Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pooja telling Mannu that Ganga asked her not to call him again. Mannu says you should have tell me before. I will ask answer from her. He misses Ratan and tells that he has only one relation in his life now and that’s with her. Mannu tells I love you Pooja and hugs her. Pooja sees Jagya standing and hearing them. Mannu turns and is shocked too. Jagya comes to them and asks Mannu to come with him. Mannu gets up angrily and sits in car.

Kamli thinks about Nimboli’s words that Kundan is getting married again. Pushkar asks her to come and shows cycle brought by his father. His dad asks him to learn cycling first and says I will teach you. Pushkar refuses to learn from him and says my wife will teach me. Pushkar’s dad asks Kamli to say yes, only if she knows cycling and if anything happens to Pushkar then it is her responsibility. Kamli gets tensed. Her mum in law tells Kamli will teach him. Pushkar hugs her, Kamli asks him to leave her. Pushkar’s mum asks him to leave her.

Pandit ji brings another bride’s family. Akhiraj welcomes them. Nimboli sees them from far. Disa asks her not to step out until she ask her to. Nimboli says she wanted to see the girl with whom Kundan is to marry. Disa asks her to have breakfast. Bride’s family show girl’s photo. Harki says your daughter will not have to work here. Kundan sees the photo and approves. Akhiraj tells that he got his daughter married recently, and tells that he did so much for his daughter. He indirectly ask for dowry from them. Bride’s family say they want to discuss. Akhiraj sends them to room. Disa thinks Akhiraj’s greed has no end. Kundan thinks they might refuse to give money.

Jagya brings Mannu home. Ganga asks what is the matter? Jagya says Mannu has gone mad, and have no shame or anything. I catched him red handed with Pooja, and he was hugging and confessing love to her. He is taking advantage of our independence. He says this time is to study and not waste time. Anandi says Jagya…..Jagya says I can’t see him ruin his life. Ganga badmouths about Pooja and says she is shameless. Dadisaa asks is this right? Mannu says yes, we both love each other. Anandi asks Jagya to let him speak. Mannu tells Jagya not to force him to speak about his past and marriage experiences. Ganga slaps him while Jagya is shocked. Jagya says he has no relation with me. Dadisaa asks him not to tell that. Jagya says you are not in your senses and don’t know what you are saying. He asks him to be in room. Mannu says I will go and will see who stops me. Ganga gets angry. Mannu goes to his room. Dadisaa gets worried and tensed.

Bride’s family come back after discussing and tells you have said right. I want our daughter to rule at her inlaws’ place like she ruled in our house. Akhiraj says this is her house. Bride’s family says we have to get them married in 2-4 days, and it is there in her Kundli, else we have to wait for 6 months. Kundan gets worried. Akhiraj agrees for early marriage. Nimboli and Disa play ludo. Urmila’s father says they will not give any chance to him to complain. They congratulate each other. Akhiraj hugs Pandit ji and asks him not to let him know about Kundan’s first marriage. Kundan thinks he will do everything with her, what he has thought.

Harki calls Kamli and says she was helpless. Kamli informs that Nimboli called her and told about Kundan’s remarriage. Harki is shocked and angry. Kamli realizes that Harki will punish Nimboli and gets tensed. Mannu circles family group photo and tells that he has no relation with any of them, and decides to stay with Pooja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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