The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 17

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Chapter 17
Karthik looked at the setting sun. They had walked tge whole afternoon and evening and he was pretty tired. He forgot his tiredness when he looked at Naira. They had to find cure before it got too worse.
After walking for another hour or so, the group decided to rest. There was not much to eat, as the journey had lasted longer than planned. Also two more members had joined the group and so the remaining sources had to be divided into 6 instead of 4. The group began to discuss their next move.
Lakshya:(pointing to a place over map. ) we are here. (pointing to another place) and the headquarters are here. We have one day to cover the distance. Also to remind you, we have food fir only one more meal.
Ragini: so we ought to control our hunger for some time and also move fast to reach there.
Lakshya: no we don’t ought to, WE WILL HAVE TO.

Naira: but won’t and there be guards guarding the building?
Lakshya: there will be. That is the reason we have to reach there before dusk. The security will be tight at night to prevent infected from entering.
Sharon: but the guards will be armed and there will be cctv cameras.
Karthik : (sighing) we will have to prevent being noticed. Which means crawling on our tummies.
Swayam:(in mind) I was laying down. The discussions were over abd all had slept. At least that was what I thought. I wanted to sleep but was afraid of nightmares. Finally I dozed off.

The water was gushing in with great speed.
Lakshya shouted: fast everyone, run.
Swaron were shocked to see the hungry waves but ran. Even while running, Swayam could hear others screaming.
Swayam: why are they screaming? ( he asked lak who was behind him)
Lakshya :(catching up with swayam) because the temperature is more than 200 degree celcious. The sun flames have heated it, increasing its volume. That is the reason the water level has increased and it is flowing on surface.
Swayam stopped when he saw ragini. She was standing on a high platform giving instructions. Though they were running on a raised platform earlier(it was safer than the low area) this one was pretty high. She helped him up.
Ragini: climb the ladder as fast as you can. We don’t have much time before we get boiled.
Swayam climbed as fast as he could. He thought that Sharon had already climbed it. Soon he heard noises below. He turned and found that Lakshya was climbing. He was on last stair(of ladder) when he heard a shout. He reached the surface on top ignoring the shout. He was now feeling guilty about it. Ragini came next. He was shocked as he was expecting Lakshya.
Swayam: where is Lakshya?
Ragini: sharon slipped while running. He has gone to help her
Swayam became stone hearing it. The shout was of sharon. That is why he was feeling the weight to guilt.

Precap: Flashback continued

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