Does she really love me? episode 13

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Chirag’s POV

Dad was still in the room. And on the other side Sanchit was crying.

“Sanchit how he could be ur Dad? I mean did he rapped ur mom…”

“R u nut Chirag? He is my father. My mom says he is very good person and loved her a lot. It was she who misunderstood him.”

“What misunderstandings?”

“I don’t know. Neither I asked nor she told me. She thought he was dead. Not for a single day, she forget him. I saw her crying…”

“But, I’m not getting anything. If he was married to Swara aunty then how my mom and he…”

“Even I don’t know… But I’m happy I got my father.”

“So u r my step brother…”

“Don’t worry I’ll not take ur place. I’ll make my own place…”

I hugged him. “Mummy is coming…”

“Swara aunty… Don’t know what would happen next…”

It was morning when Dad opened the door. Sanchit immediately hugged him.


“Sanchit… Y r u crying?” Dad broke the hug and wiped his tears. “Tell me Y my son is crying?”

“Y u left ur Sanchu alone papa. U don’t love me… Am I that much bad.”

“Sssh, don’t cry. I don’t know about u. I’m very bad father.” He hold his ears. “Sorry, please forgive ur father.”

“I love u Papa.” That was a beautiful moment.

“Ok, now tell me what my son wants to eat…”

“Papa, one cup coffee.” Sanchit looked towards me. “U know Chirag mom always used to say that pap makes the best coffee☕.”

“Ok, beta.” He came towards me. “And what my Chirag wants to eat.” I thought he would neglect me but no. “Dad, I never tasted coffee prepared by u.”

“Ok, champs u enjoy I’ll back soon.” Great actor, his eyes told how much he cried whole night but now see him. How one could be so much good. Or I was thinking much may be he was repenting on his deeds…

Chirag’s POV ends.

Swara’s person POV…

Everything was scattered, clothes were lying on bed… Floor was messed with shoes. I was sitting on the floor full confused…

“Swara, r u ready…” A Shivani entered inside the room. She saw whole room. “What is this???”

“Shivani, I’m confused. What to wear don’t…”

“That yellow one.”

“No, Sanskar doesn’t like yellow…”

“Green one.”

“No, I’ll look like vegetable…”

“Offo, Swara u r mother of child still behaving like a teen-ager, who wants to impress her boyfriend.”

I went towards her. “I’m meeting him after so many year. I want everything perfect. I hurt him a lot but, now wait is over. Me and Sanskar.”

“Will he forgive U?”

I smiled. “U don’t know my Sanskar. I just need to hug him at once and he…”

“But Swara, if he is alive Y he didn’t returned back to u.”

“Oh stupid girl. He thought I’m still thinking him criminal but who will tell my Sanku that I came to know about truth a long back. He loves that’s why he stayed away from me in these year.”

“U too love him. After knowing that he is dead u never move on ur life.”

“Shivani, I’m also thankful to u also. because of u I came to know about truth. I…”

“Offo enough ur lecture within one hour ur flight will departure get ready soon and red one is best…”

I was with short of words to explain my happiness… I just want to meet him, hug him, kiss him, simply tell him how much I cried for him. I was wrong, how stupid was I to mistrust him. But soon everything will be OK I know, I still remembered everything that had leads to our separation.

It was started when Idischarged from the hospital. After breakfast I left to office. Office was almost empty.

“What happened to office?”

“Mam, everyone is in hospital.”

“What, I mean Y? Is everything is OK?”

“Someone rapped Tanya.”

“What? When?” I was shocked

“Last night…” I immediately rushed towards the hospital. Lucky was there.

“Lucky, how’s she?” I asked.

“I can’t say, she is still unconscious. I know this must be that Sanskar Maheshwari.”

I cried… “She is my friend how could he ?…”

“Calm down Shona.”

After a long wait finally she got conscious it was already 9pm.

“Who did this Tanu?”

“I’m sorry Swara, I always thought it was u to snatch my love. But he is a beast.”


“Sanskar Maheshwari, Ur husband.”

“What r u in ur sense? He can’t do this…”

Nikhil also came there… “She is a lair Nikhil.”

