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Sarojini 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police station
The aunt points a pistol at sarojini, and asks the police to refrain back. she says that she spoiled her plan, and she says that she might go to jail, but she wont spare her. he comes in between, and asks her not to do this. she asks him to step aside, as she is determined. as he complies, she tells sarojini that she wont be spared now. he catches her off guard and takes her pistol, while the aunt is shocked. the police puts her behind bars, while rishab and sarojini are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
The next morning, all wake up complaining of a heavy headache, and wonder what went wrong. nirjhara wonders whats the matter. indira asks whats the matter. nirjhara says that sarojini must be sleeping. dadaji says that she must be sleeping at rest, since soumu finally got justice. indira points out that she isnt there. they keep trying her phoen but dont get her.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Meanwhile, sarojini comes at the police station, and apologises to rishab for misunderstanding her. he asks her not to, as he should since he and his family gave her a lot of pain. she asks him not to connect himself with the aunt, and that betrayal is bad, but he should get over it. he says that he cant believe his own aunt did it, as she was like a mother to him. she asks him to stop blaming himself. he says that he tried to hide the crime, and tried to save a criminal. she says that things done for the family arent right or wrong. he says that she feels this is right, as she is right, but he wouldnt be able to forgive himself, and it shall be good if he leaves the town. she gets tensed and complies, and asks him to come once and meet everyone, as all shall be happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini’s family starts getting anxious. indira meanwhile finds the uneaten prasad by sarojini, and wodners if its because of this that they have a headache. sarojini comes and says that its true, that th medicine laden sweet induced them to sweet. granny reminds them that the aunt gave this to them. nirjhara asks where had she gone. she calls rishab inside, and all are aghast and start reprimanding and cursing him, and ask her angrily as to why did she bring him here. bhaskar is about to throw him out, along with granny and dadaji, when sarojini intervenes, and points out the truth to them. she says that rishab isnt guilty. nirjhara and others are boggled. sarojini explains everything, as to how the aunt is the main culprit. they are all shocked. they al vehemently apologise to him, while he says that they were simply misled, and they were just fighting for soumu’s justice, and werent at all wrong. he says that its okay, as he doesnt mind, and that being with them, he shall give atestimony against the aunt, and get them justice. he says that he should get going. nirjhara asks whats the hurry, and begs him to stay for one more day. they all beg him. he complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
As the aunt meets the lawyer, she fumes that sarojini ruined all her plans and that she has to get out of here, asap, as she cant let sarojini win.
the lawyer tells her that she has a strong case against her, and that even rishab has agreed to testify against her.

Scene 5:
Location; Sarojini’s residence
nirjhara gets emotional as she sits and chats with rishab, that whn the lord take away, he gives something too. she says that life had stopped for her, when soumu went away, but was revived when she saw him, as she felt like another son in him. he gets emotional hearing this, as she goes on a rant about how similar he and soumu were, andhence she always saw soumu in him, and was sure that he wouldnt do this at all. he smiles, as she smiles through her tears. he hugs her.

Downstairs, all commend sarojini for the good thing she did by getting rishab out. all point out how she changed their life, while she thanks them for their support. granny comes and calls sarojini, and says that she mistook her the most, and always tortured her. but sarojini says that its her right as an elder. granny asks her had she not gotten rishab arrested, would she have married rishab. sarojini is aghast to hear this. then they all try and convince her, as to marrying rishab is the right decision for her. sarojini stands tensedly.

In his room, rishab apologises to soumu, to forgive him, as he was going to marry sarojini, and be a part of her life, and then says that he never met him, but wishes he had, as the love his family gave him, he shall always cherish it close to his heart, and if he has ever hurt him, and pained him, he begs to be forgiven. then he takes his bags and comes out, while the entire family,. except sarojini waits for him to see him off, except sarojini. he thanks them all for their love, support and care, and says that he has to go, since lots of pending work need to be finalised. they all make a sullen face. he asks about sarojini, and nirjhara says that since she didnt agree to the marriage, she didnt want to meet as that would have been awkward. he says that its okay, and gets to going out with them, saying that they cant force her to marry, and if she is happy like this, then her happiness is his happiness. he says that he is happy that they thought him to be deservant of his marriage with her. just as he turns around, he is confronted by a shyl standing sarojini. all burst into guffaws while he is boggle.d sarojini barely controls her laughter. they all tell him, that he shall leave, but with her, as she has consented for marriage. they eye each other, overwhelmed with emotions. the screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Rishab and sarojini’s wedding is organised with much cheer and happiness, as all happily participate in the function, with the full rituals.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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