Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 15 )

Chapter 15 – Conspiracy !

Royal Palace , Dilli-
“Of course Altunia will manage to convince Walida-e-Sultana too “ Yakut assured Razia , “Hope so.” she said with a smile “Come , join me , I want to play chess again.” Razia requested “Again ?No way.” Yakut made a face “Why because you lose most of the times ?” Razia teased him enjoying his reaction , she gave a small laugh “It’s OK , let’s talk.” she said and led him towards the couch. They talked and laughed , wiping off all the troubles and stress they had , but they were oblivious to the fact that they were being watched and that too by the soul who was a threat to the sultanate , a dark threat , it was none other than Shah Turkan “Hmmm , seems interesting , close friends huh ? “ she thought in her mind.


It was at the wee hours when an urgent knock echoed in Razia’s chamber , waking her up immediately , adjusting her dupatta(scarf) , cautiously opened the door only to find a royal messenger standing out side “Sultan , there’s an urgent message from Bhatinda , Subedaar Malik Altunia has suddenly fallen seriously ill .” he said while giving her a salaam “What ?” Razia almost gasped “Make arrangements , I am leaving for Bhatinda now “But Sultan , what if it’s someone’s conspiracy , what if the news is false ?” one of her concerned personal maids asked “ It can be true also.” with those words , she was about to step out of her chamber when Ameenuddin appeared from nowhere “Sultan , I suggest you not to go , because I have got strong evidences that Sharif is waiting with his men at the route you usually follow to assassinate you.” he aid after giving her a proper salaam Razia paused for a moment “Prepare 2 palanquins , I’ll tell you what to do later.” she ordered him Ameenudin nodded and left . Razia got into her palanquin , but not before taking a sword with her “I want to reach there as soon as possible , within this night only” she ordered her guards and they nodded.

Royal Palace , Bhatinda –
Bhatinda – Altunia was moving back and forth in his chamber , for some strange reason , sleep was playing hide and seek with him , he was perfectly well. Soon , the sun was at it’s verge to raise , just then , he heard one of his palace guards announced the arrival of a royal palanquin from Dilli , without thinking twice , Altunia went to the main entrance to welcome the guest , the plaquin was softly laid on the grounds as Altunia waited patiently to see his guest , the layers were pushed aside revealing the Sultan herself , Altunia was surprised

, he gestured everyone to leave seeing her pained and worried expression as soon as everyone left , Razia rushed to Altunia and engulfed him into a warm yet bone crushing hug , Altunia frowned but responded to her hug “What is it Razia ?” Altunia asked out of curosity and pure concern “Are you alright ? “ Razia sked cupping his face with her palms , Altunia took her hands into his and kissed “I get it , a false letter or message I guess.” he concluded , no need to say , he was an extremely clever being.
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