Razia Sultan 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Razia nurses Shamshad’s wounds. Shamshad sees her blood stained body and asks where was she. She reminisces confronting Althunia. She then goes and sees fathima crying alone under a canopy. Fathima express her deep sorrow. Razia says they should go and arrange for funerals. Fathima asks her to vent out her sorrow, but Razia does not cry at all. Razia then walks toward Yasir and sees him playing with Althunia and asks Althunia if he does not understand simple language and get out of palace.

Old sultan Yaldos in Altamash’s room asks soldiers to leave him alone with is friend for sometime. Minister walks out with soldiers leaving hakeem/doc. Yaldos starts talking to hakeem to keep him busy while Turkan takes out spoin-smeared dagger and is about to cut when she hears hakeem telling he does not know if Altamash will stay alive or not. Yaldos sees her keeping dagger in.

Soldier announces that Shamshad is coming in. Shamshad enters and tells Yaldos that by god’s grace, sultan Altamash is alive. Yaldos says he is with her in sorrows.

Althunia tries to leave palace, but Fathima stops her. He says he is feeling guilty for kidnapping Razia for some time. Fathima says he did good by kidnapping her, else killers would have even killed her. He says even then he has to go. She says he should stay and make Razia cry.

Razia, Shazia, and Shamshad see their dear ones Nasir, Qutub and badi naani’s deadbody in cradles for the last time. Shazia tells Shamshad that Razia has not cried at all and is standing like a lifeless idol. Yaldos asks Turkan why did not she kill Altmash when she got a chance, if her old love stopped her. she says if Altamash dies, he will have to wait for 1 month until royal mourning finishes. Soldiers tell that people have arrived to carry deadbodies for funeral.

Razia stands alone with dead bodies. Althunia comes with flower bouquet. She asks what is this. He says it is his expression of love. She asks if he has gone insane. He says it is his way of expression and starts provoking her to cry.

Precap: Althunia provokes Razia to cry. She starts crying and runs into burial ground where she sees her family members being burie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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