Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Murli searching for the file. Sadhna comes. Murli tells that he won’t go to Ratan garh and says he will not change his decision. Sadhna says I came here to give you something and gives the box containing Rakhis. Murli is surprised. Sadhna tells there is no need to get emotional. I learnt this from you. She asks him to throw the rakhis in garbage. She asks him to tell Jhanvi that he can’t fulfill brotherly duties. She says it would be better if you burns this rakhi and gets free from the duties. Murli asks her to stop it. Sadhna tells Jhanvi is our daughter. Can’t we stay like a happy family for her. She says Abhishek’s parents might break the alliance if they didn’t see us united. Murli is silent. Sadhna says it seems I got my answer. Murli tells I will go with Shyamali. Sadhna is happy and thanks him. He says I will come later. Sadhna tells Shyamali has done your packing like always. She asks him to get ready and come down. Shyamali comes.

Murli asks her to go and says he will be coming. Banwari calls everyone. Banwari asks Sadhna about Govind. Sadhna says he will meet us there. Jayshree says she is doing everything fastly today. Radha jokes with her. Jayshree goes to bring her beauty box. Shyamali comes and sits beside Murli in the car. Radha waits for LD. Jayshree comes and asks LD to move from the way. Everyone sit in the mini bus. Radha thinks LD was showing ego, but had to come. Sadhna prays for her family’s happiness. LD and Radha together. Radha rests on his shoulder while the song Shabdon Ke Pahadon Pe…………..They halt on the way and spend some happy moments. Radha sees Shyamali and Murli together and smiles. She tries to talk to LD.

Abhishek calls someone and tells that they have left from home. Chaturvedi family reach Abhishek’s house. Abhishek welcomes them. Jasyhree asks Abhishek’s mum about the age of the house. Rekha says 60 years. Her husband says 80 years. Abhishek says there was only a room 80 years ago, but then we build the house 60 years ago. They sit for breakfast. Rekha serves tea to them according to their preference. Jhanvi asks Abhishek, when did I tell you about family members preference. Abhishek says you told me many times. Jayshree thinks to go to washroom. Abhishek makes an excuse and goes to talk to someone. Jayshree sees Abhishek talking to someone and hides. Abhishek asks her not to take tension. She removes her moustaches and Neha’s face is revealed. She smiles and hugs him. She says I have only you to rely on. Abhishek calls her didi and asks not to worry. He says these people are actors and emotional. Jayshree tries to see Neha’s face.

Jayshree wonders Abhishek is talking to whom. Neha gives microphone to Abhishek and asks him to put it everywhere in the house. Banwari comes and stops Jayshree. Jhnavi thinks Abhishek didn’t talk to her since she came here. Abhishek comes and looks at her smiling. She acts as angry. Abhishek says he is busy impressing her family. Jhanvi thanks and hugs him. Abhishek thinks I promise that you and your family will not forget this trip.

LD and Radha argue about sleeping on the bed. Radha sees LD missing and calls him. She sees Abhishek and his parents coming home late at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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