“No, Swara. I’m not that much stupid. I still reminds this voice he was Sanky. And there was clock also… Last night Sanky did this.”

“No, Nikhil trust me.” I thought he would definitely believe me.

But lucky didn’t. “Swara where was Sanky last night.”

“He was with me, lucky”

“Full night he was with u. I mean r u sure.”

“No, I mean he went to buy medicine. I was waiting for him outside the hospital.”

“See Nikhil, it’s clear Sanky did this.”

I went near Tanya. “Tanu, r u sure he was My Sanskr. U know him. He madly loves me.”

“Swara, Sanskar is obsessed with u. Just remember how he pushed me yesterday when I poured coffee on ur hands.”

“Everything, every proof is against Sanskar.”

But my heart wasn’t ready to trust them. “No, u both just shut up.” I hold Nikhil’s hand. “She is lying I know she loves my Sanskar, she is trying to create misunderstanding between us. But u know my Sanskar he couldn’t do this.” I was almost crying. “I love him.”

He hugged me. “Sssh Shona, I know u love him. But u please don’t cry.”

“Promise me u won’t take any action against my Sanku. He is my everything.”

He cupped my face and wiped my tears. “Everything will be OK. I’ll do as u whatever u want. Now Happy.”

“Thank u. Thank you so much.”

“But Swara.” Lucky came. “Whatever Tanu said.”

“Swara I’m right he was ur Sanskar. Ur Sanskar is a rapist.”

“No…” I shouted a loud. “Don’t u say a word against him.”

I ran from there. There words were still echoing in my ears… Sanskar was continuously calling me. But how could I face him. I was badly crying.

“Should I trust him or may be they r right… No Swara u can’t suspect ur love. But it’s true that he wasn’t in the hospital, and Y would tanu lied or may be she wants to separate me from my love.”

Everything was running in my mind since the time I met him. Our first kiss, how confused was I? I thought he was a Vampire… Then he proposed me. Our marriage and our first night, when he marked me his.

I went back to home. As I entered inside the house. He immediately hugged me.

“Swara, r u OK? I was very much worried, Y u weren’t picking my calls?” His eyes were showing how much love is filled in them for me.

“I’m feeling hungry Sanskar.” I said in cold tone. First time in dinner table I was quite. I was looking at him, my Sanku loves me a lot.

“What happened Swara?” He asked.

“Nothing, I’m going to bedroom.” I went inside the room.

I was standing at the window.

“What r u doing Swara? How could u be so stupid? He always trust me but their words… He is my life… I have to forget what they told me I know Tanya is a lair…” I was busy in my thoughts. He hugged me from back.

“My love is tense. What happened to u?” I was crying. He turned me, he wiped my tears. “Swara… Y r u crying?”

I immediately hugged him. “I love u Sanskar, and I trust u. No matter what other says. I know all r liars.”

“I know Swara, did any one said anything?” I wanted to be his…

“Sanskar, love me.”


“No, Sanskar. This full night I want u. Please don’t stop yourself. I want to be urs completely.”

He cupped my face. “U r mine. If u don’t want to tell me then I won’t force u. But u please don’t cry.”

I didn’t allowed him to stop. As if there was no tomorrow. ‘He is a rapist…’ These words were still echoing in my ears…

“Sanskar, little faster.” I demanded.

“Swara, u must be tired. I think I should stop.”

“Please don’t.” I hugged him. “Please make me forget everything that they said. I know they lied.”

“Swara look a me.” I broke the hug. “I love u, and I know u also. Don’t bothers about others. This is the last one and it would be slow. Ok.”

I nodded yes. It was almost morning when I slept. My eyes were dried…

When I woke up, he was missing. I reminded what had happenedlast night. I looked towards the gift he kept on side table. Saree and mangalsutra.

“I know Sanskar u loves me a lot. And ur Shona loves u too.”

I wore the it… “Aha Shona, u r looking too pretty. And this mangalsutra I’ll wear from ur hand.”

Someone knocked the door. He was lucky.

“Y u came here? I don’t want to see ur face.”

“Shona, after knowing the truth how could u sleep with him.”

“Lucky, it’s my personal life and he is my husband. He has full right on me.”

