Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction teaser

Here’s a teaser for you all .
Altunia and Razia are walking hand in hand , there are flower petals , all over their path , suddenly the background changes, Razia searches for Altunia but is not able find him . Suddenly Yakut comes in front of her and says ” Shezaadi Razia! The thrown of Dilli Sultanate is waiting for you .” he said gesturing towards the thrown in front of them and the thrown is blood-stained “The much awaited moment has finally come , the thrown is waiting for you my child.” Iltimush said , coming from behind.
Yakut hands over a blood-stained sword to Razia , tears swell in Razia’s eyes. She looks at the thrown.
What will Razia choose , her love or her country?

Sorry I couldn’t update for long but my PC had some serious issues, was helpless.

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  1. Its ok anumita
    Omg!!!!!!! What will happen next…… Waiting for the next episode….. Teaser…. ??
    Update asap…….
    Ur imagination is awesome

  2. wowwww!!!!!! anumita…… luve u and ur ff……. i thnk she vll chose her country…. kyoki love toh uske paaas khud hi aa jayega………!!!!!!!

    1. , She will choose what is right. But this teaser is a glimpse of upcoming chapters. Soon she will take her place on the thrown and Yakut will be there as her support, to protect her and the thrown from the evils.

  3. Wow……….next chapter me kya ho ne wala hai ????????
    Anu update asap plzzzzzzzzz

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