Red String of Fate (RagSan) – Chapter 8


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Sanskar woke up the next day with a terrible headache. “Ahhh!” he let out as he tried to get up before falling back into the bed.

Ragini who had just gotten ready, rushed over to him “Are you okay?” she asked concerned

“No” he moaned in pain “My head hurts!”

Ragini touched his head gently for a second, before trying to help him sit up a bit “Here, drink this. It will make you feel better” she said as she brought a glass close to his lips

“What is it?” he said in a pained voice

“Just drink it” Ragini told him softly, helping tip the liquid into his mouth

“What was that?” Sanskar said, moving his head away clutching it, after a few sips had been forced down his mouth

“Lemon water with lot of salt in it” Ragini explained calmly

“Eww!” Sanskar said still not opening his eyes and leaning on her.

“Come on” Ragini said helping him stand, with great difficultly. He was too heavy for him to support but she tried to still stumble towards the destination

“Don’t feel good” Sanskar complained almost like a child

“I know” Ragini said softly trying not to make him feel worse than he already was by talking loudly

After dragging him into the shower, she made him rest against the wall a bit before turning on cold water shower and jumping out of the shower area.

“Ahhh!!!” Sanskar screamed the moment the cold water rained on him. “Ragini!” he screamed as he rushed out of the shower

Ragini was just on her way out of the washroom when he stepped out “What the hell was that?” he exclaimed, widen eyed and angry

“That was cold water shower to help with the hangover” Ragini said innocently

“Have you gone crazy!” Sanskar shot at her, while looking down at himself. He and his clothes were all drenched. He was wearing his normal comfortable night clothes “What am I wearing?” he asked looking at his clothes

“Your night clothes” Ragini said, a bit confused by the question

“I can see that! How did I get into them? Who changed my clothes?” Sanskar asked

“Who do you think?” Ragini asked innocently, her lips curling up just a bit

“You??” Sanskar asked confused

“May be” Ragini said with a shrug of her shoulder

“What!! So you took advantage of me when I was not in my senses?” Sanskar asked surprised

“Yup” Ragini said, emphasizing the ‘p’

Sanskar’s jaw clenched and he lunged at her hand, holding it tightly and dragging her into the shower in a matter of seconds

“Sanskar!” Ragini let out a surprised scream and before she knew it, she was standing under cold water shower “Ahhhhh!!” she screamed in shock, trying to rush out there right after the water hit her. But Sanskar held her hands behind her and trapped her in the shower “Sanskar! Let go of me” she screamed at him

“So you changed my clothes?” Sanskar asked her over the sound of the water

“Sanskar! It is cold” Ragini complained, trying to free herself from his grip.

“Good! You know how I felt then” Sanskar told her

“Sanskar, that was for your hangover. I was trying to help” Ragini protested

“Who does that for hangover?” Sanskar asked her sarcastically

“Sanskar let me go” Ragini pleaded

“Did you change my clothes?” Sanskar asked her, not let his grip loosen

“No. Adarsh bhaiyaa did” Ragini told him

Sanskar released his grip on her and turned off the water “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Ragini glared at him “You drenched me!” he exclaimed

Sanskar cleared his throat “Did you forget what you did to me?” he asked

“I was trying to help with the hangover” Ragini said genuinely

“Who told you this great solution?” Sanskar asked

“My friends at the uni. That is what we did when they had hangover as well” Ragini told him innocently

Sanskar shook his head hearing this but had a smile on his face looking at her innocence. Ragini started to shiver a bit because of the cold shower. Sanskar saw this and pulled her under the shower again.

“What are you doing?” she asked through chattering teeth.

Sanskar did not speak but turned on the shower again but this time with warm water. “Feeling better?” he asked her softly

Ragini glared at him, looking at herself again “Look at what you have done?” she told him. She had been drenched to the bone

“Don’t blame me for this” Sanskar said “This is all because of your comment” he told her pushing her out of the shower area “Leave me now and let me shower. Unless you really are thinking of taking advantage of me” Sanskar teased her, lifting his eyebrows suggestively at her

Ragini’s eyes widened and she rushed out of the washroom.

Sanskar chuckled seeing her run out “Crazy!” he muttered to himself before getting on with his shower.

Sanskar finished his shower and tried to open the washroom door only to realize that it was locked from outside. He banged the door “Ragini!” he called out loudly

“What?” she called out from outside

“Open the door!” he ordered her

“I am changing my clothes. Wait for a few minutes” she called out

“Open the door Ragini!” he said banging the door again “You can change the clothes in here. I am not going to stand here like this in the washroom until you finish changing” he told her feeling a bit annoyed

“Close your eyes” Ragini told him. He voice a lot closer now, just outside the door

“What!” Sanskar questioned her

“Close your eyes. I am not completely dressed.” Ragini told him again “I will open the door and let you out and change in the washroom instead” she explained from the other side of the door.

