Rectify : Manmarziyan part 16

I am so sorry I’m very late at posting my update, just personal issue were the reason I was late, here is the next episode enjoy..

Radhika immediately went to the hospital, she felt really guilty, and worried, when she did make it to the hospital, she saw Neil…

Radhika: “What happen Neil, how did this happen?”

Few hour ago at Teji’s party

Arjun: “Wait has anyone seen Radhika?”

Dilip: “I told you to keep an eye on her.”

Niki: “Please don’t worry I think I know where she would be.”

Arjun: “How would you know where Radhika is.”

Niki was going to say something but Dadji interrupted.

Dadaji: “Arjun don’t worry, she went to get my medicine.”

Arjun: “She should have told me.”

Dadaji: “There were a lot of commotion going on here, so she told me to tell you where she was heading.”

Arjun: “Oh my god, Dinesh will have the opportunity to kidnap her, I am worried what he will do to her.”

Dadaji: “Arjun, nothing will happen to Radhika, she’ll be here soon.”

Arjun: “I will not take a chance, I will try calling her to see if she’s okay.”

While Arjun was trying to call Radhika, Mala was having…

Mala: POV Where could my daughter be, I just hope she is safe, I have this fear, that those two monster are going to take my daughter and do bad things to her, I see Arjun trying to get hold of her on phone, he says he has tried numerous time, she is not picking her phone up. What if Dinesh took her, shat if she’s in danger, I can’t breath, I think I’m having a heart attack. I go to Dilip…

Dilip: “Whats wrong sweetheart.”

Mala: “I think I’m having heart attack.”

Mala faints…


Neil: “It was just minor, but next time will you inform us where your going.”

Radhika: “Sorry Neil I didn’t know it would cause a big issue.”

Neil: “Go to your mother, seeing you she’ll relax a little.”

Radhika: “Thank you Neil, I’ll go check on her.”

Radhika: POV ” Sorry Neil it was important to go and check on the girls, I need to get them home safe for tomorrow. But how am I going to go tomorrow, I’ll just inform Jai and Gauri to get them home safe. I open the door and see mom in bed resting and dad there being beside her. Sam and Arjun were there too. Arjun comes towards me and gives me a hug, I could see how worried my Arjun was, he had tears in his eyes.”

Arjun: “Why didn’t you pick the phone up, do you know how worried we were.”

Radhika: “I had my phone on silent but why are you all worried for me, dad you let me take self defense class so that I can face the world.”

Dilip: “Yes I’m glad you took the class, but still a parent would always worry about there child.”

Arjun: “You need to be more careful since all our lives are in danger.”

Mala suddenly wakes up calling for Radhika.

Radhika: “Mama I’m here please don’t stress yourself.”

Mala gives her daughter a kiss on the head. She has tears in her eyes.

Mala: “I just want you to be safe, Arjun beta could you come here.”

Arjun goes to Mala..

Mala:”Beta promise me that you’ll always be there for Radhika, keep her safe from the enemies.”

Arjun: “I promise maa, she is my life, and if someone harms her, I will give them pain that they will never forget. You take rest, I will take Radhika home.”

Mala gives Arjun a hug..

Mala: “Radhika is one lucky girl to have you as a husband.”

Arjun: “No maa I’m lucky one to have Radhika as my wife.”

Both Ardhika looking at each other intensely.

Radhika POV ” Arjun I love you so much, but you don’t even know your past life, I have to keep you safe from Shanti, when she gets to know about you I know she will come after you, maa I know your pain, and I promise you they will pay, I will reflect the pain that they’ll never forget.”

Sam: “You guys are so emotional, I’m having tears in my eyes.”

Arjun: “I think we should go home now, Sam I’ll drop you home.”

Sam: “That is ok, I’ll go with Neil.”

Arjun: “As you wish, Radhika we should go home.”

Radhika: “Maa I’m leaving with Arjun, please take care of yourself and don’t stress yourself too much.”

Mala: “I am fine now that you are safe, both of you go home and have some rest as well.”

Radhika hugs her mom and dad and also Sam and leaves with Arjun.

Next scene Niki and Teji

Nike: “How is Mala.”

Teji: “She is doing much better now that Radhika is with her.”

Niki: “It is hard to believe Radhika is the rectifier, when I heard about the rectifier from Dr. Gauri, I wanted to contribute too. I gave them a place shelter and food because we had the same enemies.”

Teji: “Dr Gauri didn’t give you the name of the rectifier, so you ask me to higher a private detective.”

Niki: “Yes, I just needed to know, who she was, but never thought it would be Radhika, I thought Radhika was taking revenge for what they did to Mala but I think there more to the story.”

Niki takes a picture of Shanti and Arjun/Raj and shows it to Teji.

Niki: “If you look at the picture closely we see a young Shanti Devi with Arjun’s look alike and the picture is torn half.”

Teji: “Yeah, but what does it mean.”

Niki: “I hire a private detective too, to know who’s picture she had torn, you won’t believe what I found.

Teji: “What did you find?”

Niki: “Well I found this lady who knew Shanti too well she told me she had a sister, but the problem was there was no picture of her sister, so I hire an artist and she describe the feature of Shanti’s sister, it will be a shock when you see it.”

Niki shows the picture to Teji.

Teji: “Oh my god she looks like Radhika.”

Niki: “Yes she is the recarnation of Radhika, and I can’t wait to see Shanti Devi face when she sees Ardhika.”

Teji: “She has no idea who’s coming after her, this is too good.”

Niki: “I want Nesam and Ardhika as soon as possible, Teji arrange the meeting tomorrow.”

Teji: “I will text them, but I think you need to talk to Radhika first because I don’t think the other 3 know that Radhika is the rectifier.”