“U won’t believe untill u will see truth from ur eyes.”

“If u r done then please leave.”

“I love u Swara. I’m ready to accept u.” I slapped him.

“Be in ur limits… Now just leave.”

Whole day I waited for Sanskar. Neither he picked my calls nor he came home. I was panicked badly…

“Nikhil, Sanskar…”

“What happened to him? Swara.”

“Don’t know where is he? I’m very much tense… He is not attending my calls. If something bad… No I can’t…”

“Shona relax he must be fine…”

“Please bring him back… Don’t know I’m not feeling good… If something happens to him I’ll die.”

“Shut up… Don’t say anything… U should ask his family they must know it.”


“Wait I’ll drop u… It’s too late…”

We went to Maheshwari mansion. But who knew that Lucky took it wrong.

“Shona, finally u came back…”

“Where is Sanskar?”

“I don’t know… Must be with his new bedmate…” I slapped him.

“Don’t say a word against my husband.”

“It’s truth…” Listening this other members also came out.

But Kavita was also there but sad. “Kavita do u know where is my Sanskar…” I joined my hands before her. “Please, since morning he was out.”?

But she slapped me. “Enough Swara, I don’t want to see ur face…”

“Kavita…” Sahil shouted… “How dare u? Say sorry to her.”

“I’ll not Sahil, because of her u r neglecting my love…” She looked towards me. “And u Swara, one side crying for Sanskar but other side trying to attract boys…”

“What rubbish Kavita… I don’t love Sahil. My husband is my life.”

She left…

“Swara, I don’t like Kavita but she is forcing her love on me. When I rejected she thought that I love u. Sorry.”

“I don’t want ur sorry… I want my Sanskar.”

Badi ma also came. “Swara beta u r here this time. U must be with Sanskar.”

“Badi ma, Sanskar don’t know where he gone… I’m not feeling good…”

She hugged me. “Offo, stop crying like little girl. There must be some important work…”


“Swara, he is not a little boy. U stay here tonight. He will come back soon.”

I went inside Sanskar’s room. First time. It was so beautiful and different. I took his photo which was kept on side table.

“Sanku, please come soon. This is worst night after our marriage. I’m alone.” I hugged the pillow. “Pillow u must spend night with my hubby. He is so cute, handsome. U know being with him makes me complete. The moment our soul became one. I gave myself to him, that feelings couldn’t be expressed in words… I can’t imagine my life without him.” I reminded about last night and started blushing. “I love u my love. Good Night.”

I slept. I was hoping for his arrival but next shocked I got when I heard someone rapped Kavita as well as Ragini…

“Again… This time two girls…” I was very much tense…

“Ur husband Swara. He wasn’t with u last night… He is real culprit.” Lucky was continuously ranting this.

“Stop blaming him. U were also went somewhere last night…” Sahil said…

“Guys stop fighting…” Doctor said Kavita’s condition wasn’t good. That rapist even tried to cut her wrist but Ragini is fine… I went to met her.

“Ragini… U don’t worry I’ll not leave him.”

“He is ur husband Swara…”

“Stop this, I he isn’t.”

“Where were he last night… Swara I saw him… I saw his face too. I know him,his voice… That devil is ur husband…”

“See, I told u…” Lucky was also irritating me.

“Shona, now I have to take action against Sanskar… I know he is innocent. But Ragini said she saw that the person who rapped her is Sanky.”

“It’s a lie, Nikhil.”

“Y would I lie Swara? I don’t love him. If u don’t believe then investigate… Ask every victim… They would definitely recognized his voice…”

I left from there…

Sanskar wasn’t with me. And all the proofs were against me… Was I became selfish in love… No… I met those girls. Talked to them… Same story, they were some how related to me.

“Can u recognized his voice also?”

“Ya, I can’t forget his voice…”

“Ok, tomorrow morning be ready.”

I directly went to our house.

“Where r u Sanskar? ? I’m trapped their web. But tomorrow I’ll show them truth.” I called him.

“Hello, Sanskar.”

“Mam, sir is busy.”

“Tell him. His wife wants to talk him. And she is very angry.”

“Sorry mam. He said not to disturb him…”

“But…” She disconnected the call.