“Fine” Sanskar said standing akimbo with a towel wrapped around his waist

“Sanskar!” Ragini screamed

“What?” Sanskar asked startled, worried as to what had made he scream. He was about to open his eyes when she let out a quick “Don’t open your eyes!”

“What happened?” Sanskar asked again, still feeling worried, but keeping his eyes closed

“Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” Ragini asked him. She had turned around, her back facing him now as she bundled the still undraped saree in her hands.

“Hello! What do you call this towel that I am wearing?” Sanskar shot at her “And you are the one to blame for this”

“How is this my fault?” Ragini asked him

“You were the one who threw me in the shower without any change of clothes” Sanskar answered her “How long am I going to have to stand like this?” Sanskar asked her “I am going to open my eyes now” he muttered, throwing his hands in the air.

“Don’t!” came her panicked response before she rushed over and shoved him out of the washroom closing the door.

It was pretty late by the time Ragini was all dressed up and ready. Sanskar seemed to have already left the room by the time she came out of the washroom. It still took her a bit of time to drape the saree. True they had done some shopping for new clothes already last evening, but they had not yet been washed and cleaned for them to be ready for use.

Ragini rushed downstairs and quickly prayed at the temple before walking towards the kitchen. Just then Sanskar called out from behind her “You are really late” he told her as he leaned against the pillar by the temple

“It is not a good thing for the new bahu of the family to do” he said giving her a serious expression.

Ragini glared at him “You are the reason why I am late” before turning to leave

“Badi Maa and Mom were asking about you” Sanskar told her. Ragini paused for a second but didn’t turn “Don’t worry I spoke to them”

Ragini turned around narrowing her eyes “What exactly did you tell them?”

“Only the truth” Sanskar said innocently “Did you want me to lie to them?” he asked raising his eyebrow

Ragini was about to speak but she heard Pari Bhabhi called out to her “Ragini, you are here?” she said

Ragini nodded and rushed to the kitchen to help them, giving a glance to Sanskar as she went in, wondering what exactly he had said to them.

“Maa, Mom, I am really sorry” Ragini told them sincerely as she rushed around to help them “I wont be late again, I promise” she assured them

“Don’t worry” Badi Maa said even as Sujata let out a giggle “It happens”

Ragini looked at them, her heart missing a beat

Sujata added teasingly “Just don’t come in late every day”

Ragini nodded, a bit concerned about what was going on here

“Sujata, she won’t be late every day. Will you Ragini?” AP asked her teasingly. Ragini shook her head but didn’t say anything else “This was her first time bathing and getting her husband ready after all” she said letting out a giggle

Ragini’s eyes widened as she gasped “What?” she squeaked

“We are all married women here. You don’t need to be shy about this” AP told her gently taking pity on her

“But Maa” Ragini tried to say just as Sanskar walked in there

“Mom!” Sanskar said walking in carrying a button “The button on my shirt came off”

“So? Just change the shirt” Sujata told him, throwing a teasing smile at Ragini

“But I want to wear this shirt today!” Sanskar cribbed. Ragini glared at him.

“Sujata, you don’t understand, he wants to wear this shirt only” AP told Sujata with a teasing smile

“Don’t look at me” Sujata said with a teasing smile “After marriage it is the wife’s responsibility to look after all this. Ask your wife” he told him

“Absolutely correct Sujata. Go help him Ragini” AP said with a teasing smile

“Maa there is a lot of work to be done here” Ragini said making an excuse

“Don’t worry, we will manage the work” Pari cut in

“But” Ragini tried to say

“No more buts!” Sujata told her “Go help him”

Ragini sighed and walked towards him, glaring at him. He thrust the button towards her, making an innocent face as he followed her out of the kitchen. As they walked out, they heard loud giggles from the kitchen. Ragini glared more at him as she strode towards their room

“This is all your doing!” she shot at him, indicating the giggle

“What! What did I do? My button came off” he said innocently

Ragini glared at him “It did come off! You pulled it off! How could you do that?”

“Cold shower!” he said coughing

“hawwh! And what about the cold shower you threw me under?” Ragini shot at him “And I was just trying to help you with hangover. This is what I get for helping you”

“Cold shower isn’t the solution for hangover” Sanskar explained

“How was I supposed to know that? That is what my friends did” Ragini said softly “And you! How could you say all those things to Maa and Mom? How could you lie to them?”

“What?” Sanskar said throwing his arms in the air, even as they continued to walk up the stairs “There was not even a single word in there that was untrue. Now I cannot help how they interpret it” Sanskar asked with a teasing smile on his face

“You knew how they would interpret it!” Ragini glared at him “How could you do that?”

