raised up in great happiness seeing her running towards the

stage.He pulls the strings of guitar in full energy!!!

He starts singing Galliyan song from Ek Villain!!! Still the eye lock continues..

Hai my friends…how is it???

Hope you not hate it!!!

Eagerly waiting for ur replies if u liked it!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. That much long epi yeahhhhh treatt for me, i lovedddd it hateera, everytime you come up with the best episode! Awesome

  2. so nice….. so i guess it was that pragya whom he met in college.. right….

  3. Silent Reader(Sweety)

    woooowww so nice……. i m eagerly waiting fr next episode

  4. hate it what are you saying hateera there a single question also didnt arise that we hate it especially for me yr what a concept really loved it every time a new surprise every time a new episode and new shock to us a fun loving shock and yea i loved this episode yr dont think like that 😀

  5. Superb episode hateera

    1. Hateera
      You are just awesome..
      You nailed your thoughts..in this episode.
      It was mind blowing.

  6. actually who was dead……tanu..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    I am sooooooo Excited to read the next one……Actually who is dead?Is that Pragya who met him in College?? Oh…No……Soooo much suspenses………..Plzzzzz post soonnnnnn

  8. Hey hateera! I was a silent reader of ur ff…today I am commenting first time on ur ff…really ur ff is awesome…and hate? No actually we love ur ff…waiting for the next part…

  9. her sis was tanu na…???

  10. Wow wow wow Hateera I loved it

  11. omg hw can u say tht we hate it cant xplain wat happiness u r gvng to me through ur ff my god nw tht crazy pragya is no more haaaa but its heart breaking fr me bcoz her craziness drove my world dont knw wat vil b the twist nxt but its a shocking twist waiting fr abhi reaction ven he knows it but I am really flng stabbed by tht crazy pragya death cant able to bear it bcoz I lv craziness more thn stubborness dr I ASSURE THT UR STORY IS DIFFERENT INCREDIBLE IMPOSSIBLE OUTSTANDING EXCELLENT MINDBLOWING STUPENDO FANTASTIC NO STORY MATCHES UR EDGES UR INCREDIBLE MY GOD WAT HAD U DONE TO ME I AM RESTLESS PLZZZ UPDATE NXT PART SOON BUT MY HEART WANTS THT CRAZY PRAGYA BACK

  12. Oh my god plzzzzz,zz don’t make ur count of suspencses on ur keep on increasing plzzzzzz just reveal @lst some thg I mean 1st u left tat proposal scene in fb n comes 2 reality i mean @ preseny 2nd y n how thy r separated 3rd is tz pragya @ present only loved by abhi ah 4th y pragya don’t know anything abt past did she forgot ah 5th who s her twin sis I mean who s died plzzzzz yaar reveal some secrets it’s full of no no bunch of secrets in ur ff completely it’s killing me yaar u know one thg after reading these two episode even I had doubt whether I’m just making my thoughts to collapse with other ff story ah coz it’s really confusing me a lotttttt yaar so I just go through some of previous episode thn I make sure tat thr s no confusion in my mind… Bt really yaar u r making me fool .. Plzzzzz my humble request plzzzzz reveal @lst any1 secret yaar…

  13. Superb hateera! We all love no place for hating ur ff!! Its really intriguing from the start and always waiting for ur ff with restlessness!!?????

  14. Wow hateera it was amazing yaar I really loved it awesome twist…ur episodes are amazing keep rocking and eagerly waiting for next episode…

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