“What important work Sanskar? U love me then, Y? U haven’t think about me not at once. Sanku I really need u… Please come back soon. I’m afraid I can’t afford to loose u.”

Next day the worst day in my life… We all were in the office. Lucky played a recording of Sanskar, it was badi ma’s birthday party… Small one. In which Sanskar said few words and sang a song for her. I crossed my finger hoping for best. “I trust u Sanskar.” I said to myself.

“Yes he is…” A girl shout…

“R u sure?” Lucky asked.

“Yes, sir…” All the girls were saying this… “We can’t forget this voice… He is that man… I’m dam sure sir.”

“Now u believe me Swara.”

Except a girl. “No, he isn’t…” I looked towards her with hope. She was Shivani.

“U were his first victim… Might be u forgot his voice… Shivani.”

“No, Mr lucky. See Swara mam, I was his first victim and though it was long time for that incident but I’m dam sure, he wasn’t that guy.”

“I trust u. My husband can’t be a rapist.”

“What u r his wife?” They asked. “U must be Swara… He took ur name he obsessed with u mam. It’s because of u he rapped us. We all connected with u… Knowing and unknowingly we hurt u that’s why he. Did this?”

“Swara till how long u will ignore the truth…”

“No Swara trust ur husband.” Shivani said.

“No he is rapist…” All were shouting… They r busy in keeping their views but no one understood what I was going through.

“Shut up…” I shouted a loud. “One more word against my husband… I’ll not leave u…” I left from there…

Outside the office I met Nikhil.

“Swara u crying…”

“Nikhil, they all r liars… I can’t live without Sanskar. U tell them not to lie… Don’t do this to my Sanskar…” I broke down on my knees. “I’m imploring u. Please, please…”

He sat down on knees.

“Sssh, Shona. If u want I’ll not allow anyone to touch ur husband. U r priority for me. But please don’t cry… U go to ur home.” He wiped my tears. “Everything will be alright. Wait for Sanskar’s call.”


I went to my home. Each second without him was eating me from inside. “Sanskar, it’s better to die… I can’t handle this… Please come back… Where r u?” Just then I got his call.

Before I could speak…

“Sanskar… I love u.”

“Love u too jaan.” He kissed her. I could hear the smooching sound. “Now spread ur legs baby…” I was understood Sanskar bymistake called me.

“Sanskar make it hard…” I was wittiness of their love making… Their each moan… I could remind his voice. It was like someone stabbed my heart. My husband was making live with a girl… How could he…

“Sanskar, baby if u love me this much they Y don’t u leave Swara. My body will give u full satisfaction.”

“Shut up u b*t*h… No one can compare my Swara. She is my drug. Her aroma makes me crazy. She is one and only from whom I can’t get fed off.”

“But, when will get to know the truth, that u r that rapist Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“She blindly trust me. The whole world can be liar to her but not her hubby. She loves me soo much and I also do.”

“But still if she came to know…”

“She never knew that I take girls in my home. My wife doesn’t like sound of that watch but stupid girl don’t know that room is for my lust.”

“Oh baby, now stop this… Come to me… I have few days then will go back to ur Swara.”

They again started… I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw the mobile it broke down into pieces… I directly went inside that room. Everything was scattered… Then I saw blood stains, hairs of girl… I informed police and they took blood and hair sample and that was matched with Kavita’s blood sample. Not only this I also came to know about the truth that those photos of mine was morphed by Sanskar, that photographer even that doctor told me the truth.

“Swara, I think u should talk to Sanskar. Might be some misunderstanding.”

“Nothing is left Nikhil. My life is destroyed completely. The person to whom I love most did this to me.”

“He loves u Swara.”

“Love, seriously Nikhil. He loves me and shares bed with others… For getting Y body he defamed me Nikhil. I just hate him.”

“But Shona at least…”

“Enough, and u don’t worry I’m fine. I’m not crying why would I?”

Badi ma took me Maheshwari mansion with her. How could I live in that house. Everything was clear, we were only waiting for him.

