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Reporters 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer rejects Shreya’s love and says she will never get him. She shouts he will repent and she will destroy him. Kabeer says he does not care as he made a mistake and will accept punishment. He continues that here it is between only him and Ananya and Shreya cannot interfere. Shreya walks out angrily.

Kabeer informs Ronnie what happened yesterday. Ronnie says he tried calling Ananya and she sent SMS that she is busy, he thinks she is up to something. Kabeer asks him to call for a conference meet and keep an eye on Shreya and Manav.

Manav enters Shreya’s cabin and asks if she went to Kabeer’s house yesterday. She says she did not as she had some guests at home. Manav says he knows she went there and kabeer rejected her love. She says he made a big mistake by

rejecting her again and will pay for it.

Kabeer starts conference meet and briefs each employee’s work. Shreya says she wants RG’s interview and since he is a big celebrity and brand himself wants Ananya to cover it. Khalid says Richa handles business interviews and not Ananya. Ananya signals Richa and says she will. Kabeer says Ananya will not. Ananya asks when she is free now, why can’t she. Kabeer says his decision is final and Richa will take interview and says Shreya does not have right to interfere in editorial decisions.

After conference meet, Shreya starts yelling at kabeer. Kabeer says he did not inform about her drama yesterday night to anyone and if he does, she will be insulted, he respects women and will not though. Shreya walks out angrily and goes and complains Khalid against Kabeer. Khalid says editorial decisions are made by kabeer and she cannot interfere and says he knows what she is up to and asks her not to interfere between kabeer and Ananya as they are true lovers and will reunite soon. He continues that she is just an employee and he agreed to hire her thinking of KKN’s profits, but it is not the case; kabeer, he and KL are share holders and can sue her anytime. Shreya says know he knows what she is up to, she will take kabeer back at any cost. Khalid gets tensed.

Ananya tells kabeer she wants to interview RG. He says she cannot. She says he is protecting RG as he is his old friend and helped him in his career and now is sponsor of his show. She starts alleging him and says she will never let him succeed in his plans.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One should do such deeds that he/she can walk holding his head high.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ananya ur totally gone mad how can u alleg kabir he is protecting u nd even then ur hurting him……..

  2. Yaar ye kya hogaya

  3. Yaar…….. what are they doing? Only 15-16 episodes left and they brought this twist. How can Ananya be so impulsive when she herself believes that everybody should get a chance to say for himself or herself? And how it is that Kabeer is always late when it comes to reveal any secret or truth? And lying about being murdered? Why are they waiting for the last episode to settle everything and finish it in a hurried and incomplete way?

  4. Where is Tarini? She should be helping Kabeer right? And Ananya has transformed from intelligent positive journalist to a stabborn kid. Her positive vibes died. Yaar we want some romance before the last episode. Only 12 episodes remained.

  5. Read that Ekta Kapoors new show is gonna replace Reporters?? Guys ne one else read this news?? Is it true???

  6. More secrets and truth about Kabeer? This is too much? Did he always choose the wrong ways before joining KKN? Goog god!!!!!!!!!! Show something positive about Kabeer’s past yaar.

  7. Rashmi Kishore

    If the makers are not able to put the show back on track, it would be better to end it rather than drag it with this kind of senseless storyline.

  8. Want some romance before ending. And this time Ananya should pacify Kabeer, not the other way around. And yeah, it’s a limited episode serial, they said it’s a 130 episode serial at their 100 episodes celebration.

  9. I agree with Sunehri…..plzzzz…….ban ko ia drama & chu romantic episodes lalo……

  10. Today’s episode was height of ridiculous moments. I mean the way this serial is projecting the main cast of the serial. How are they trying to show Ananya’s character?? Brave or oversmart, stupid? and Kabeer is no more her friend, finacee, idol–BUT KABEER IS THE BOSS and EDITOR IN CHIEF–right? He decides who does what work?

    From the very beginning of this serial it has been shown that Ananya has tendency of defying the higher ups–, the seniors-=is it the sign of bravery? This is absurd. This does not happen in reality.
    in order to get to someone so influential murderer one has to be intelligent, cool headed–does Ananya has any of these qualities at all? even when she was kidnapped along with Kabeer, she behaved in so idiotic manner.

    And what’s wrong with Kabeer’s past–I don’t know? he was also trying to save a kid, when he backed out–it was his nephew. Kabeer going on telling his mistake–I don’t know what the serial makers are trying to show here. Does not have any link with any reporting reality.
    This is too much!

  11. Why ananya is behaving so childish she should listen kabir before saying him anything. She should think before saying…. but i like the way kabir treated shreya she diserve this she diserve worst then this!!!!!

  12. I can’t comment on 24th September’s update. So, I am saying from here. How can a journalist be so stupid to do a frontal attack? Didn’t Ananya Learn anything from Kabeer? And Another secret between Kabeer & RJ? Ananya’s resignation? What are writers thinking? They are ruining the ending of such a beautiful show.

  13. such a stupid ending sequence of a serial which had a sensible start really feel bad that tbey hav to make the stars of ths serial look so stupid.and i think by the last episode thy will make kabeer do all wrong things that v cant even imagine

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