“Did you forget the ‘I changed your clothes’ shunt” Sanskar asked her

“I was just kidding” Ragini explained “I have no interest in taking your virtue”

“You are sure, right?” Sanskar said pulling his jacket close to him as if covering himself “I am not sure about your intent now”

Ragini rolled her eyes at his antic “Your virtue is complete safe” she told him

“Pheww!” he said as if making to wipe sweat from his forehead

Ragini hit him on the arm

“What! I was really worried” Sanskar said acting afforted

“Very funny!” Ragini said with a smile of her own, just as they reached their room, shaking at her head at his behavior.

Ragini went off to get some needle and thread

“Don’t bother with the button” Sanskar told her “I will change the shirt”

“Don’t” Ragini told him “I am already going to get teased for this. I don’t know what will happen when you do that”

“Ohh! They will think you wanted to take advantage of me and destroyed my shirt” Sanskar said teasingly

“Shut up” Ragini said glaring at him for the comment “Take off your shirt”

“What?” Sanskar asked “You are after my virtue!” he said with a chuckle

Ragini hit him on the arm “Keep the shirt on. It will be better”

Ragini started to sew the button on his shirt when he spoke “You aren’t going to prick me with this right?” he said pointing to the needle

“It would serve you right if I did” Ragini told him

“You do know how to sew a button, right?” Sanskar said giving her a mock skeptical look

“I have been doing this since I was 5. I run a tailoring shop” Ragini said sarcastically”

“How did you get to be so sarcastic?” Sanskar asked her

“Irritating friends” Ragini told him with a raised eyebrow

Sanskar poked her on the side of the waist for the comment, making Ragini’s hand move and prick him.

“Oww!! You pricked me!” Sanskar complained

“Serve you right for poking me” Ragini said, even as a smile broke across her lips looking at his sulking expression “Sorry” she told him softly

“hmmmm” he said looking away

“Sanskar!” Ragini said with a smile on her face

“What!” Sanskar asked her still looking upset

“I said sorry” Ragini told him

“Sorry for what?” Sanskar asked her with a raised eyebrow

“For poking you with the needle” Ragini told him with a smile

“And?” Sanksar asked her

“And for the cold shower” Ragini said making an innocent face

“And?” Sanskar asked

“And what?” Ragini asked confused

“What about the teasing over my virtue?” Sanskar asked her

Ragini let out a snort before schooling her expression and adding “Okay. For that as well” Sanskar nodded looking satisfied “Now what about you?”

“What about me?” Sanskar asked

“Don’t you have anything to say sorry about?” Ragini asked him as she continued to sew the button

“Do I?” Sanskar said looking confused. Ragini gave him a look. Sanskar sobered and gave her a soft smile “Okay I am sorry too!”

“For?” Ragini asked him

“For teasing you” Sanskar said. Seeing Ragini’s raised eyebrow he added “And for what I told Maa and Mom” before adding “And for that cold shower”

Ragini nodded “I am just going to get scissor to cut the thread. Don’t move” she instructed Sanskar as she walked away.

Sanskar tried to cut the thread himself and got himself pricked with the needle “Oww!”

Ragini rushed over. She took her finger and sucked on it for a minute before letting it go “You are really impatient. I was just getting the scissor. Why couldn’t you wait for a few seconds?” she asked him.

Sanskar threw an innocent look at her. She shook her head and cut the thread with her teeth. She buttoned the shirt, running her hand over it before giving Sanskar a gentle smile and going over to put the needle away.

She came back towards him with a glass of water and a pill “For your headache” she told him gently

“Thanks” he told her quickly gulping the pill down

Ragini was about the leave, when he said “And thanks for taking care of me when I had the hangover”

Ragini walked back towards him and gave him a gentle smile “That is what friends do”

Sanskar nodded

Ragini paused for a bit before asking “Why did you drink so much if you aren’t used to drinking?”

“I am used to drinking” Sanskar countered “It is just that I usually drink wine or champagne and not whiskey”

“Why did you drink if then?” Ragini asked concerned “Is everything okay? Did something happen” she asked concerned

Sanskar looked at her. Her face showing the concern for him and reflecting her innocence. He looked away. How could he meet her eyes after what happened yesterday? How could he tell her what happened? Especially when he had let her down. He hadn’t stood up for her.

“It was nothing” Sanskar told her softly, finally looking at her

“Really?” Ragini asked, sensing that that wasn’t it, but she wanted to let Sanskar talk to her in his own time.

“It is nothing. Just a silly fight with someone. Don’t worry about it” Sanskar told her finally

Ragini looked at him critically for a moment, not convinced about the answer. But she nodded at him finally, deciding to give him some time “I better get back to the kitchen” she told him “I am going to get a lot of teasing from them” Ragini told him, trying to change the subject “You have to do something nice for me, to make it up to me” she said with a warm smile

“I will make up to you for it” Sanskar said, with a warm smile breaking on his face as well.

Ragini went away

“Thanks for being such a wonderful friend” Sanskar said softly after she left “I don’t think I have been as good a friend to you though”

Precap – Dosti ki hai, nibhaani toh padegi

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