Razia Sultan 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Mirza Althunia helping Razia prepare biryani and other dishes. Once prepared, Althunia taunts her that she ist so cunning not to thank him. She angrily says she does not need his help and throws whole food in dustbin. He asks her why is she showing anger on food instead of him. She says shouts and he leaves sadly. He thinks she is mad to throw food, but only a mad like him can understand her. Servant comes and informs Razia that Yaldos is asking if food is ready. Razia says she will serve in a few min.

Razia then tries to prepare food, but cannot. She then closes eyes and prepares food reminiscing Althunia’s touch and his help. She tastes food and spits it due to bad taste. She thinks Yaldos wanted to taste her food, now he will repent. She calls servant and asks to serve food. Once she leaves, Mirza enters with Fathima and checks food. Fathima says she does not think Razia would have prepared such a bad food. He asks her to taste herself. She tastes, spit it and says she cannot believe one can prepare such a bad food. Mirza asks if she believes now. She says Yaldos will be angry now and Turkan’s plan will succeed. Mirza asks her to stop emotionally blackmailing him and asks to tell what to do now.

Yaldos with his guests and Turkan/Ruknuddin wait for Razia and her food. Razia enters after dress change hiding her face with a mask. Yaldos introduces her to his guests and says them that he is marrying her. Turkan says she herself prepared food for them.

Shamshad gets tensed that Razia was her only ray of hope, but with her bad food, Yaldos will reject to marry her. She asks Shazia why did not she help her. Shazia says Mirza sent her out.

Tukran asks Yaldos to sit on dining area with his guest. Razia gets tensed and informs Fathima that food is not good. Fathima says it is fine and tells her how Mirza and she changed food which she threw in dustbin. Yaldos and his men start, Razia stops and asks him to let Turkan join them and taste food. Yaldos invites Turkan and she joins making weird faces. Yaldos and his men praise Razia’s cuisine.

Precap: Shamshad cries and informs Razia that Ruknuddin is trying to destroy Qutub minar. Razia says she will not let that happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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