Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 53


Chapter 53 – When It Rains Blood!

It was already dawn , a new day had begun , Zehana was praying that her letters had reached the right hands when ,her messenger arrived “ Shezadi , I’ve delivered the letter to Shezaadi Razia as well as Subedaar Altunia , he had sent a message for you , he said that he’ll be here soon.” he said after giving her a proper salaam. , Zehana was delighted hearing the news , she immediately took off a pearl necklace she was wearing and handed over to the messenger “ Your award for your excellent capability and loyalty The messenger thanked her and left the chamber by a secret doorway. At last , Zehana was a bit relieved , but her task was not accomplished yet , disguised as an ordinary woman , she went to meet Ranpaal Singh Rathod , one of Iltimush’s most trusted ministers , he was in favor of Razia , Zehana revealed her plan to Ranpaal and asked him to inform some other trusted ministers including Shohebuddin , Ranpaal’s friend and some skilled soldiers . Ranpaal assured her that he would make the arrangements for the battle before time and asked her to go back to the palace before somebody comes to know. Zehana then returned to the palace , relieved.

Meanwhile , Yakut and Razia had reached near the border of Dilli “ Yakut , how will we enter now , there’s tight security here.” asked a tensed Razia “ You really think we are going to enter through the main entrance , come , there’s a secret rout that’ll directly lead us into my chamber.” Yakut replied. The two , managed to keep themselves away from the guards inside the place , when they reached there. Somehow , they reached Zehana’s chamber and fortunately , Zehana was all alone there. “ Zehana!” Razia exclaimed seeing her “ Razia , I was so worried about you two.” Zehana took her friend into a warm hug with these words. Razia hugged Zehana back as tears of joy escaped her eyes. Just then they heard a knock at the doors , alerted at once , Razia and Yakut hid themselves behind the curtains , while Zehana went to open the doors , thankfully it was Ranpaal Singh with some other trusted ministers and soldiers . Zehana was relived and so was Yakut and Razia , they revealed revealed themselves , Ranpaal Singh was as old as Iltimush and loved Razia as his daughter , he turned emotional seeing her “ Razia beti , where were you?” he asked “ Ranpaal ji , we don’t have much time , come we need to make a proper plan.” Razia said wiping his tears.


So we need to attack them from all the entrance and exits , at a time , so that they do not get even a moment to even react , you’ll all andle the soldiers , and I … Shah Turkan and Rukknuddin.” Razia explained them her plan.

Razia’s instructions were followed and her plan put to action , the Dilli Place was attacked from all the four directions , Rukknudin as well as Turkan were baffled , Ranpaal made sure that Razia’s family was safe in between the mess , Razia , along with Yakut entered the palace killing all Rukknuddin’s guard “ RUKKNUDDIN!” Razia called for her enemy “ Where are you hiding?” She called again , this time louder , Rukknuddin , who was busy tackling Razia’s soldiers heard the cry , by then Yakut also reached the court , where Rukknuddin was . Seeing Rukknuddin , Yakut attacked him at once with his sword , but Rukknuddin succeeded to defend himself and in no time they were indulged into a deadly sword fight.

On the other hand , Razia sent one of her soldiers for Nasir Iqbal and Fatimah.
Nasir , who was with Turkan’s spy , he had caught him . “ Was Shah Turkan behind all these ?” he asked the spy in a dark , low , dangerous voice. “ Ye…ess but please spare my life , I’ll go away , I’ll tell you all her secrets.” the spy pleaded but Nasir was in no mood to pay any heed to his pleads , just then the soldier’s sent by Razia entered the room , Huzoor , Salaam , Shezaadi Razia and Yakut have attacked the palace , they’ve returned and is asking for your support.” the soldier said , Nasir’s face lit up at once hearing the news , you go and join Razia , I’ll be there in a moment.” saying so , he turned to the spy ,his smile turned into an evil one , “Seems like I don;t need you anymore” with those words , he slayed the spy into two pieces with his sword mercilessly.


Be fore leaving to join Razia , he went into his chamber and picked up the blood-stained sword , with which Iqbal was killed “ The time has come Rukknuddin , the time has come.” he said .
On the other hand , Razia was busy fighting with Rukknuddin’s soldiers single-handed , Razia swung her sword and slayed two soldiers together in one blow , but one of the soldiers was going to attack her from back , but Nasir slayed him just in time , he swung his sword and with unmatchable skills , finished off all the Rukkudin’s men there with Razia , after they found themselves standing on the dead bodies of the soldiers , Razia looked at Nasir “ Bhaijaan…” she whispered and rushed to him and Nasir took her into a bone crushing hug , he was relieved to find his dearest sister safe and sound. After sharing an emotional hug , Razia withdrew from the hug and asked the most obvious question “Where’s Fatimah and Iqbal bhaijaan?” Nasir’s face became pale as if all the blood had drained away from his face “ Bhaijaan , I’m asking you something, where’s Fatimah and…..

what about Iqbal bhaijaan?’ she asked again , a bit tensed by now , she was no fool , she could read Nasir’s face and was sure that something went wrong . “ This sword ,…. has Iqbal’s blood ……bhaijaan , …..he’s …no more.” Nasir revealed the truth at last showing her the sword , all the blood from Razia’s face drained away she couldn’t believe her ears “ Who did this?” she asked in a low dark voice “ Our enemy , Rukknuddin.” Nasir confirmed her suspicions.
To be continued

Precap – Shah Turkan attacks Raziua from behind , Razia falls , down , Rukknuddin raises his sword to slay her.

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