Niki: ” Yeah your right, Okay then make the arrangement for tomorrow with Radhika.”

Next scene Arjun and Radhika at there house.

Radhika receives the text message

“Nani wants to see you tomorrow, I will pick you up at your house tomorrow it’s confidential, Arjun can’t know about it, until we talk to you.”

Arjun: “Who’s texting my beautiful wife at this hour?”

Radhika: “Teji’s Nani wants to see me alone.”

Arjun: “Tell her that I’m coming.”

Radhika: “She wants to see me alone, beside Teji will come and drop me home safely.”

Arjun grabs her and gives her a passionate kiss she opens her mouth so that Arjun tongue touches her, then Arjun holds her and says.

Arjun: “I can’t let you go, your life is in danger, I don’t know why but it feels like I will loose you again, and if I loose you I will end my life, I love you too much.”

Radhika: “Arjun nothing will happen to me beside you can trust Teji.”

Arjun: “I do trust Teji, but still I worry when your not home, you don’t know the dreams I get, they scare me.”

Radhika: POV is Arjun remembering his past life, I need to know?

Radhika: “What kind of dream are you having.”

Arjun: “I see a lady stabbing you, when she leaves, I go towards you and see that your dead, I take a gun and shoot myself.”

Radhika: “When did you have these dreams.”

Arjun: “When I was a child I would have these dreams but they were blur. But when I got shot in my dream I saw your face and unknown lady, I don’t understand why I’m having these dreams.”

Radhika: “Why didn’t you tell me before.”

Arjun: “I didn’t want you to think I was crazy.”

Radhika: “Your not crazy, because I have those dreams too.”

Arjun: “What does it mean?”

Radhika: “It’s our past life Arjun you were Raj and I was Radha and that lady that killed me is my sister in the past known as Shanti Devi.”

Arjun: “She is the one Niki was mentioning.”

Radhika: “Yes she is the one that is causing all these problems, she is a very dangerous woman, and I am worried for you, when she sees you, I don’t know what she’ll do.”

Arjun was smiling seeing Radhika’s concern for him.

Arjun: “Why is she obsessed with me.”

Radhika: “Yes, Arjun she is obsessed with you.”

Arjun smile vanished

Arjun: “Is this the reason she killed you.”

Radhika: ” Yes, but she always hated me from the start, there something else you need to know about me, that I have not told you before, I think its time you know.

Suddenly the phone rings its her father calling

Radhika: “Hi dad is something wrong.”

Dilip: “Dinesh called, he said he had kidnapped my daughter.

Radhika: “Dad I’m okay I’m with Arjun, he is probably playing with you.

Dilip: ” If it not you do you think he has ….

Radhika: “Riddhma…..’

precap: Riddhma is missing, Niki and Radhika meet….

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  1. Jessie

    Brin….this is nice…now everyone gets 2 know.. so.. rads n shantidevi face off …wah1.. am waiting…suraj b hai… shoot down yaar.. they kidnapped angry.. waiting 4 nxt one.. post soon.. face off I guess .TC n loads of love

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Jessie, will update soon, stay blessed. ☺

  2. Sathya

    I m eagerly waiting for Shanti faces ardhika…. Dying to see her reaction… Brin it is an awesome amazing episode Dear. Too Good all the secrets r revealed one by one…. Post next soon dear

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sathya, I will update soon, stay blessed. ☺

  3. Gauri

    OMG Brin that was a dhamaka update ….poor Riddhima…now I am waiting for Radhika and Shanti Devi’s face off ….loved it post soon πŸ™‚ stay blessed

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Gauri, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  4. Sweetie

    Brin di,it’s so good..Now confrontation of Radhika/Radha with Shanti Devi..Wow!! I’m waiting for that.. πŸ™‚ Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sweetie, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  5. Tara

    ummm what to say.. i get so confused whenever i read ur ff.. totally stunned..
    waiting for the next part

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Tara, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  6. Rossy

    Omg…what a dhamaka…totally bang…what will happen to ridhima..hope she will be fine..many secrets unfold today…many will be next…but how can a pI got to know about rads…i mean if they know that means shanti will know if she tried that pi…anyway…update soon dear

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Rossy, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  7. Dipika

    Brin darling this is fabulous yarr..means really u have tremendous imagination skill..hats off…rads is really brave one here..i m so eager to see shanti n suraj face whn thy will beaten by aradhika…ridhi got kidnapped.. Wht happn to ridhi now..m eger..update

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Dipika, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  8. S.v

    wow a head spinning episode missed it badly but came out as a damaka ride. So arjun had the same dreams which rads had thats sweet now what will happen if they come face to face. Gosh seriously out of thinking area. Lovely one brin seriously lovely loved it to the core.

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much S.v, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  9. amazing………

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Subha, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  10. Jnana

    Awesome episode dear…… Waiting for the next

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Jnana, I will update soon. πŸ™‚

  11. Wow Brin another amazing update, Arjun also got glimpse of his part in form of dreams, now Ridhima is kidnapped am scared for her. Hope the rectifier will rescue her sister

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Gianna, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  12. Affaa

    Brin outstanding…. I missed you a lot…u and ur ff….brin I’m ur big fun not only bcoz ur great writer ur personality is awesome… I just u can be like u…. Fantastic epi…. Can I call you didu if you don’t mind it’s OK… If don’t like…. Love you yaar…

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Affaa, yes you can call me didi, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  13. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Roma, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  14. _Ritu

    Brin…dear as always u nailed it..Arjun too getting glimpse of past.. πŸ™‚ bt Riddhima kidnapped…hope nothing will happen to her…all curious for nxt…post soon…loads of love. πŸ™‚

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Ritu, I will update soon, stay blessed. πŸ™‚

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