I was bathing. I looked towards myself. To my everybody part where he touched. I closed my eyes, I could feel him. I rubbed my body… Everywhere where he touched me. I want to get rid of this touch… He made me dirty. I cried a loud… Showers water wiped out the outer dirt but what about my soul. “Hate u Sanskar.”

When he badi ma informed me that he was coming, I called everybody prepared my self to face him. And I did it. I handed over him to cop.

After that baba told me to marry Sahil, I couldn’t deny it. I already hurt him a lot.

“Baba, I’ll do whatever u want.”

But he still came on my marriage…

“Swara,…” I looked towards him.

“Sanskar… How dare u to come here.”

“Please don’t do this…” I went towards him.

“Don’t interfere in my life…”

“U can’t marry him Mrs Maheshwari. U r still my wife…”

“Our relation doesn’t matters for me… Sanskar go else I’ll call the cop.”

“Swara, listen me last time. It was my badi…” I slapped him

“One word more Mr Maheshwari… I’ll kill u or myself…” I called the cop. Nikhil came.

“Trust me, I really love u…”

“Oh if u love me… Then signed in these divorce paper and prove ur love for me…” I just wanted to get rid of him. Of that pain.

And he did it. “Swara, how could u forget our love…”

I went inside the room and took the red dress that he gave me. I threw it in fire. I came toward him. And removed the ring that he gave me and gave him. I spitted on his face.

“This is my answer. Now get lost… I HATE U MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…” I shouted a loud.

Nikhil too him. I was broke from inside.

“Shona, beta come, don’t think about him.” I wiped my tears.

“Ji baba.” I moved towards mandap and suddenly everything became dark before my eyes.

“Shona.” Baba shouted and I fainted down.

I got conscious. “Doctor what happened to me?” All were sad. “Tell me.”

“Swara u r pregnant.”

“Really, my baby. Let me call Sanskar he would be very happy…” I stopped in the middle…

“Swara, abort this child.”

“Baba how could u say this. He is my life.”

“No Swara, it’s Sanskar’s dirt.”

“Mind ur language, baba I can’t hear a world against my baby.”

“Don’t be stubborn Swara. How could u, take his symbol in ur womb.”

“I won’t abort my baby it’s my final decision.” I was about left the room.

“Swara, see if u want baby then after our marriage we will.”

“Sorry to Sahil. I won’t marry u. I can’t marry a guy like u.” I left from there.

“Baby don’t worry mumma with u. If whole world would be against u then also ur mother won’t leave u.”

Then next day, I heard a news that Sanskar tried to elope and he died, in blast. Jeep was found near the bridge… “No, matter how much I say I hate u but truth is that I love u like mad Sanskar.” He left me alone.

Flashback ends…

“Welcome to New Delhi.”

My thought broke… I was in Delhi.

“Sanskar, ur Swara came for u. Now no separation.”

I went to his house.

“Ma,” Sanchit hugged me.

“Sanchit where is Sanskar.”

“Ma, dad went out for some work. U wait here.” Chirag also came.

“Swara aunty. I’m Chirag Sanchit’s friend.”

“So u also came to meet, Sanchit dad. Anyways where do u live beta.”

“Aunty, I’m…” Just then I saw someone shouting. I directly went outside.

“R u blind. U rich people think we poor r insects…”

“I’m so sorry, u were coming from the wrong way.” I heard his voice. My Sanskar was arguing with that man.

“Oh, so it’s my mistake…”

“Ok sorry, don’t be angry. Tell me how much money u want.” Still apologizing for the mistake he didn’t committed.

“Sanskar…” U called him. My heart were ready to come out.

I ran towards him and hugged him. The time stopped for me.

“Sanskar…” I closed my eyes. I want to feel that moment. “I love u…”

I forgot we were in the middle of road. It was just me and my Sanskar. I broke the hug and cupped his face… Tears were not stopping. I stand on my feets.

“Sanku,” I kissed on his forehead. “Love u…” I kissed all over his face… ” Love u…” I directly looked into his eyes… He was also crying. I knew it he too love.

I moved closer to him, I kissed him. My pain, my sorrow, my love, the wait of years, now came to end. I got my love my life. My SANSKAR.

Done with another parts. Wait for Sanskar’s decision. Hope u liked it ur friend nilu?.

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